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Liver Transplant in India


Liver Transplant

India is renowned globally for possessing some of the best doctors in the world who can perform the most complex surgeries. All this while delivering the best clinical outcomes. The same is true about all types of procedures related to the liver, include liver transplant surgery. The country boasts of its several globally accredited medical centers, hospitals, and medical specialists that assure successful liver transplant in India.

It should not go without mention that liver transplant is a complicated surgery and a tedious procedure. The encompassing details of the surgery make it important for it to be conducted only by an experienced and exceptionally skilled doctors and surgeons who can handle critical cases with absolute flair.

Any disease or damage inflicted on the liver can take a heavy toll on your health. The liver is the largest organ in the human body. It is responsible for performing complex functions such turning nutrients into energy, producing a good amount of body protein, absorbing vitamins like A, D, E and K, and helping in quick fat digestion.

The liver is, therefore, an inevitable part of the human body that ensures your health and well-being. Severe symptoms and complications may arise when the liver fails to function optimally. Liver problems may occur suddenly or it may result because of a prolonged problem. Several conditions such as hemochromatosis, alcoholism, and viral hepatitis are pinned down as major reasons for the dysfunction and deterioration of a healthy liver.

Owing to its complexities and highest medical requirements, liver transplant should be done in hospitals or healthcare centers that have adequate infrastructure, well-specialized staff, driven innovation, highly experienced surgeons, and other clinical facilities. By choosing MedMonks as their partners in the medical journey, International patients coming to India enjoy the seamless services combined with the sincere devotion of the doctors and hospital staff while handling liver transplant cases.

Another major reason that drives thousands of overseas patients to India every year is the cost factor. Compared to United States and United Kingdom, the cost of Liver transplant in India is one-tenth and clinical outcomes are the same, if not better. Adult Liver Transplant in India at a leading and reputed center costs upwards of USD 29,500. The best liver transplant hospitals in India are spread across major cities, including Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and Mumbai. Liver transplant is conducted with maximum dexterity at the most reasonable price in these hospitals.

In addition, foreign patients traveling long distances to seek transplantation surgery have the option to receive free medical counseling over the phone from their own countries. They are assured of the assistance needed on treatment bookings at one of the best hospitals for liver transplant via our dedicated team at MedMonks. MedMonks helps you with making the best treatment choices by offering economical liver transplant cost packages that can be customized as per the individual needs of the patients without compromising on clinical quality.

Liver transplant surgery can be categorized into the following three types:

  • Orthotopic treatment
  • Split type liver transplant
  • Living donor transplant

Orthotopic transplant: In this type of liver transplant procedure, the complete liver is retrieved from a deceased donor who was declared brain dead and died recently. It is then placed in the recipient’s body. The deceased donor is usually the person who has donated his or her organs for donation before death and did not have cancer or transmissible illness that could be transmitted to the recipient’s body during or after transplantation. Absence of such conditions which make the organ unfit for donation is ensured by conducted all relevant tests.

Procedure: The patient is administered general anesthesia. After he/she becomes unconscious, an incision is made in the abdomen to remove the diseased liver. Then, the deceased donor’s healthy liver is transplanted into the recipient’s body and the bile ducts and blood vessels are connected. Doctors use surgical staples or dissolvable stitches to close the cut.

Split type liver transplant: This type of liver transplant is conducted when two simultaneous patients are undergoing the liver transplant procedure. For instance, after the healthy liver is taken from a deceased donor’s body, it is split into two halves, left and right lobes. The larger lobe or the right lobe is transplanted in the adult’s body, while the left lobe is transplanted into the child’s body. Over the time, the transplanted liver grows back to its normal size through regeneration. This type of procedure benefits two individuals at a time.

Procedure: The adult and the child are taken to the operating table. They are given general anesthesia for the surgery. Then a long incision is made in the adult’s and the child’s body and the healthy liver is placed therein. The bile ducts and blood vessels are connected and the incision is closed at last.

Living donor transplant: For this type of liver transplant, the healthy liver is retrieved from a living person and not from a deceased donor. A part of the liver is (either left or right lobe) is extracted and is then placed in the recipient’s body. Usually, the right lobe is better suited for adults, while the left lobe is apt for children. Though the donor’s remaining liver keeps functioning normally after the surgery, it regenerates to its original size in about 45 days.

Procedure: The same procedure is followed as in orthotopic transplant, wherein the healthy lobes taken from the living donor’s body is placed in the recipient’s body. The liver is given time to regenerate into a fully grown liver.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

For patients from abroad seeking liver treatment in the country, it is important to know that the cost of liver transplant in India is much less than what it is in the Western countries. Even after adding up all other related costs such as that of medications, doctor’s fees, and hospital charges, the total cost remains significantly lower than the cost of liver transplant in the US and the UK.

A quick comparison of the liver transplant surgery cost in India and abroad is given below:

  • India: $29500
  • US: $50000
  • UK: $46000
  • Germany: $32000
  • Singapore: $38000
  • South Africa: $30000

Even if you don’t have an insurance, coming to India for liver transplant procedure proves to be highly beneficial. Remember, the cost of the surgery varies depending on which hospital you choose. The cost amongst these centers varies depending upon a number of factors like the experience of the chief transplant surgeon, the infrastructure of the hospital and success rate of the center.

Once you apply for live donor liver transplant, you need not wait for your turn to arrive. You do need to sit before the authorization committee that approves each transplant before the surgery is conducted. For International Patients, the law of the land only allows transplant with a related donor. The legal definition of ‘related donor’ is a parent of the patient, spouse, child of the patient (who should be more than 18 years of age) or the patient’s siblings.

Your body or blood group has to match with that of the donor so that when the other person’s organ gets transplanted in your body, your body doesn’t think of it as a foreign object and hence reject it. Organ rejection is one of the earliest and most dreaded complications of the surgery. Hence, proper donor selection is a must. The chances of rejection are the least with one’s sibling or child. The total liver transplant cost in India generally encompasses other expenses too, including the following:

  • Anesthesia for surgery
  • Laboratory tests
  • Professional fee of the doctor
  • Hospital Expenses including fee of the supporting staff
  • Expenses incurred during recovery time
  • Costs of supportive medicines and surgical consumables
  • Rehabilitation costs and physical therapy costs

All the above factors may make total liver transplant cost expensive in other countries but in India, medical tourists can avail the treatment at the much affordable price compared to other developed countries.

Before getting a liver transplant in India, foreign patients have to comply with the following procedures:

  • You cannot opt for a donor from India. Instead, you have to have a related donor from your own country.
  • Preferably you should find a close relative for a liver transplant to fasten the approval process and avoid medical complications.
  • After you have a candidate in mind for donation, make sure that you both have the same blood group. In case the blood group of all possible donors is a mismatch, you may bring along the prospective donor, as we also perform Swap transplant, where the donor of another mismatched case but with same blood group as yours becomes your donor and your prospective donor becomes the actual donor for that patient.
  • The patient and his/her family should explore the possibilities of operability on both the donor and the patient.
  • You have to get permission for getting a liver transplant surgery in India.

Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

When you come to India for the treatment, prefer to opt for the metro cities that possess some of the finest liver transplant hospital with best doctors and latest infrastructure. The doctors attending to the needs of the patients at some of these liver transplant hospitals have certainly raised the bar of expectancy, which you cannot ignore.

Some of the renowned liver transplant hospitals are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. The maximum number of national and international patients prefer to visit Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for medical treatment as these cities possess some of the major hospitals in the country. Delhi houses two of the largest liver transplant programs in the country as well as the world and are undoubtedly counted amongst the top liver surgery hospitals in India.

It is believed that a successful liver transplant can ensure more than 90 percent improvement in the quality of life. It is estimated that more than 95 percent of the patients opting for liver transplant in India at these two programs are successfully treated.

Every year, a good number of patients from abroad come to India for a liver transplant and this number is only increasing year by year, Delhi is one of the most sought-after cities in the country that has full-fledged liver transplantation hospitals, some of which run by the government that offers free liver transplant in India.

The biggest plus point of seeking treatment in the capital city is the reasonable liver transplant cost in Delhi and the success rate of the transplants done here. At Medmonks, we work closely with some of the best liver transplant hospitals in Delhi and will be more than happy to arrange an online consultation with one of the leading transplant surgeons before you choose India as your destination for transplant and MedMonks as your partners in healing.

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