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Liver Cancer Doctors In India

1.    How do I know who is the right doctor for me? Is the doctor board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a doctor’s profile”?

Following factors should be analyzed by the patients for selecting the best liver cancer surgeons in India:

Is the surgeon/ doctor qualified to treat the patient? Is he/she registered to practice in the country? Patients should always verify that their doctors/surgeons have the required training, qualifications and certificates to practice in India legally. Patients can find this information in the career profiles of liver cancer doctors in India, on 

Is the liver cancer surgeon experienced enough to perform a liver transplant surgery? How many transplant surgeries he/she has performed? Organ transplantation is a very complicated procedure which should be preferably performed by an experienced doctor as they are well-acquainted with the changing technology and the complications faced during the surgery.

Does your selected liver cancer doctor has good ratings? Patients can refer to the rating & reviews of doctor’s former patients to evaluate the quality of services and treatment delivered by them.

Further, patients can also explore Medmonks for comparing and searching the best liver cancer surgeons in India.

2.    What is the difference between a hepatologist and an oncologist?

A hepatologist is a medical specialist who studies liver, gallbladder, pancreas and biliary trees and also treats their disorders.

An oncologist is a medical professional that is concerned with the treatment of cancer. He can gain specialization in Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation.

In order to qualify as a hepato-oncologist, one needs to possess an MBBS degree (4 years graduation from a government-affiliated medical school) and MD degree (3 years in Hepatology & Oncology). Their training also consists of a fellowship program in hepatology and all aspects of hepatology, which can take approximately two to three years. Apart from this, liver cancer doctors in India should also gain the necessary registration from Medical Council of India.

3.    What are the special interests/procedures that some of these doctors are performing?

Needle biopsy: A hollow needle is placed in the patient's abdomen into the liver, for extracting cells from the liver for the diagnosis.

Laparoscopic biopsy: Liver biopsy specimens can be extracted during a laparoscopy procedure. The camera on the laparoscope also allows the doctors to see and analyze the surface of the liver.

Surgical Biopsy: Biopsy which is performed via surgery.

CyberKnife: is a non-surgical cancer treatment which using powerful radiation beams for targeting complex tumors with precision preventing the radiation from scattering and affecting the nearby healthy tissues and organs.

Chemotherapy: uses anti-cancer medicines, for killing and preventing the growth of cancer cells in the patient’s body which can be given orally or through an IV.

Immunotherapy: uses medicines, that train body’s immune cells to target cancer cells more aggressively.

Targeted Therapy: uses medicines that help in targeting specific proteins and genes in the body, which help in stopping cancer from spreading in the body. It is often used with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments to achieve faster recovery.

4.    On selecting the doctor, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with her before arriving?

Patients can contact Medmonks after selecting their doctor or for booking the best liver cancer doctors in India. By using the company’s services patients become eligible to use free video call consultation with their doctor before coming to India, that allows them to discuss any concern that might be keeping them up at night. 

It is common for patients to feel a little anxious while coming to a foreign country especially for their treatment. This video call service helps in calming the patients and making them confident about their choice.

5.    What happens during a typical doctor consult?

During the patient’s first meeting with their hepatologist, the specialist will have a basic discussion about the disease going through the symptoms. We recommend patients to create a set of questions or concerns to ask the specialist, from the cause of symptoms to the treatment and to the kind of tests that the patient can expect to undergo.

Patients are also recommended to create a list of all the symptoms, as it is easy to overlook something in the doctor’s office which might have been bothering them.

The following things will be asked by the doctors:

The appointment will obviously start with a brief discussion about the origin, diagnosis and the symptoms of the disease. The doctor can also ask the patient about their family history and lifestyle to determine the cause of the disease.

Next, the treatment, drugs and therapies used by the patient will be analyzed.

The doctor might also physically examine the patient for any visible symptoms.

The old reports of the patient will be analyzed for reference.

The doctor can suggest the patient undergo a few investigation tests.

Finally, the doctor will create a rough treatment plan, and schedule the next appointment with the patient.

6.    If I do not like the opinion given by the doctor, can I get a second opinion?

In some cases, patients might feel skeptic about their initial treatment plan which might make them want to get a second opinion. This is a common practice for patients. Patients can contact Medmonks for booking their appointment with a doctor of similar standing to get a second or more opinions on their condition.

7.    How do I stay in touch with my doctor after the surgery?

Medmonks provides international patients with follow-up care, even if their liver cancer hospitals do not deliver these services. The company provide 6-month free message chat service including two video call consultation between the doctor and the patient, that can be used for any kind of medical emergency or basic management of any symptoms.

8.    What is the cost of different liver cancer procedures in India?

The average cost of liver cancer treatment in India can range starts from USD 5600 for Hepatectomy (Liver Resection), while the cost of liver transplant surgery in India starts at USD 28500.

This cost includes the cost of surgery, hospital stay (approximately 6 - 10 days depending on the treatment), consultation, and operation theater rent etc.

The cost of other liver cancer treatment in India starts from:

Chemotherapy Cost for Liver Cancer in India – starts from USD 400 per cycle

Cost of Radiation therapy for Liver Cancer in India – USD 3500 (IMRT)

Cost of CyberKnife for Liver Cancer in India –  USD 5500

Cost of Immunotherapy for Liver Cancer in India – starts from USD 1600

Cost of  Hormone therapy for Liver Cancer in India – starts from USD 800

Cost of Targeted Therapy for Liver Cancer in India – starts from USD 1000

Note: International patients have to bring a matching donor, preferably a relative or friend (age 18-55) with matching blood group from their home country for their liver transplant in India.

9.    What is the team of doctors required for treating liver cancer in India?

The team may include:

Surgical Oncologist: A specialist who treats cancerous medical conditions using surgical methods.

Radiation oncologist: A doctor who provides cancer treatment via radiation therapy.

Medical oncologist: A doctor who provides cancer treatment using anti-cancer medicines such as targeted therapy and chemotherapy.

Gastroenterologist: A medical specialist who is trained to manage and treat all diseases affecting the digestive system

Hepatologist: A doctor who is trained to manage and treat liver conditions exclusively.

10.    Why select Medmonks?

Medmonks is a leading medical travel assistance service provider that facilitates healthcare services for international patients by guiding them to the best liver cancer doctors in India. We receive dozens of queries from liver cancer patients from around the world every month.

Reasons to use our services

Pre-Arrival Services – We guide patients to select the best liver cancer hospitals and arrange free video call consultation with their doctor, allowing them to make a decision based on their interaction with a professional about their condition. Apart from this we also assist patients with visa and flight booking.

Arrival Services – We provide airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, doctor appointment management, free translator and 24*7 customer care facilities for our patient during their stay.

Post-Return-Services – Patient can stay in touch with their liver cancer doctor in India after they go back to their country, and can discuss any concern or medical emergency with them over a video or an online chat consultation.”

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