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Provide us with details of your current diagnosis, treatment and attach clinical reports ( Blood investigations, X-ray, MRI etc) more the better.

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Our specialists are among top 3 % of the particular speciality in the world. They provide you with a comprehensive report, including diagnostic and treatment.

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Our reports will have the following:

  • Detailed diagnosis from Second opinion expert
  • Description of disease, pathology and symptoms
  • Best treatment options for your case


About Us

We're proud to make quality care available to the millions of people who count on Medmonks second opinion. Our matching engine finds the doctors best equipped for your needs. Doctors with deep knowledge, skills and experience, who are among top 3% in the world.

Award-winning support- Collecting medical records, Finding the best medical expert. Booking the appointment. It's all done for you, so you can focus on your health, without the headache.

We envision a healthier and disease free world. We want to provide quality healthcare to people accross the globe irrespective of their place or country of origin.

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I thank to Medmonks second opinion for identifying my Uncle's cancer and for getting us to see the top specialists. That I can now say he is in complete remission and that is nothing short of a miracle.


I am very thankful for my team at Medmonks second opinion for providing my second opinion. The opinion pushed my doctors to move faster with certainty for my hysterectomy. I certainly think it was the right decision, and having the outside opinion reassured me and my doctors.


Getting that second opinion has been life changing for me. I can’t say thank you enough for the guidance my care team gave me.
Mr Tariq,


Who should opt for Second Medical Opinion

Diagnosis confusion
Get a second opinion if you have undergone treatment but your symptoms continue and Learn whether the scan was "Normal" or "Abnormal".
Cancer/Rare disease
Get a second opinion if you are diagnosed with cancer or a rare disease. Such Cases always require Specialists views to conclude final diagnosis and line of treatment.
Get a second opinion if the recommended treatment is risky, involves surgery, is invasive or has lifelong consequences.

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