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33 Years old Mozambique Patient undergoes CTVS procedure in India

33 Years old Mozambique Patient undergoes CTVS procedure in India

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UAE Patient Underwent Successful Knee Replacement Surgery in India

UAE Patient Underwent Successful Knee Replacement Surgery in India

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Shehnoza from Tashkent, Uzbekistan undergoes B/L Knee Replacement in India

Shehnoza from Tashkent, Uzbekistan undergoes B/L Knee Replacement in India

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What makes Delhi a preferred medical tourism destination in India?

There are numerous top hospitals in Delhi that not only provide surgical treatment to the patients; they also aid the therapeutic needs of a patient. These healing centers comprise of a world-class framework, experienced & qualified professionals and most advanced Intense Care Units and Operating Theatres dedicated to different specialities.

Affordable cost is another significant reason behind its prominence as a medical hub. Patients can save a lot of money despite receiving high-quality treatment in Delhi, giving only one/tenth of what is charged in western countries.

There are some exceptional doctors, surgeons and dentists in Delhi, who have completed their post-medicine studies from top universities of countries like the US, UK and Australia, and have gained the necessary training and expertise from there. Most of these healthcare providers are working at the best hospitals in Delhi while also practicing privately. One can search for the career profiles of these doctors to check or verify their educational qualifications.


How to choose the right hospital?

Research shows that treatment facilities for some specialities are better at one medical centre than other, which could be due to the availability of latest technology, super-speciality doctors, or the surgical approach used by the medical professionals of that particular department. So, how can a patient find the best hospital in Delhi according to their needs?

Tips for choosing the best hospital in Delhi:

Joint Commission International: For determining if a healthcare center or ambulatory surgery hospital is accredited or not, patients can contact their local medical association, or the centre directly and verify if it is accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Provider) or JCI (Joint Commission International) or not. These accreditation boards have been designed for analyzing the quality of medical services provided at different medical centres. The certification is given to facilitiesthat fit into more than 1000 protocols designed by the constituent.

Hospital Rating:Patients should check if the top hospitals in Delhi that they found on Google results actually have a good rating by old the patients, government and other groups.

Hospital Staff: As discussed above the healthcare centre might be popular for delivering treatment facilities for some particular speciality which might or might not include the patient’s disease. So, it is important that the patients look for the doctors/ specialists at the centre before going forward with the treatment. 

Technology: Patients are often motivated to get a second opinion to explore better treatment techniques that can help them recover faster without causing any complications during the procedure. Most of the best hospitals in Delhi like Apollo, BLK and Fortis are equipped which the latest medical technologies. 

Success Rate of the Surgery: The surgical success rate of a medical centre is an indication of the excellence of its doctors. Patients can find the data regarding the outcome of the surgery including mortality rate and other information about the centre on Medmonks Website.

If patients are uncertain and confused regarding which hospital in Delhi is the best for their medical condition, they can use this list to make this task easier for themselves.

List of Best Hospitals in Delhi & their Speciality

Apollo Hospital – Neurosciences, Cardiac Surgery, Transplant

Fortis Memorial Research Institute – Neurosciences, Oncology, Bariatric, Orthopedics, Gynaecology

Jaypee Hospital – Liver Transplant, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

BLK Super Speciality Hospital – Oncology, Orthopedics, Spine, Kidney Transplant, Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Max Hospitals – Orthopedics, Kidney Transplant, Neurosurgery

Narayana Hospital – Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery

Popular Treatments provided at Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Delhi

Cardiac Procedures

Heart Transplant Surgery

Coronary Angioplasty

Stent Implantation

Heart Valve Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)




Radiation Therapy

Targeted Therapy


Obstetrics & Gynecology

IVF Treatment


Endometrial Ablation


Kidney Transplantation


Knee Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement

Knee Arthroplasty


Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Stroke Management

Epilepsy Treatment

Brain Tumor Surgery

And many more.

Medical treatment is affordable in all the major cities in India, then why should a patient select Delhi?

Yes, the cost of healthcare is affordable throughout the country, however, Delhi being the capital city of India not only comprises of the top hospitals and doctors in India, it is also home to other resources like food cuisines (popular food chains), rehabilitation therapies, translators, and transport facilities (airport/ cab service).

Most medical tourism companies are also headquartered in Delhi, so patients are more likely to get an instant solution to their problem in Delhi, as the companies executives will be within reach.

Obviously, the medical professionals and doctors of the city are its biggest USP, but one cannot deny the extra services that will help them feel comfortable during their treatment in India, especially for conditions like cancer, that can go on for months. 

Delhi also offers a variety of medications including traditional Ayurveda that is known for curing patients using medicinal herbs and experienced German homeopathy doctors who can help cure patients with dependency issues.

Who are the top 10 Doctors in Delhi and what are their specialities?

Dr Arvinder Singh Soin :

Liver Transplant

Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram


Dr Puneet Girdhar :

Spine Surgery

BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dr Rita Bakshi :

IVF Treatment

International Fertility Center


Dr Amit Agarwal :

Oncology (Cancer Treatment)

BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dr Ajay Kaul :


BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dr Sanjay Gogio :

Kidney Transplant

Manipal Hospital


Dr Rana Patir :


Fortis Flt. Lt. RajanDhall Hospital? Fortis Memorial Research Institute


Dr Lokesh Kumar :

Cosmetic Surgery

BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dr (Brig) KS Rana :

Pediatric Neurology

Venkateshwar Hospital


Dr Krishna SubramonyIyer:

Pediatric Cardiology

Fortis Escorts Hospital & Research Centre

How can an international patient book an appointment with any of the doctors mentioned above?

International patients can seek medical assistance from medical travel management companies like Medmonks, that helps patients choose the right doctors & healthcare centre, providing them visa and airfare booking assistance, making arrangements for their whole stay, diet, and traveling in India, while they concentrate on receiving treatment and getting better.

For further queries, contact Medmonks directly.

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