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Picking the option of the right doctor, hospital and clinic can be a daunting task. We at Medmonks understand how complicated healthcare can get. With our guided process we keep the patient’s interest at the centre and make each medical journey simple and effective.

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If you know the speciality or procedure, you can choose from the list of curated doctors. If you only know about the disease or country where you want to avail treatment, we have you covered too.

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Next step in choosing options is to discover more about the short-listed doctor or hospital. With carefully identified parameters and verified information, we ensure the right information is available at your fingertips.

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Made up your mind about where you want to avail the medical services. Perfect. We now help you book an appointment and coordinate your itinerary so that you don’t worry about anything.

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Medmonks Partners!

We take our partner network very seriously and ensure you always have access to the best choices in the form of world-class healthcare institutions and experienced physicians. These hospitals keep patient safety, and clinical quality above everything else and doctors have a great clinical understanding and a ‘patient-first’ attitude.

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With the founding team comprising of doctors, serving the patients has been our calling. We know how difficult it gets in making a healthcare decision and built Medmonks to tackle this problem. We know the difficulties faced by cross-border patients and address these stumbling blocks to ensure a smooth medical experience anywhere around the globe.

Concierge Services

We never lose focus of YOU and considering the complexities of healthcare, and we believe you require more than a marketplace. We value your time and respond to your queries in less than 60 minutes. We believe in assisting throughout the whole spectrum of the healthcare journey; we help make a treatment plan, book flight tickets and accommodation, help in hospital stay, post-operative care and more.

Algorithm Assisted Decision Making

We feel science can be validated by mathematics. We rate doctors and hospitals from an exhaustive list of criteria ranging from readmissions rate to surgery complications rate. A network of Trusted Hospitals and Physicians – Only the most trusted hospitals and most competent doctors are part of our professional network, translating into the most comprehensive listing of reliable and verified healthcare providers at one place.

Complimentary & Additional Services

We believe in universality and inclusion, further our basic yet comprehensive set of services which includes your query management, selection of hospital/physician, finalisation of your treatment plan and travel desk services have been and will always be complimentary. Maintaining transparency throughout the process, we provide comparative quote across select multiple hospitals with a bouquet of world-class clinical experts.

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Questions on the procedure, doctor selection, or ready to make an appointment? Medmonks answers any question, anytime—for free.

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