Best Laparoscopic Surgery Hospitals in India

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

Chennai, India : 15 Kms

550 Beds 1 Doctors
Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Bangalore, India : 44 Kms

250 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr Prashanth C More..
Gleneagles Global Hospital, Perumbakkam, Chennai

Chennai, India : 17 Kms

1000 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..
Manipal Hospital, Hal Airport Road, Bangalore

Bangalore, India : 40 Kms

100 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr M G Bhat More..
Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India : 31 Kms

500 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 8 Kms

750 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..

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Laparoscopy Hospitals in India

Laparoscopy surgery has become one of the most favored solutions for surgeons treating medical problems in India owing to countless advantages including, less pain, scarring, lowered risks of infection and post-operative complications. With premium infrastructure and access to best surgeons, best laparoscopy hospitals in India have earned a reputation of global stature among local and International patients, both.



What is Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is an advanced minimally-invasive surgical method that involves abdomen operation performed through small incisions, usually 0.5-1.5 cm, contrary to larger incisions required in laparotomy. Also known as the band-aid or keyhole surgery, laparoscopic surgery has contributed to the three balusters of modern surgery namely, reduced pain, reduced bleeding and reduced infection.

When the first laparoscopic surgery took place?

The first laparoscopic surgery was concluded successfully in the 20th century. Initially, this form of surgery was used by gynecologists to measure pelvic pathology. But eventually, with the improvement in technology, laparoscopy was used to perform other significant operations including gallbladder surgery.

How is laparoscopy carried out at Indian hospitals?

Best laparoscopy surgeons working in top-notch hospitals in India use the following set of steps to perform laparoscopy including,

1. During the course of this procedure, the operating surgeon makes a small half inch cut in the skin at the belly button.

2. Next, a cannula (thin tube) is inserted in between the muscle fibers sans cutting any of the muscle.

3. The surgeon introduces laparoscope into the body of the patient through the cannula. Equipped with a minute camera and a light source, laparoscope helps in sending images to a television monitor via a fiber-optic cord. The laparoscopic surgeon performs the procedure with the help of these images.

4. Further, depending on the type of surgery performed, cannulas with 1/2" or 1/4" diameters are inserted inside. For example, diagnostic laparoscopy involves the insertion of one more cannula, two are required for groin hernia repairs and three are required for executing a laparoscopic gall bladder operation.

What types of laparoscope are used by surgeons in India?

Surgeons working at premier Indian medical facilities employ two types of laparoscope mainly,

1. Telescopic rod lens system

2. Digital laparoscope

What type of problems can be treated by laparoscopic surgeons in India?

Indian Laparoscopic surgeons have the expertise in performing a multitude of operations with absolute precision. They can perform operations on multiple parts of the human body such as reproductive organs, abdomen, heart, ear, sinuses, nerves, ear, nose, throat, joints, chest organs, urinary tract, and blood vessels, to name a few.

Laparoscopic surgeons use minimally invasive procedures to deal with many problems including, appendicitis, adhesions, gallstones, intestinal perforation, internal bleeding and more. In addition, gynecological disorders such as pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, infertility etc. can be treated with this technique.

Apart from that, torn cartilage, ligaments, knee pain, and chronic sinus infections can be treated laparoscopically at Indian medical facilities.

Have laparoscopic surgical intervention techniques outdone open procedures in India?

When compared to the conventional open procedures, laparoscopic surgical methods have a number of advantages including,

1. Reduced pain

2. Smaller incision

3. Shortened recovery time

4. Reduced post-operative scarring

5. Minimized risk of hemorrhaging and infections

6. Shorter hospitals stay allowing the patient to resume normal daily schedule quickly.

Are Indian Hospitals structurally-equipped for carrying out laparoscopic surgery?

The improved success rate of surgery in India has attracted many international patients to seek medical treatments including laparoscopy at present. Each year patients from around the world are choosing to come to India to meet their medical needs. The reasons behind this exodus are many that include:

1. World-class state-of-infrastructure of Indian healthcare and treatment facilities

2. Modern set of medical equipment and devices

3. Highly-skilled and compassionate pool of resources- doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff

4. Affordability

5. Professional and patient-friendly ambiance

To conclude, with best treatment and care facilities that matches the International standards, advanced medical infrastructure, top-class surgeons with an extensive knowledge base, medical experience and wide clinical experience, Indian hospitals are merging as an ideal choice for patients seeking sophisticated procedures such as laparoscopic surgery away from their homes at lowered down rates.

Is laparoscopic surgery in India within one's budget?

For people seeking affordable treatment and care with no compromise on the quality, India is the best bet indeed. One can gain access to medical assistance of premium-grade quality including laparoscopy at cost-effective costs. For example, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding in the USA cost around 4900 $ and 4500 $ in the UK, whereas, the same procedure can be performed in 1000$. Similarly, laparoscopic Rouxen gastric bypass surgery in the US cost around 8900 $, 8141$ in the UK contrary to only 1800$ in India.

How can Medmonks be of assistance?

Medmonks, a leading medical travel firm, enjoys the privilege of having the industry-best professionals with extensive experience in the Indian medical sector. It is a one-stop solution for people around the world looking for complicated and budget-friendly medical procedures such as laparoscopic surgery at India's top-flight medical establishments.

With a user-friendly and highly responsive query portal, we provide quality assistance to patients along with attendants from around the world in meeting their demands, from finding a good treatment facility to opting a cost-effective package. For any query, contact our professionals @ [email protected] or +91 7683088559.

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