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Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India

India houses some of the best Nephrology and urology units that have gained recognition in offering a sizeable and comprehensive renal transplant program that comprises of both autologous and cadaveric transplants. Also, these units are specialized in executing minimally invasive surgery in case of renal donors; this type of surgery helps in minimizing post-operative recovery time and hospitalization.

Indian apex kidney transplant hospitals have emerged as a medical hub for international patients with its stringent infection control practices, immunosuppressive protocols and proactive vigil for complications and prompt management. To add, the transplant section of these hospitals integrates, analyzes and addresses the health requirements of the patient undergoing a transplant along with his or her family. With a high success rate, the kidney transplant surgeons have made a record of performing more than 10, 000 kidney transplants until now.



What type of kidney transplant procedures are performed in India?

There are mainly four types of state-of-the-art kidney transplant procedures executed in India that can include,

1. Cadaveric renal transplantation

2. Cadaver-donor kidney transplantation

3. Living donor kidney transplants (donated liver comes from both related and unrelated donors)

4. Laparoscopic donor Nephrectomy

What are the different accreditations an Indian Kidney transplant hospital have?

Kidney transplant hospitals and other medical facilities in India have received accreditations from International agencies such as NABH, NABL, and JCI.

Is it true that the right kidney transplant hospital would be the one having the right kidney transplant specialist?

Top-notch Kidney transplant hospital is manned by the best team of cancer specialists, no doubt. But, one should never shy from verifying the accreditations of the cancer experts prior to choosing one.

The surgeons working at these medical establishments have earned MS in General Surgery MCH in Urology Surgery or DNB/FRCS/MRCS from International Colleges and Hospitals. Further, many of these surgeons have either being trained or worked in some of the best medical institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and other countries.

In addition, their skills an research work (published in International journals)have gained them various International Fellowships, Training Programs, and various accolades.

Should the kidney transplant hospitals have support staff experienced in kidney transplant procedure?

Undoubtedly Yes. Patients getting kidney transplant treatments in India have the all-around support of experienced and compassionate doctors, surgeons and other medical staff which in turn helps them to ensure a faster recovery and reduced hospital stay.

How does one evaluate a kidney transplant hospital in India?

Kidney transplant hospitals can be evaluated on the basis of its infrastructure, and other facilities, to say the least.

One must opt for the hospital that fulfills the following set of criteria that may include,


Kidney transplant hospital in India possesses one of the best state-of-art infrastructures and is known for offering world-class treatments at minimal costs in lieu of medical services of supreme quality. These hospitals have structurally-equipped, highly-advanced, infection-free operating rooms with the adequate number of beds, high-end laboratory services, luxury and economy rooms to meet one's requirements, pharmacy, blood banks, multi-cuisine cafeterias, and prayer rooms, to name a few.

What is the cost of the kidney transplant in India?

Indian medical facilities allow patients, global and local both, to get complex procedures such as kidney transplant at lowered costs. While the cost of a kidney transplant in India varies according to the hospital's infrastructure, the surgeon's expertise and the city where one choose to have their surgery, the average cost ranges from USD 4369 (Rs. 300000.00)  to  USD 10922 (Rs. 750000.00). The cost of the same procedure in countries the US is exorbitantly high- the cost of Laparoscopic Kidney Transplantation in the US is USD 4369 (Rs. 3,00,000.00), and Open Nephrectomy is USD 6553 (Rs. 4,50,000.00).

What does the cost depend on?

The cost of kidney transplant depends on a variety of factors such as

•    Nature and extent of spread of kidney disorder

•    Age of the Patient

•    The type of treatment procedure being performed

•    Type of hospital

•    The operating surgeon's expertise and experience

•    Medications prescribed during and after surgery

•    Hospital stay period

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