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33 Years old Mozambique Patient undergoes CTVS procedure in India

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Gastroenterology is the branch of medical speciality that concerns with the stomach and its related issues. It focuses on the treatment of the digestive tract. Hence, patients suffering from any stomach problem, go to a gastroenterologist. Patients can use Medmonks to search, and book appointment with the best Gastroenterology hospital in India.


1.    How do I know which is the right hospital for me? How do I review/assess a hospital?

Patients can use the following factors for comparing and selecting the best Gastroenterology hospital in India:

Does the hospital have an NABH or JCI accreditation? NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare provides) is an Indian quality council, and JCI (Joint Commission International) is an international constitute formed for analyzing the quality of treatment provided at different medical centers.

Where the gastro hospital in India located?

We recommend patients to receive treatment from hospitals located in metro cities as they are equipped with the latest technology, and are usually easier to locate.

Does the hospital have all the latest technology required to performing the surgery?

Advancements in the medical world have helped in reducing factors that led to complication and blood loss during the surgery. Patients should verify whether their selected hospital constitutes of the equipment that can help in delivering treatment via these medical approaches and techniques.

How much experience does the hospital staff have?

A patient can select the best Gastroenterology hospital in the country, but without an experienced and skilled surgeon, they won’t be able to receive the best quality of treatment.

Explore Medmonks for finding the top Gastroenterology hospitals in India.

2.    What technologies are important to perform basic Gastroenterology procedures?

Gastroscopy – is a non-invasive method, which uses a small tube with a small camera attached to it for inspecting the insides of the gullet, stomach and duodenum.

Endoscopy – is a non-surgical procedure that is used for examining a patient’s digestive tract. In this process a tube which has a camera attached to it is interested inside the patient’s mouth to the digestive tract for diagnosing its related diseases. It can be used for extracting samples for diagnostic tests, that can help in identifying benign or malignant tumors.

Colonoscopy – is a flexible tube inserted inside the small and large intestines for inspecting the organs from inside through a camera vision. This method is used for diagnosing colon cancer, which develops in the patient’s rectum.  

Capsule Endoscopy – helps in analyzing the GI (Gastrointestinal) tract, that extends from mouth to anus. In this procedure, a vitamin sized pill is given to the patient which has a camera inside that travels through the tract recording the entire movement, that helps in detecting all types of disorders.

3.    Why does the cost of treatment vary in different hospitals in the same country or location?

The overall costs of the gastroenterology procedure rest on a variety of factors including,

1. Type of technique used for the procedure

2. Patient's current health condition

3. Complications faced during/ after the surgery

4. The infrastructure of the hospital

5. Hospital Room Rent

6. Fees of surgeon along with other healthcare professionals

7. Cost of Medications prescribed, before, during and surgery

8. Standard tests and consultation fees

9. Hospital stay

To get the exact cost of treatment, contact Medmonks.

4.    What facilities are given to international patients?

Medmonks provides a-grade services to medical travelers from across the globe who are pursuing to get treatment from Best Gastroenterology Hospital In India:

Some of these facilities include:

Free Round the clock customer care

Free Accommodation Arrangement services

Free treatment Schedule

Affordable prices with strategic connectivity

Free translation services etc.

5.    Do hospitals provide telemedicine services for international patients?

Indian hospitals that deal with international patients, often do provide telemedicine services, to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by providing improved access to healthcare facilities via phone whenever required. That being said, if the hospital selected by the patient does not offer such services, Medmonks will arrange a phone or online consultation session between them and their doctor, which can be used for follow-up care.

6.    What happens if a patient doesn’t like the hospital chosen by them? Will Medmonks help the patient in switching to a different hospital?

Patients can contact Medmonks and ask them to switch their hospital if they feel unsatisfied by the service provided at their selected facility. Medmonks will ensure to move them to a hospital with the same stature which will ensure that the quality of their treatment is not compromised.

7.    Are all the best gastro surgeons working at the best Gastroenterology hospital in India?

Not all, but it is true for most cases. Patients will surely find the top 10 gastroenterologists working at the top gastro hospitals in the country. This is because these hospitals have the resources and technology that helps the doctors/ surgeons to use their full potential and skills while performing the surgery. Availability of high-end technology at these hospitals also help the surgeons in delivering better outcomes, adding new highlights and achievements on their career profile.

8.    What is the cost of different Gastroenterology procedures in India?

There are some of the common gastroenterology procedures performed in India:

Cost of Hernia Repair in India – USD 3150

Cost of Appendicectomy in India – USD 2100

Cost of Cholecystectomy in India – USD 3150

Cost of Hemorrhoidectomy in India – USD 2100

Contact Medmonks to get the exact quotes of different Gastroenterology procedures in India.

9.    Why choose Medmonks?

“Medmonks is a medical travel assistance company which has a network of certified hospitals and healthcare professionals in India, that help international patients receive quality medical care in India. Our services have been designed to allow patients to receive treatment from the best Gastroenterology hospitals in India at an affordable price.

Extended Services:

These are some of the extensive services provided by us:

Certified SurgeonsBest Gastroenterology Hospitals in India

Pre-Arrival – Visa Assistance │Online Consultation │ Flight Booking

Upon Arrival – Airport Pickup │ Free Translator │ Accommodation Arrangements │Doctor Appointment │ 24*7 Customer Care │ Religious Arrangements │ Arrangement for Dietary Needs

Post-Arrival – Online Prescription │ Medicine Delivery │ Free Video Call Consultations”

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