Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, which accounts for over 200 different types that generate automatically in the body because of DNA mutation.

Cancer is a form of malignant tumour that develops in the body due to genetic changes, that lead to abnormal growth of cells, which invade other organs and start attacking their healthy cells to multiply and spread throughout the body.

It is one of those diseases which is mostly diagnosed in or after the second stage, making the requirement of the treatment an immediate urgency. India has some of the best oncologist and treatment specialists, most of whom have an experience of over 10 years in helping patients fight cancer. 

So, we have made a list of top 10 oncologists in India 2022

To allow patients to reach out to the best before they think about losing hope. This list consists of the best cancer medical, radiation, and surgical oncologist for cancer treatment in India.

1. Dr Amit Agarwal  

Dr Amit Agarwal

Hospital – Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh Delhi

Experience: 22 – 30 Years

Education – MBBS | MD – Medicine | DM - Oncology

Dr Amit Agarwal has over 25 years of professional experience in orthopedics that have helped him in becoming the Director of BLK Super Specialty Hospital’s Medical Oncology department. He has completed his MBBS and MD from Delhi University. He has also worked with Fortis Hospital, Mount Vernon Hospital, Batra Hospital and Medical Research center, Hertfordshire; and Addenbrooke's NHS Trust, in Cambridge, UK.


2. Dr Ashok Vaid  

Dr Ashok Vaid

Hospital – Medanta The Medicity, Delhi NCR

Experience: 31 – 40 Years

Education – MBBS | MD - Internal Medicine | DM - Medical Oncology

Specialization – (Medical Oncology) Stomach, Breast, Liver, Brain, Colon, and Prostate Cancer

Awards – “CHIKITSA SHIROMANI” Award (2007) | PADMA SHRI (2009)

Dr Vaid currently practices at Medanta Hospital where he also serves as Chairman of Medical & Pediatric Oncology. He has authored several research papers, publications and abstracts. He has also conducted over 40 international and national clinical research studies. He is the first surgeons who performed transplant of 25 bone marrow in the private sector in Northern India. 


3. Dr PN Mohapatra 

Dr PN Mohapatra

 Hospital – AMRI Hospital, Saltlake City, Kolkata

 Experience: 13 – 15 Years

 Education – MBBS | MD - Internal Medicine | DM - Medical Oncology Director - Medical   Oncology

Dr PN Mohapatra is one of the most reputed oncologists of Kolkata, who specializes in treating brain, liver, stomach, colon, breast and a few other types of cancer. Dr PN is also well acquainted with chemotherapy and uses it for treating cancer, to prepare the patients for the surgery.


4. Dr Vinod Raina 

Dr Vinod Raina

Hospital – Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI), Delhi NCR

Experience: 31 – 40 Years

Education – MBBS | MD - Internal Medicine | DM - Medical Oncology

Dr Vinod was the first India medical oncologist who performed peripheral blood cell procedure and used chemotherapy’s first dose in India. He is specializes in treating cancer through medical means, using chemotherapy. He has helped several patients with breast, colon, liver, stomach, brain and brain in fighting off cancer. He is the current Medical Oncology and Haematology & BMT Department’s Executive Director at Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI) in Delhi NCR.


5. Dr Subhankar Deb 

Dr Subhankar Deb

Hospital – AMRI Hospital, Kolkata

Education – MBBS | MS - General Surgery | DNB

Dr Subhankar practices in AMRI Hospital, where he is also the HOD of their surgical oncology department. He uses surgical methods to treat brain, stomach, liver, breast and other types of cancers.


6. Dr S M Shuaib Zaidi 

Dr S M Shuaib Zaidi

Hospital – Sharda Health City, Delhi NCR

Experience: 16 – 18 Years

Education – MBBS | MS | MCh - Surgical Oncology

Dr S M Shuaib Zaidi has in-depth experience in the field of surgical oncology that has helped him in landing the position of senior consultant at Sharda Health City’s Surgical Oncology Department. He specializes in surgically removing the tumor from different parts of the body.


7. Dr (COL) V.P. Singh 

DR.(COL) V.P. Singh

Hospital – Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Experience: 31 – 40 Years

Education – MBBS | MS (Gen.Surg) | FRCS (Glasgow)

Awards – Mani Gold Medal (1974) for his work in Rural Health

Dr Singh is Apollo Cancer Institute’s comprehensive senior member. He completed his education from KGMC, Lucknow. He has also worked at Armed Forces for 18 years, where he served as a Surgical Oncology Consultant for the treatment of malignant diseases.


8. Dr Sanghavi Meghal Jayant 

Dr Sanghavi Meghal Jayant

Hospital – Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

Experience: 10 – 12 Years

Education – MBBS | DNB - General Surgery | Research Fellowship - Breast Cancer Services | Consultant - Surgical Oncology

Dr Sanghavi Meghal Jayant is practicing at Wockhardt Hospital as their Surgical Oncology Department Consultant. She went to KIMS Karad to complete her MBBS; later she joined Dr D.Y. Patil Medical College for garnering her DNB degree, and then she joined Rajawadi Hospital. Dr Jayant also works at Lion TarachandBapa Hospital and Research Centre. She specializes explicitly in breast cancer treatment.


9. Dr Amish Vora 

Hospital – Pushpawati Singhania Hospital and Research, New Delhi

Experience: 19 – 21 Years

Education – MBBS | DNB – Pediatrics | MD - Pediatrics Head of Department - Medical & Clinical Oncology

Dr Amish Vohra is a medical oncologist who specializes in treating cancer via anti-drugs and chemotherapy. He serves as the Medical & Clinical Oncology Department Head at Pushpawati Singhania Hospital. His expertise lies in pediatric, geriatric and adult medical oncology.


10. Dr Aditi Bhatt 

Dr Aditi Bhatt

Hospital – Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

Experience: 7 – 9 Years

Education – MBBS | MS - General Surgery | MCh - Surgical Oncology

Being from the new-generation Aditi well-acquainted will new latest technology and robotic surgical instruments that give her upper hand over experienced doctors. She practices at Fortis as also serve as their Surgical Oncology Department Consultant. Her expertise lies in the treatment of ovarian cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, mesothelioma and others.



What is the best treatment procedure for treating Cancer?

The treatment used for curing each cancer patient varies based on the type of cancer, its stage, patient’s age, medical history, and the affected organ. Different cancer cases are studied individually based on which a treatment plan is created. Not all patient with the same type of cancer will be treated using the same method. This makes it impossible to select the best cancer treatment, as sometimes these methods are often used together for faster recovery. 

What is the cost of different cancer treatment in India?

1.Chemotherapy - $6,000 (for three months for outpatients)

2.Bone Marrow Transplant - starting from USD 17,430

3.Radiotherapy - USD 4500 (25-30 days)

4.Basic Tumor Surgery - starting from 
USD 3,500

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