Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

Bangalore, India : 20 Kms

500 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..
Apollo Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, India : 31 Kms

500 Beds 0 Doctors
Top Doctors: More..
Aster Medicity Hospital, Kochi

Kochi, India : 15 Kms

670 Beds 1 Doctors
Top Doctors: Dr Ramaswamy NV More..

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Prostate Cancer occurs in the walnut-shaped gland in the male organ which produces seminal fluids, that is responsible for nourishing and transporting sperms. It is one of the most common types of cancer that affects men. Prostate cancer remains mostly confined to the prostate gland and often grows slowly. Patients have better chances of achieving successful treatment if it is detected in the earlier stages when the cancerous cells are still confined to the prostate gland. Prostate Cancer Hospitals in India are equipped with all the latest technologies and the best cancer treatment doctors in the country that will increase your chances of winning the battle against cancer.


1.    How do I know which is the right hospital for me? How do I review/assess a hospital?

Patients can use the following factors for selecting the best prostate cancer hospital in India:

Is the hospital accredited by a government association (NABH or JCI)? JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) are both quality council boards that analyze the standard of healthcare facilities provided at international and Indian hospitals.

Where is the hospital located? Patients should ensure they select hospitals located in Metro-cities, so they can easily reach there. They should also search for the facilities and the accommodation options available near the hospital, as cancer treatment can stretch over an extended time, so it is important that they feel comfortable. 

What are the ratings of the Healthcare center? Patients can refer to our website for reading the reviews and rating of the old patients to get an idea about the quality of treatment delivered at the hospital.

What technologies are available at the hospital? Prostate Cancer can be treated using different approaches, methods and combination of techniques including chemotherapy, cancer surgery, radiation therapy, CyberKnife etc. making it important that they are available at the hospital. 

Further patients can also use our website for comparing the infrastructure, cost, staff and technology at the best prostate cancer hospitals in India.

2.    What technologies are important for performing prostate cancer treatment?

PET Scan – (Positron Emission Tomography) is a functional imaging technique which uses nuclear medicine for observing the metabolic processes in the body, which can be helpful in diagnosing prostate cancer by studying the movement of fluids within the prostate gland.

MRI Scan – can also help in diagnosing prostate cancer if the patient has high PSA Levels. If the scan reports show any significant problems, the doctor might recommend the patient to undergo targeted biopsy.

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan – uses rotating x-rays machines and computers for creating cross-sectional images of the patient’s body. These images can help in providing detailed information about the blood vessels, bones and soft tissues in different parts body.

Cancer Care Center – comprises of a dedicated team of doctors that are focused on treating cancer patients, using a variety of treatment options, which are selected based on the type and reports of each patient.

3.    Why does the cost of treatment vary in different hospitals in the same country or location?

The following reasons can be held responsible for variation in the cost of cancer treatment across different states or areas:

Hospital Room Rent

Fees of the Surgeon

Experience of the Surgeon/ Doctor

The specialty of the Surgeon/Doctor

Cost of Consultation

The requirement of additional surgeries or treatment

Use any rare or special component/ drug

The severity of the case

Other Miscellaneous Conditions

4.    What facilities are given to international patients?

Medmonks provides international patients with extended services that help them feel comfortable and secure in India during their stay. The company takes care of all their requirements, guiding them in every step of their treatment. Some of these services include:

Visa Assistance

Airport Pickup

24*7 Support Care

Dietary Arrangement

Religious Arrangements

Accommodation Arrangements

Hospital & Doctor Appointments

Treatment Discounts and much more

5.    Do hospitals provide telemedicine services for international patients?

The boom of medical tourism in India has compelled Hospitals to evolve with the changing market and provide international patients with facilities like telemedicine services to gain follow-up care and medical assistance after their treatment. But, there are still only a few hospitals that provide telemedicine services in the country.

However, Medmonks helps patients get in touch with their doctors free for 6 months after their treatment via messages or 2 video call sessions within that duration.

6.    What happens if a patient doesn’t like the hospital chosen by them? Will Medmonks help the patient in switching to a different hospital?

Patients can contact Medmonks regarding any confusion, dispute, or dissatisfaction they might experience at their selected hospital, and the company’s executives will help them resolve these issues instantly. The company will also help the patients switch to a new hospital of the same stature if required. During this switch, it will be assured that the patient’s treatment schedule does not get tampered in the process.

7.    What is the cost of different prostate cancer treatment in India?

Cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery in India – starting from $2900

Cost of Chemotherapy in India starting at $400 per cycle

Cost of Radiation therapy in India – $3500 (IMRT)

Cost of CyberKnife in India –  $6500

Cost of Immunotherapy in India starting from – $1600

Cost of  Hormone therapy in India – $800 - $1000

Cost of Targeted Therapy in India starting from $1000

Note: The exact cost of the treatment will be calculated after the patient comes to India, and will be physically examined by the oncologist and the team of cancer specialists at the hospital, who will work together to determine which technique will help in achieving the best results based on the results of the reports.

8.    Are the best prostate cancer treatment surgeons, oncologists and radiologists in India working in famous hospitals only?

Yes, this statement is true in most cases. Hospitals build their reputation from the success and goodwill of their doctors. Every accomplishment of the doctor, brings their hospital name in the limelight. This motivates hospitals to associate their names with the best cancer doctors in India. And doctors obviously prefer working at these hospitals because they are able to access the resources and technology that helps them deliver better results with their knowledge.

9.    Why choose Medmonks?

Medmonks is a leading medical travel assistance service provider that facilitates healthcare services for international patients by guiding them to the best cancer hospitals in India. We receive more than 100 queries from cancer patients around the world every month.

Reasons to use our services:

A network of Best Doctors & Prostate Cancer Hospitals in India

Pre-Arrival Services – We help in guiding patients to select the best hospitals in and arrange video free video call consultation with their doctor, allowing them to make a decision based on their interaction with a professional about their condition. Apart from this we also assist patients visa approvals and their flight tickets.

Arrival Services – We provide airport pickups, accommodation, doctor appointment management, translator and 24*7 customer care facilities for our patient during their stay.

Post-Return-Services – Patient can stay in touch with their prostate cancer hospital in India after they go back to their country, and can discuss any concern or medical emergency with them over a video or an online chat consultation.”

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