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What kind of breast cancer treatments are available in India?

Over the last years, the quality and precision of life-saving breast cancer treatments have increased beyond measure. Technological advancements made to elevate the standards of the breast cancer treatment in India has brought new hope in people's lives. Contrary to one or two procedures that were prevalent before, there is a multitude of treatment options available at present. The cancer specialists will recommend and determine the appropriate treatment protocol on the basis of many factors including, tumor's location and stage, age, general health, menopause status and preferences of the patient, genomic markers, presence of known mutations caused in the inherited cancer like BRCA1 or BRCA2, and the results of the conducted diagnostic tests and screening procedures.

There are major six types of breast cancer treatments performed at India's premier hospitals and medical units that include, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted, hormone, sentinel lymph node biopsy concatenated by a surgery.


What are the types of breast cancer procedures performed in India?

India houses a number of breast cancer hospitals that has earned a prestigious name for offering comprehensive cancer treatment and care at affordable costs. With a host of quality holistic treatment choices, vibrant, full-fledged team for prevention diagnosis including, radiation, surgical and medical experts, 24×7 emergency services and pharmacy services, education and awareness and breast cancer research wing, these hospitals have managed to carve its own niche in a small period of time.

Breast cancer specialists in India employs a variety of surgical methods to treat patients with breast cancer that can include,

Lumpectomy: Commonly referred to as breast-conserving therapy, lumpectomy involves a procedure wherein the cancer-affected region along with the adjoining normal is removed. The operating surgical oncologist can eliminate lymph nodes by making a second incision. The primary of lumpectomy is to maintain the appearance of the breast of the patient after the completion of the procedure. This surgery is followed by radiation therapy that is carried out for a period of five to eight weeks in an effort to cure the remaining breast.

Lumpectomy is considered an excellent treatment option for women with early-stage breast cancer.

Partial or Segmental Mastectomy or Quadrantectomy: In this surgical intervention technique, one-quarter of the breast is removed; the surgeon operates and removes the tumor and surrounding 2 to 3 centimeters of breast with absolute precision. Apart from this, the surgeon eliminates the skin that is present over the quarter of breast and chest wall's muscle beneath the tumor. Also, partial mastectomy removes lymph nodes nearby the tumor and alters the size and shape of the breast.

Simple or Total mastectomy: In this procedure, the patient's entire breast is removed. However, no lymph nodes are removed. This type of surgery is majorly used to treat women with multiple or large regions of ductal carcinoma in situ. Apart from this, this treatment protocol is suggested for women seeking prophylactic mastectomies.

Modified radical mastectomy: This procedure involves the removal of the breast, nipple and lymph nodes in the armpit. But, the chest muscles are left intact. In a majority of patients, this procedure is accompanied by immediate or delayed breast reconstruction.

Radical mastectomy: This procedure involves the removal of the breast along with the nipple, lymph nodes present  armpit, and chest wall muscles under the patient's  breast .

What are the different accreditations an Indian breast cancer hospital have?

Breast cancer hospitals and other medical facilities in India have received accreditations from International agencies such as NABH, NABL, and JCI.

Is it true that the right breast cancer hospital would be the one having the right breast cancer specialist like a surgical oncologist?

Top-notch breast cancer hospital is manned by the best team of cancer specialists, no doubt. But, one should never shy from verifying the accreditations of the cancer experts prior to choosing one.

World-renowned cancer specialists working at India's premier medical facilities have earned degrees MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Onco Surgery from internationally- acclaimed universities in India and abroad, with years of clinical experience and various accolades.

Should the breast cancer hospitals have support staff experienced in breast cancer treatment procedure?

Certainly Yes. Patients getting breast cancer treatments in India have the all-around support of experienced and compassionate doctors, surgeons and other medical staff which in turn helps them to ensure a faster recovery and reduced hospital stay.

How does one evaluate a breast cancer hospital in India?

Breast cancer hospitals can be evaluated on the basis of its infrastructure, types of equipment available, and other facilities, to say the least.

One must opt for the hospital that fulfills the following set of criteria that may include,


Best breast cancer hospital in India possesses one of the best state-of-art infrastructures and is known for offering world-class treatments at minimal costs in lieu of medical services of supreme quality. These hospitals have structurally-equipped, voice modulated and integrated operating rooms with the adequate number of beds, high-end laboratory services such as Cytology, Histopathology, Frozen Sections etc., research and cardiopulmonary lab, Initiated Cyclotron and PET-CT technologies and imaging technologies like SPECT and 3T MRI, to name a few.


Breast cancer medical facilities in India has the access to best-quality equipment or instrument including, best radiodiagnostic and radiotherapy machines, linear accelerators, 3D Digital Mammography with Breast Tomosynthesis, CT scans, 3 tesla digital MRI, lab with totipotent RX,256 slice CT scan, Bi plan cath lab, time of flight (TOF) PET CT & brain suites.

How much breast cancer treatment costs in India?

The cost of breast cancer treatment in India is significantly lower as compared to the cost incurred by patients in countries such as the US, UK etc.

The cost of breast cancer surgery in India ranges between 2500-4500 USD. Further, the treatment cost comes around 6000-8000 USD  on including associated treatments such as Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy etc.


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