Best Brain Tumor Surgery Hospitals in India

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 3 Kms

350 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr Rajan Shah More..
Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India : 30 Kms

100 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr Alok Ranjan More..

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Brain Tumor is a form of cancerous or non-cancerous growth that is caused because of abnormal production of cells in the brain. The tumor can grow inside the brain or can transfer from elsewhere if the cancer cells spread in the brain. Brain Tumor is usually treated through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy or the combination of all. Patients can contact us, and we will help them receive treatment from the best brain tumor hospitals in India.


1.    How do I know which is the right hospital for me? How do I review/assess a hospital?

The following points will help the patients in selecting the right hospital for brain tumor treatment in India:

•    Is the hospital or medical center accredited by NABH or JCI? NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) is a healthcare standard created for the protection of patients to determine the quality of the treatment within India. JCI (Joint Commission International) is an international accreditation that ranks hospital treatment quality overseas.

•    What are the reviews of the hospital? Patients can refer to our website for reading reviews of old patients at the hospital.

•    Who are the best neurosurgeons in the hospital? The selection of the hospital should be made based on the experience and qualifications of the doctors there.

•    What technologies and equipment are available at the hospital? Ensure that your selected hospitals have the necessary equipment to proceed with your treatment with the latest treatment techniques.

Patients can use the filters available on our website for running customized searches to produce results of certain specialists in India and look for the best brain tumor surgeon in India on

2.    What technologies are important for brain tumor treatment?

Depending on the treatment plan created by the surgeon, the technical requirements of different surgical or non-surgical treatment can vary. In most cases, the tumor is treated through radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery, or a combination of these treatments. The technical approach of chemotherapy and radiation remains the same. But the medical equipment are getting more advanced every day, making the treatment more effective.

Intraoperative MRI – is an advanced form of surgical technique in which an MRI machine is used during the operation to address any complications caused because of the surgery. This helps in detects all complications before the patient gets out of the operating room.

Brachytherapy – In this treatment once the brain tumor is removed the surgeon place radiation therapy seeds inside the patient brain to prevent the re-growth of the tumor.

Tubular Retractor Systems – can significantly help in preserving more healthy cells in the brain tissues as it is performed through a device that moves brain tissues instead of cutting them during the surgery.

Intraoperative Chemotherapy – Advanced form of chemotherapy in which biodegradable devices are placed directly inside the patient’s brain to deliver more accurate and effective result. 

3.    Why does the cost of treatment vary in different hospitals in the same country or location?

The cost of brain tumor treatment in India might vary in different hospitals located in the same region because of the infrastructure, technology, facilities and the experience of the surgeons in the hospital.

Other factors that might affect the cost include:

•    The hospital room charges and days spent there.

•    The facilities used at the  hospital.

•    The experience of the surgeon treating the patient at the hospital.

•    Hospital’s brain tumor surgery success rate. Experienced surgeons are likely to charge more for the surgery.

•    Location of Neurology Hospital in India (Rural or Urban)

4.    What facilities are given to international patients?

Medmonks ensures to make international patients as comfortable as possible during their treatment in India, providing them with a free translator, 24*7 helpline care, and by making dietary or religious arrangements for them during their stay.

5.    Do hospitals provide telemedicine services for international patients?

Most brain tumor hospitals in India provide telemedicine services for international patients. However, in case the hospital selected by the patient fails to provide these services, we will arrange that for the patients.

6.    What happens if a patient doesn’t like the hospital chosen by them? Will Medmonks help the patient in switching to a different hospital?

In case the patient feels unsatisfied by their selection or change their mind and want to get their treatment from a different hospital they can contact Medmonks to switch to a different hospital. We will ensure that the quality of patient’s treatment is not comprised because of this switch.

7.    What is the cost of different pediatrics procedures in India?

Brain surgeries a very complicated procedure which requires the presence of multiple specialists in the operating theater which can contribute to the hefty cost of the procedure.

Cost of Brain Surgery in India - $6500

Cost of Chemotherapy in India -   $6000 ( for 3 months)

Cost of Radiotherapy in India - $6000 (for 3 months)

Here is a list of estimate cost of different brain tumor surgeries in India to give patients a rough idea:

Biopsy - $4000

Craniotomy - $5500

MRI Guided Laser Ablation - $5200

Endonasal Endoscopy - $6500

Neuroendoscopy - $6500

Intraoperative (10RT) Radiation Therapy – $3500 

HDR Brachytherapy - $3000

Awake Craniotomies - $8000

8.      Where can patients find the best brain tumor hospitals in India?

Some of the best brain tumor treatment centers in India are located in metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. Another benefit of getting treatment from a metro city is that the patients will be able to access all the facilities that will help them adjust into the foreign place.

9.    Why choose Medmonks?

Medmonks is a patient management company that strives to help patient around the world receive quality treatment at an affordable price. We have designed our co-operation in a way, that allows us to do all the groundwork for the patients, so they can experience a relaxed flight and kickstart their treatment immediately after landing in India, without any hassle. We walk with the patients as their assistant, guiding them in the direction of their best interest.

Reasons to choose us:

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