Best Lung Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi

Delhi-NCR, India : 13 Kms

650 Beds 4 Doctors

BLK Super Speciality Hospital was founded in 1959 by BL Kapur.  The super speciality medical center is accredited by JCI & NABH.  It comprises of 17   More..

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Delhi-NCR, India : 27 Kms

700 Beds 17 Doctors

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is Delhi’s second largest hospital, and one of the best Multi-Specialty Tertiary Acute Care hospitals in India and SAARC Region. Spr   More..

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

Chennai, India : 15 Kms

550 Beds 2 Doctors

Apollo Hospital, Greams Road in Chennai is the first hospital in south India to receive JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation subsequently 4 times. The   More..

Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India : 31 Kms

500 Beds 2 Doctors

Yashoda Hospital is one of the top 10 hospitals in Hyderabad. It is 500 bedded multi-speciality healthcare center. Yashoda Hospitals have three branches in Hyderab   More..

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Perumbakkam, Chennai

Chennai, India : 17 Kms

1000 Beds 1 Doctors

Gleneagles Global Hospital in Perumbakkam is amongst the best multi-specialty hospital in Chennai.  The centre is spread over 21 acres of land.  The team   More..

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 8 Kms

750 Beds 7 Doctors

KokilabenDhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai started delivering medical treatment in the 2009s first week.  The hospital is equipped with 115 ICUs comprising of b   More..

Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai

Chennai, India : 15 Kms

180 Beds 1 Doctors

Fortis Malar Hospital has a staff of 650 employees and 160 consultants that manage over 11000 patients. The hospital is known for delivering integrated healthcare s   More..

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Bangalore, India : 33 Kms

400 Beds 4 Doctors

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore comprises of 400 patient beds and 94 multi-speciality doctors.  The hospital provides tertiary care for more than   More..

Apollo Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 31 Kms

500 Beds 2 Doctors

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai is one of the most advanced multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals offering comprehensive services under one roof. Accredited by Natio   More..

Fortis Anandapur Hospital, Kolkata

Kolkata, India : 19 Kms

400 Beds 5 Doctors

Fortis Hospital in Anandapur, Kolkata is designed with world-class super speciality healthcare facilities.  It comprises of 10 stories which facilitate 400 gene   More..

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Lung cancer first makes its appearance in the of the lungs. In this condition, there is a division of the in the lungs at an alarming rate. Consequently, there is a growth of a tumor which makes normal breathing an extremely challenging exercise. What is called tumor is, in fact, a group of cancer that grow and destroy the surrounding. Treatments for lung cancer usually depend on the stage of cancer, type of cancer and the general health of the individual. Lung cancer is usually divided into two types: non-small lung cancer and small lung cancer. Some of the common treatments for lung cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapy. When it comes to lung cancer treatment, the lung cancer hospitals in India are some of the best in the world and boast the best oncologists. The combination of the latest infrastructure and the latest technologies make India a highly preferred destination for the treatment of lung cancer in India.


1.    How do I know which is the right hospital for me? How do I review/assess a hospital?

It is extremely important to choose the right hospital when seeking lung cancer treatment in India. Finding the right hospital where the doctors are well-equipped is of utmost importance. There are several factors which you should weigh-in before deciding where you want to be treated.

 As overwhelming as the entire experience may be, these are some of the points to consider while choosing a hospital for lung cancer in India.

•    At the very outset, you should find out whether the hospital being considered is accredited by NABH or JCI. NABH, which stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, is a constituent board of Quality Control of India established to determine the quality and standard of treatment delivered at different hospitals across India. JCI, which stands for Joint Commission International, is a council board which has been established to aid international patients to determine the quality of treatment at hospitals throughout the world.

•    The location of the hospital also plays an important role. Before opting for lung cancer treatment in any healthcare center, you should assess the kind of services that the hospitals offer, both inside and out. The idea of choosing a hospital for its low cost, even though it may be in an isolated area, is quite tempting. However, the low cost at these hospitals comes at a price, which is the absence of the latest medical equipment and technology.

•    One can never underestimate the importance of reviews while deciding the right hospital for lung cancer treatment. You can get access to reviews of former patients along with other useful information on our website while deciding the right lung cancer healthcare institute.

•    Another factor to consider is: whether the hospital is equipped with satisfactory medical equipment for effective treatment of lung cancer or not? Lung cancer is cured, individually or in combination, of five treatments, which are, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted treatments and immunotherapy.  Lung cancer surgery also carries certain problems with it. So, the importance of having the right expertise at hand cannot be overemphasized.

Apart from considering these factors, patients can always browse the internet in helping them decide the right hospital for the best lung cancer treatment in India. However, an easier, and more reliable way is contacting Medmonks which provides you with accurate and reliable information, helps you decide the best lung cancer hospital and guides you throughout the process.

2.    What treatments are employed for curing lung cancer?

Doctors take into consideration several factors before deciding the kind of treatment for lung cancer. Some of these are the stage of cancer, the overall health of the individual and the type of cancer. The various techniques and technologies employed for the treatment of lung cancer are mentioned below.

Surgery: Surgery is used to treat stage I and stage II non-small lung cancers. This is done to eliminate the tumor. This procedure involves a surgeon removing the lobe of the lung affected by the tumor. To perform this procedure, surgeons resort to video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).

Chemotherapy: In this treatment, a certain combination of medicines is used to eliminate cancer. Chemotherapy medicine are administered intravenously (through a vein in your arm) or orally. It is used after surgery to eliminate any remaining cancer within the body, as well as before surgery to drastically reduce the size of cancer, thus making their removal quite easy. 

Radiation therapy: In radiation therapy, x-rays are used to eliminate the cancer in the body. Radiation therapy can be performed either through external beam radiation or through brachytherapy (which involves the insertion of needles, catheters and seeds in the body).

Targeted treatment: Targeted treatment involves therapies that are carried out to eliminate cancer by blocking targets which tend to appear on the surface of. Targeted treatments for lung cancer treatment in India, and throughout the world, brings together several medical experts including pulmonary therapists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and pulmonologists.

3.    What are the reasons behind the variation in the cost of treatments at different hospitals in the same country or location?

There are several reasons behind variation in treatment costs in different hospitals in the same country. Some of these are:

Location of the hospital. (Hospitals located in metros and urban areas tend to have higher treatment costs than those located in the rural ones).

  • Type of treatment and its duration
  • The kind of technology involved in the treatment
  • Various services offered at the hospital
  • The infrastructure of the hospital
  • The fees charged by doctors
  • Extra procedures required by the patient.

4.    What are the facilities provided to international patients?

If a person chooses to avail the healthcare facilities provided by Medmonks, then these are the facilities provided to international patients:

  • Visa & Flight Assistance
  • Accommodation Adjustments
  • Doctor appointments and treatment booking
  • Free Translator, so they can convey their concerns freely with the doctor
  • Free Pick & Drop Service, so they don’t feel lost
  • Treatment Discounts
  • 24*7 Customer service
  • Free Video Consultation (Before Arrival & After Departure)

5.    Do hospitals provide telemedicine services for international patients?

Most of the healthcare institutes for lung cancer in India provide telemedicine services for international patients. In cases, the particular hospital selected by the patient does not provide this service, patients who have used Medmonks services will enjoy a 6-month message chat service and two free video consultation sessions with their doctor post-treatment.

These services can be enjoyed by the patients for various purposes, from follow-up care to medical emergency.

6.    What happens if a patient doesn’t like the hospital chosen by them? Will Medmonks assist the patient in switching to a different hospital?

There may be cases where the patient may be uncomfortable with the location, staff, facilities or the infrastructure of the hospital where they are seeking treatment, and wanting to shift to a different hospital. In such cases, patients can always contact our executives who will help them with the process of finding and shifting to a different hospital of a similar standing without altering their treatment schedule in any way.

7.    Will you find the best lung cancer doctors working at famous hospitals only?

This is true in most cases. A hospital’s reputation depends on the medical achievements of its staff and doctors. It’s only natural that they seek to associate themselves with the best doctors in India. Doctors also prefer working at reputed and well-established healthcare institutions because they are equipped with the latest resources and advanced technology which helps them in providing the best healthcare to their patients.

8.    Why should you choose Medmonks?

"Medmonks is one of the best medical travel assistance service providers which helps international patients to get the best healthcare facilities by assisting them in finding the best hospitals for lung cancer in India. Every month, we are flooded with queries from patients suffering from lung cancer around the world who are interested in seeking treatment in India due to the affordable costs of treatment.

Why you should use our services?

Pre-arrival services – Medmonks assists patients in selecting the best lung cancer hospital in India and arranging video call consultations with their doctor. This enables them to arrive at a decision based on professional advice. Our services also extend to patient visa approvals and booking their flight tickets.

Arrival services – During the entire duration of the patients’ stay, they are provided with airport pickups, accommodation, doctor appointment management, translator and 24*7 customer care facilities.

Post-return services – After receiving treatment at the lung cancer hospitals in India of your choice, patients can also stay in touch with their doctors after returning back to their country and share any concerns or seek any medical advice with them via video call or online chat consultation."


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MedMonks Medicare does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The services and information offered on are intended solely for informational purposes and cannot replace the professional consultation or treatment by a physician. The content on this website is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and their healthcare provider. MedMonks Medicare will follow all legal procedures to protect its intellectual property. For any health-related issues, please consult a qualified healthcare professional.