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Dr Sandeep Nayak

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

18 Years


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Dr Manish Banker

Nova IVI Fertility, Navrangpura , Ahmedabad

30 Years


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Dr Ashish Sadana

Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi

20 Years


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Dr Mahesh C

Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

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Dr Vikas Singhal

Medanta The Medicity

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Dr Ramen Goel

Wockhardt Hospital,Mumbai Central,Mumbai

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MBBS MS FICS Diploma - Abdominal Surgery

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Dr Christopher Taylor Barry

KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

24 Years


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Dr Deep Goel

BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

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Dr Arun Prasad

Manipal Hospital Dwarka, Delhi

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Dr Sumit Talwar

Manipal Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore

23 Years


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Laparoscopic Surgeon in India

1.    How do I know who is the right doctor for me? Is the doctor board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a doctor’s profile”?

The approach or the technique used for performing minimal access surgery might change, depending on the damaged or diseased part or organ of the patient that is being treated. However, there a few things that patients should keep in mind while selecting a minimal access surgeon in India. 

•    Research about different minimal access surgeons online on, and compare their experience, qualification and career highlights.

•    Study the credentials of the surgeons before making a decision. Is he/she certified by a medical association? Does he/she have MBBS and MD of a reputed institute? In order to practice in a state, the surgeon needs to be certified by the medical board of that particular state.

•    How much experience does the surgeon have in performing laparoscopic surgeries? What is the average success rate of the surgeon? Based on their experience, how many surgeries have they performed and how many of them were successful?

•    Is the surgeon available for the operation? Medmonks will help patients getting in touch with the surgeon making appointments according to their convenience.

Patients can use the filters on our website to browse career profiles of some of the best laparoscopic surgeons in India, by going through their education, certification, and success rate. We only list certified doctors on our website to make it easier for patients to find suitable surgeons.

3.    What are the special interests/procedures that some of these surgeons are performing?

Laparoscopic surgery is a breakthrough invention that has revolutionized the traditional surgical techniques by operating patients through smaller incisions using image guidance.

Laparoscopy is performed using the following instruments:

Laparoscope – Modern surgical laparoscopes are basically hollow tubes which are designed to include camera lenses in them for delivering a magnified vision of the organs when it is inserted inside the patient. It allows surgeons to perform different types of complicated surgeries through smaller incisions.

Needle Driver – helps in grasping and manipulating the needles for enabling free-hand suturing of the surgical incision made within the patient’s body during laparoscopic surgery.

Trocar – is a pen-shaped triangular point, which is placed in the hollow cannulas and introduced to the body cavities for draining the fluids. Trocars can be used as an initial entry device or as a hollow cannula during the operation. Trocars play an important role in performing minimal access surgery that allows the laparoscope to display clear images by draining the extra body fluids from the organ.

Bowel Grasper – is designed for performing minimal access bowel surgery. These graspers can be maneuvered through 5mm incisions. They help surgeons in grasping and manipulation the tissues of the abdomen with precision without the forming a large incision on the abdomen.  

Surgical Mesh – Hernia mesh is a type of implantable device that helps in scaffolding the growth of natural tissue that reinforces the affected area. Patient’s own tissue is responsible for the repair. Mesh just provides minimal support to it. Different types of mesh can be used for repairing the hernia and other musculoskeletal system defects.

4.    On selecting the doctor, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with her before arriving?

Once the patient has selected a surgeon, he/she can use our services to contact the said professional through a video call. Patients might discuss their concern or any new detail of their case during this call. We encourage patients to get acquainted with the career profile of their surgeons so that they feel comfortable about them performing their surgery.

5.    What happens during a typical doctor consult?

A doctor consult is a non-invasive appointment between the surgeon and the patient in which they discuss the symptoms, and causes of the disease. The doctor performs a physical examination on the patient in which he/she analyses the affected area externally (Inspection, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation). Based on its results, medical history and medication use of the patient the doctor develops a rough treatment plan. The surgeon might also suggest the patient get a few tests before making any final decision regarding which technique he/she wants to use for the treatment.

6.    If I do not like the doctor, can I get a second opinion?

Patients are our number one priority, and we understand they might want to explore the options when they arrive. If the patient is a little skeptic or does not agree with the surgical approach suggested by the surgeon selected by them, they might contact us for arranging their appointment with another doctor, that will allow them to get a second opinion.

7.    How do I stay in touch with my doctor after the surgery (follow-up care)?

Most patients request and want to stay in touch with their surgeons for the follow-up care. Our extensive service packages offer patients to get in touch with their surgeons after the surgery via free video calls.

8.   How does the cost of laparoscopic surgery in India vary?

The cost of laparoscopic surgery in India may vary for different organs and conditions. The primary factors which may affect the cost of the procedure include:

•    The fees of the surgeons – surgeons with additional specialties are likely to charge extra fees for performing surgeries.

•    Time spent in the operating room – The cost allocation of the time spent, resources used and staff required in an OT can also affect the final bill of the procedure.

•    Equipment used in the procedure – The main reason why laparoscopic surgery is relatively expensive is because of the use of advanced miniature surgical tools in it.

•    Medications that are used before, during and after the procedure

•    Days spent in the hospital – The costs of rooms also vary for different hospitals, that can increase the patient’s bill.

9.    How can I find the best minimal access surgeon in India?

A hospital builds its brand name through the success rate and the goodwill of their doctors. This is the main reason why the majority of reputed and experienced doctors are working with established hospitals. Patients should focus on finding the best minimally invasive hospitals in India instead of searching for the best laparoscopic surgeons.

10.    Why should patients use Medmonks services?

Medmonks is a healthcare management company that connects patients from around the world with a vast network of certified hospitals in 14 different countries including India. It is run and managed by a bunch of doctors who want to simplify healthcare, by making it accessible for everyone at a price that can fit into the patient’s budget.

What makes us the best medical travel assistance provider?

Verified Doctors & Hospitals – Patients can browse and select any doctor or hospital on our list without rechecking their credibility as we have ensured to list only the best doctors for our patients.

Affordable Price – We help our patients get the best deals for their treatment.

Travel Management – We help patients in getting visa approvals, plane tickets and make video consultation with their doctor before coming to India.

On Ground Services – We provide airport transfer services, discount on local transportation, and also make religious and dietary arrangements for the patient to help them feel comfortable.

Free Translation Services – Language can act as a barrier if the patient is unable to convey his problems to the doctor, so we provide a free translator to our patients that they are able to express themselves freely in India. 

Free Follow-up Care – We provide two free video and six months of chat consultation with their laparoscopic surgeon in India, if required.

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