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Medical tourism in India is one of the best options for patients looking for affordable and high-quality medical treatment. Over the period of last few years, the country has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world because of several reasons.

Medical and health tourism in India scores high in all the factors that affect the quality of medical treatment and care that a patient from abroad seeks. World-class treatment at the state-of-the-art hospital with top-notch infrastructure at an extremely affordable price is not a myth, it is a reality in India.

Affordable treatment in India is one of the main reasons why thousands of patients from around the world travel to the country each year. The medical treatment cost in Indiais estimated to be just one-fifth the cost of medical treatment in other countries, including the US, UK, Russia, UAE, China, and South Africa.

Why prefer medical tourism in India?

From high-quality medical treatment to practically no need to wait to see a credible doctor, here are many reasons why a patient should opt for medical tourism in India.

The quality of medical services: The best hospitals in India strive to offer the highest quality of treatment, both medical and surgical. The infrastructure maintained at these hospitals is at par with the international standards. Moreover, the top hospitals in India are certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).

Experienced medical staff:: India has one of the largest pools of doctors and paramedical staff in Asia. The top doctors in India are renowned around the world for offering world-class treatment with the help of latest technology, while maintaining great success rates.

Cutting-edge technology:: Name any recent technology developed or launches in the field of healthcare and thebest hospitals in Indiahave it. From CyberKnife technology to robotic surgery, every top-notch technology used to conduct simplest to the most complex procedures are available under one roof.

Negligible waiting time:: A patient traveling to India for medical treatmentdoes not have to wait for long hours to seek consultation or undergo a procedure. A team of highly experienced medical professionals is available around the clock to treat patients from almost every specialty, including dentistry, oncology, cardiology, bariatrics, and organ transplantation.

Huge costs savings: Medical treatment cost in IndiaIndia is much less as compared to the rest of the world. By traveling to India for medical treatment, a patient can save as much as 60 to 70 percent of their money.

Great hospitality: The top hospitals in India believe in providing a holistic experience to the patients by hand-holding them throughout their medical treatment in India. From language translators to accommodation support and general care, nothing can beat the hospitality offered by the Indian hospitals.

Avail Treatment Via Medical Tourism Companies in India

Medical travel in India is facilitated by a medical tourism company and there are plenty of them in India. They help seek high-quality medical and surgical treatment from some of the best doctors in India and in a hospital that matches the international standards. Moreover, they help you fetch an attractive and cost-effective medical treatment package that takes care of everything that you will need during your stay in the country.

Medical tourism companies in India also offer medical second opinion services.Through this service, you can consult a top doctor in India for a second opinion. The second opinion could be about your diagnosis with or the line of treatment that you have been suggested by another doctor in your home country.

Amedical tourism agency also provides around the clock assistance and takes care of your other needs such as setting appointments with the doctor, airport transfer, accommodation arrangement, visa assistance, and local travel arrangement.


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