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Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India

1. How do I know who the right rhinoplasty surgeon for me is? Is the doctor board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a rhinoplasty surgeon’s profile”?

For faster recovery, individuals willing to undergo rhinoplasty surgery should choose the rhinoplasty surgeon in India for sure.

However, before opting for a surgeon, they must delve into the credentials and qualifications of the surgeon to make an informed decision. Hence, to pick the best rhinoplasty surgeon make sure to take the following mentioned pointers in mind:

a. An extensive research program should be carried out in order to know about the surgeon's educational qualifications. Renowned rhinoplasty surgeons in India have attained degrees including, MBBS, MD or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) from an accredited medical school.

Apart from having such qualifications from renowned universities in India, most the rhinoplasty experts have finished fellowship programs from universities of International stature.

b. Then, the experience of the rhinoplasty surgeon is to be looked at. This is because one must pick a surgeon who has years of experience in performing various types of rhinoplasty procedures of all types.

However, evaluating a surgeon's capabilities purely on the basis of experience is not a wise decision to make. One needs to assess the performance of the surgeon as well. This, in turn, brings in the need for paying close attention to the rate of successful surgeries performed by the surgeon. By gauging the performance rate, one can get a hand of additional aspects such as how well he or she handled the patient as well as the family members? Was he or she compassionate? and much more.

To know better about the performance, one can run through the patient testimonies and reviews or feedback given by previously treated patients to determine the quality of the rhinoplasty surgeon to the hilt. One can also seek word of mouth recommendations from their friends, family members too.

Medmonks can help patients choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India of their choice; one that meets their needs and requirements in totality.

Go through the profiles of some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in India listed on our website and pick the best.

2. What are the special interests/procedures that some of these doctors are performing?

Rhinoplasty surgeons in India have the expertise and years of experience in treating patients tackling with disfigured nose(or improve its appearance) through various type of procedures that may include open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, Revision or Secondary Rhinoplasty, Filler Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Reconstructive Rhinoplasty, Post-traumatic Rhinoplasty, Augmentation Rhinoplasty, and Reduction Rhinoplasty.

Let us delve into the procedures in detail.

1. Open Rhinoplasty:

People who want to experience major changes in the appearance of their nose should consider open rhinoplasty. In this procedure, the rhinoplasty surgeon makes a fine incision in the strip of the skin that allows the nostrils, the skin and soft tissue to get separated which in turn allows the surgeon to see the nasal anatomy of the patient. With the access to the full view of the nasal anatomy, the operating surgeon is able to rebuild the connections between the septum and sidewalls to evade problems with healing.

2. Closed Rhinoplasty:

People who want minor changes are suggested to undergo a Closed rhinoplasty surgery. In this procedure, incisions are made in the inner part of the nose. However, closed rhinoplasty holds some similarities with the open one- in this method, the skin is separated in order to allow the surgeon to have a closer access to the nasal anatomy. As a result, the surgeon can reshape and remove any bone and cartilage underneath to deliver the desired shape. This is a less-invasive procedure and offers benefits including, reduced level of swelling time and healing time.

3. Reduction Rhinoplasty:

Cosmetic issues including, bump on the bridge of the nose, long or bulbous tip, flared nostrils etc. can be corrected by performing reduction rhinoplasty.

4. Augmentation Rhinoplasty:

Augmentation rhinoplasty is a surgery performed on people with proportionately smaller nose or those who have an indentation on the bridge of their nose.

5. Revision Rhinoplasty:

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is done to correct the problems that may have arisen from a previously performed rhinoplasty surgery. There are a few patients who do not appreciate the appearance of their nose after their first surgery. They wish to change it again. Revision rhinoplasty is performed in such cases.

6. Filler Rhinoplasty:

This method is a non-surgical treatment protocol wherein the surgeon employs injectable fillers to alter the shape of the nose of the concerned individual. The fillers injected help in smoothing out sharp angles or bumps offering symmetry to the nose.

3. Why does the cost of treatment vary in different hospitals in the same country or location?

Factors including, cost of operation, inpatient stay costs, outpatients visits cost, human resources, cost of laboratory screening tests and diagnostic tests, cost of the visit to physiotherapy units, ICUs and more needed to be taken into the account to determine the exact cost of the rhinoplasty treatment.

Any doubts, go through our blog section.

4. What facilities are given to international patients?

Medmonks is known for offering a-grade services to medical travelers from around the world to pursue rhinoplasty treatments in India. The services of Medmonks are:

4. On selecting the rhinoplasty surgeon, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with him/ her before arriving?

We will take care of everything after the patient has selected the rhinoplasty surgeon of his or her choice. Our dedicated professionals will arrange the appointment with a good surgeon working in the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India without delay.

Furthermore, our experienced professionals can arrange a video consultation with the chosen doctor or surgeon. During the consultation,  the patient or his or her family can discuss problems, concerns and treatment plan in detail with the surgeon. 

5. What happens during a typical rhinoplasty surgeon consult?

During the rhinoplasty surgeon consult, the patient can expect the following:

6. If I do not like the opinion given by the doctor, can I get a second opinion?

Yes, one can get a second opinion if the first opinion or consult was unable to offer the desired satisfaction to the patient.

Medmonks welcomes patients seeking a second opinion as our patient's comfort is everything for us.

7. How do I stay in touch with my doctor after the surgery (follow-up care)?

Since we understand the importance of post-surgery care, our professionals will help the patient to stay in constant touch with the surgeon even after the surgery. Moreover, the patient who has undergone this procedure can get post-operation instructions from the surgeon via telephone or video call.

8. How does the cost of consulting and getting treatment from a rhinoplasty specialist varies?

The overall costs of the rhinoplasty procedure rest on a variety of factors including,

1. Type of procedure used

2. Patient's age and health condition

3. Occurrence of complications during or after the surgery if any.

4. Type of hospital one choose

5. Type of room chosen

6. Choice of the surgeon along with other doctors.

7. Type of Medications prescribed, pre or post surgery

8. Standard test and diagnostic procedures used

9. Hospital stay

To get the actual cost, visit our official website @

9. Where can patients find the best rhinoplasty surgery hospitals in India?

India houses some of the best and most sought-after medical and healthcare facilities that are known for offering best-quality treatments such as rhinoplasty at a fraction of the cost.

However, Medmonks will advise patients to pick the hospitals located in India's major cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai etc. as the quality of health care services offered in these units is significantly better when compared to others.

Not only these rhinoplasty hospitals have the world-class infrastructure and supreme-quality medical instruments, but these are manned by best surgical minds too. Further, the cost of the treatment fits the budget.

Visit our website to know more.

10. Why select Medmonks?

Medmonks is the leading medical travel company in India that has served millions of patients in the last few years. We help patients from around the world to pursue medical treatments from the surgical wizards in India.

We have a team of highly educated professionals working day and night to help patients, global and international both, to seek best-quality rhinoplasty treatments in India at a fraction of the cost.

Our services include, free on ground services such as helping patients to get a visa, flight tickets, accommodation and hospital appointments, free translation services to remove the language barrier if any, and free follow-up care to patients.

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