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Plastic surgery and its cost in India

Plastic surgeries are quite complex and rigorous medical procedures. They are basically reconstructive surgeries performed to overcome facial and body defects either due to birth disorders, or some injury including trauma, burns, and disease.

India is currently the most-sought after country in terms of plastic surgery market across the world. The key factors behind this growth are advanced healthcare infrastructure, certified and experienced cosmetic surgeons, early adoption of new approved procedures, cutting-edge technology, and affordable prices.

Basic reconstructive surgeries in India are provided at more than 2000 hospitals and the more complex ones are performed at around 500 super specialty plastic surgery hospitals. When we look at the cost of Plastic surgery in India, it comes out to be a fraction of what such treatments cost in western countries like the US, UK, Germany or other European countries.

While the average cost of Rhinoplasty in the US comes out to be $10,000, you can get the same treatment under $2500 at the best hospitals for Plastic surgery in India. Similarly, an Eyelid surgery costs nearly $5000 in the US or UK, it costs mere $1500 in India, thus making it the obvious choice with the medical tourists.

Plastic surgeons in India

Also, the Plastic surgeons in India are world renowned for providing best operative and non-operative management and medical care to patients with some kind of facial or body defects. The best Plastic surgeons in India combine personalized care with leading-edge research and technology to provide you with exceptional medical care.

Indian plastic surgeons are trained at the best medical schools of the world and have wide experience in handling various kinds of plastic surgery treatments in India. Choosing the best and widely experienced surgeon ensures minimum complications after treatment and much less stress for the patient and the family.

Furthermore, the success rates of plastic surgeries in the country are amongst the highest in the world. To make things easier, it is now possible to obtain a medical visa specifically aimed at people wanting to visit the country to access its healthcare.

At Medmonks, it is our constant endeavor to provide affordable, accessible and reliable medical services in a hassle proof and stress free environs of India. We know that any medical condition can be physically and emotionally challenging. So, we try to make your medical journey as easy as possible.

Our dedicated patient welfare team ensures that all our patients are taken care of from the moment they land in the country and their pick up from the airport to their treatment at the best hospitals for plastic surgery in India and final return.

Medmonks not only helps in identifying the right treatment for your problem, but also facilitates your medical journey by choosing the best hospitals for plastic surgery in India and doctors.

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