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Neuosurgery Hospitals in India

Neurosurgeons in India usually deal with the surgical treatment of the following:

Major Neurosurgical operations and procedures provided in India include minimally-invasive spine surgery, Craniotomy, Microdiscectomy, Spinal fusison, Pituitary tumor surgery, Spinal nerve decompression, Trigeminal neuralgia surgery, and Ventriculostomy.

Delhi: A favorite with medical tourists

Amongst all the major cities that provide neurosurgery treatments, India’s capital, Delhi is a big favorite with most of the medical tourists. The Best neurosurgery hospital in India uses cutting-edge technology with minimally invasive surgical procedures to treat some of the most complex disorders and diseases of the central nervous system, including tumors, stroke, and aneurysms. 

With top-class neurosurgeons who are trained at the best medical schools and have wide experience in handling various kinds of neurosurgeries, the Best neurosurgery hospital in Delhi provide personalized care to every patient depending on his/her needs and budget.

The best neurosurgery hospital in Delhi includes names like:

Max Healthcare,

Manipal Hospitals,

Fortis Healthcare,




Columbia Asia,

Metro Hospital,

Artemis, and

Rockland Hospital.

Treatment cost at the best neurosurgery hospital in India

Another reason why Delhi is so popular among tourists is the Neurosurgery cost in Delhi which is amongst the lowest across India and the world. The cost for Microdiscectomy in India starts from USD 4500 which is nearly 60 percent less than its cost in the US. Similarly, neurosurgery cost in India for Laminectomy also starts from USD 4500 which is just 1/4th of what it costs in the US or UK.

The cost of living in Delhi is low compared to other metropolitan cities that has a direct impact on medical tourist’s overall expenses. Delhi is well connected with Metro rail that is fast, reliable, safe, and comfortable means of transport. Besides, there are other private transport facilities including UBER and Ola (Internet Booking Cab services) that make commuting very easy and convenient for them to travel locally.

Language is another plus point with the best neurosurgery hospital in India who all have fluent English speaking staff. MedMonks has a curated list of all such best neurosurgery hospital in Delhi that have associated themselves with some of the finest neurosurgery specialists with highest success rates.

It is our constant endeavor to provide affordable, accessible and reliable medical services in a hassle proof and stress-free environs of India. Our dedicated patient welfare team ensures that all our neurosurgery treatment patients are taken care of from the moment they land in the country and their pick up from the airport to their treatment at the respective hospital and final return.

Medmonks not only helps in identifying the right treatment for your problem, but we also facilitate your medical journey by choosing the best doctors and hospitals. Each year, patients from the UK, US, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, East Africa, Middle East, and Nepal come to seek neurosurgery care services in India. By choosing MedMonks to plan your medical travel, you can just focus on travelling to India for your medical treatment and leave the rest of the things on us.

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