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Knee Replacement Hospitals in India

1.    How do I know which is the right hospital for me? How do I review/assess a hospital?

Following factors can help patients in finding the best knee replacement hospital in India:

Does the hospital have an government certification to provide medical facilities in India (NABH or JCI)? JCI (Joint Commission International): an international healthcare organization which provides quality certificate to hospitals who deliver standard services to the patients.  NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare) is a similar certification board that analyses the quality of treatment delivered at Indian hospitals.

Does the hospital have an advanced infrastructural design and is equipped with the technology required for performing knee replacement surgery? Patients should ensure that the hospital has an orthopedic center, before selecting their hospital. Most patients require movement therapies after the surgery, which require the use of advanced machines. 

What are the old patients reviews of the hospital? Patients can refer to the reviews of former patients for analyzing the quality of treatment which they are going to receive at the hospital.

For further queries, patients can directly contact Medmonks.

2.    What technologies are important to perform knee replacement procedure?

Along with excellent infrastructure design, the knee replacement hospitals in India also possess the most advanced medical equipment which are set up in fully computerized diagnostic laboratories and digital imaging facilities, comprising of MRI scan, Orthopedics-Pilot Navigation System, CT scan, digital X-ray, EEG, bone densitometry, and Emergency medical services. Some of these hospitals also have Day Care facility in which ambulatory surgical services can be delivered ensuring maximum comfort and fast recovery of the patient.

3.    How long do I have to stay in India for my knee replacement surgery?

The patient will have to stay at the hospital for 3 - 5 days after the surgery and approximately 15 days outside the healthcare center. Patients will need to wear the bandage on their knee for 6 – 7 days until the incision site dries completely. This bandage should be changed regularly.

The knee replacement doctor might also put the patient on blood thinners for one month after the surgery. However, this duration can vary for every patient.

4.    What facilities are given to international patients?

Medmonks provides international patients with the following service:

Visa Assistance

Flight Bookings

Airport Pickup

24*7 Helpline

Accommodation Arrangements

Treatment Schedule

Free Translator

Second Opinion

Follow-up Care (after the treatment)

5.    Do hospitals provide telemedicine services for international patients?

Hospitals are still figuring out a system to deliver the pre & post medical services to international patients in India. However, there are only a few hospitals in the country that provide telemedicine services such as Fortis & Apollo Group.

But patients using Medmonks services can avail a free 6-month message consultant service for their follow-up care with their respective doctors which also include two video call sessions.

6.    What happens if a patient doesn’t like the hospital chosen by them? Will Medmonks help the patient in switching to a different hospital?

Medmonks give patients the liberty to select the hospital and doctor for their treatment on their own, from the network of medical geniuses listed on our website. In some cases, after arriving in the country, a patient might feel unsatisfied with their selection or might want a specific service which is not offered at that hospital which might make them want to switch to a different hospital. Under such circumstances, the company will help patients move to a different hospital of the same standing in the market, where they can receive their remaining treatment.

7.    Why does the cost of knee replacement surgery in India vary across hospitals?

There are multiple factors responsible for increasing and decreasing the cost of knee replacement across different hospitals in India, some of which include:

Location of the knee replacement hospital (Rural/ Urban/ Metro)

Experience/ Specialization of the Surgeon (Doctors with vast experience tend to charge more fees)

Fees of healthcare professionals involved in the knee replacement surgery

Hospital’s Infrastructure

Services available at the Hospital

Technologies used in the surgery

The technique used for the surgery

Days spent at the hospital

Cost of additional surgeries/ therapies

Cost of additional consultation

Other miscellaneous reasons

8.    What is the cost of knee replacement in India?

The average cost of knee replacement in India for unilateral surgery starts at USD 4500 and USD 7500 for bilateral surgery.

This package includes the cost of hospital stay, surgeon’s fees and the treatment delivered at the hospital.

Note: The cost of knee replacement surgery in India can vary depending on the technique used in the treatment of the patient.

Patients can contact Medmonks to avail exclusive discounts on their treatment in India.

9.    Why choose Medmonks?

Medmonks is a medical tourism company that assist patients with their treatment, by helping them find the best medical facilitators in India at an affordable price. The company walk with the patients in every step of their treatment helping them from arranging their flight tickets to dietary essentials during their stay.

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