Best Liver Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

Apollo Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 31 Kms

500 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..
Aster Medicity Hospital, Kochi

Kochi, India : 15 Kms

670 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr Ramaswamy NV More..
Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore

Bangalore, India : 21 Kms

150 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..

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Why should one consider getting a liver cancer treatment in India?

International patients seeking liver cancer treatments are choosing Indian medical facilities due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, these medical establishments are equipped with best-class infrastructure and medical instruments that are responsible for increasing the success rate of liver cancer treatments to a great extent. Secondly, these medical facilities have some of the finest liver cancer specialists with extensive clinical experience in place. These widely-acclaimed doctors have gained popularity on a worldwide basis by performing liver cancer treatments successfully. Thirdly, the cost of the liver cancer treatments is quite low in India when compared to its International counterparts such as the US, UK, etc. Last but not the least, India is emerging as a global medical destination due to its hassle-free medical visa policies, low-cost and easy accommodation & transport facilities and a peaceful environment.



What kind of liver cancer treatments are available in India?

There are various types of liver cancer treatments available in India including, Partial Hepatectomy, Liver Transplant, Tumor ablation, Tumor Embolization,  Radiation Therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.  Before deciding on the appropriate treatment method, factors such as age & current health condition of the patient, nature, extent of spread and stage of the cancer are taken into consideration.

What are the different accreditations a liver cancer hospital can have?

Indian liver cancer hospitals and other medical facilities have received accreditations from International agencies such as NABH, NABL, and JCI.

Is it true that the right liver cancer hospital would be the one having the right liver cancer specialist?

Though choosing the best liver cancer hospital means that you will have access to the best liver cancer specialist, verifying the surgeon or doctor's credentials is necessary before zeroing one.

A good liver cancer specialist working at India's premier medical facilities has earned degrees such as MBBS, MD, DNB from internationally- acclaimed universities and medical institutes in India and abroad, with years of clinical experience and various accolades.

Should the liver cancer hospitals have support staff experienced in liver cancer procedure?

The answer is a clear yes. Patients getting liver cancer treatment in India has the support of experienced medical staff that allows them to ensure a faster recovery and reduced hospital stay.

How does one evaluate a liver cancer hospital?

Liver cancer hospital can be evaluated on the basis of its infrastructure, types of equipment available, and other facilities, to say the least.


Liver cancer hospitals in India houses state-of-art intensive care units, dedicated operation theatres, highly advanced laboratories, superior-grade diagnostic and radiology facilities, clean wards and rooms for transplant patients, specialty blood banks, skilled counselors and transplant coordinators to take care of the patient needs, translators, dedicated help lines and unit managers to take care of the patient's treatment needs and requirements and experienced and trained nursing staff for patient's pre-operative and post-operative care.


Essential pieces of equipment such as 64 Slice CT scanners, 3Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities etc. are available at Indian medical facilities that help the liver cancer specialists to perform the respective treatment method with 100% accuracy.

How much liver cancer treatment costs in India?

Premier liver cancer facilities in India enjoys the privilege of holding an unbeaten track record of liver cancer treatments being performed at a fraction of the cost.

The cost of this treatment in India is significantly lower as compared to the cost incurred by patients in its developing counterparts such as the US, UK etc.

The cost of liver resection, also known as hepatectomy in India ranges starting from USD 5600, while the cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India ranges starting from USD 28500 for adults.

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