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Best Plastic Surgeon in India

1.    How do I know who is the right doctor for me? Is the doctor board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a doctor’s profile”?

Patients can verify the following information about their surgeon for selecting the best plastic surgeon in India:

Is the plastic surgeon in India certified by a government organization? Patients should look for the affiliation of Medical Council of India or any other government association before selecting a one for their surgery.

How much experience does the cosmetic surgeon have? Plastic surgery is an aesthetic procedure, that is used solely for enhancing the appearance of the patient, making an experienced surgeon a better option to deliver ideal results.

Does the cosmetic surgeon has any additional specialty? Cosmetic surgery includes multiple procedures that are performed by different specialist making it essential that the patient verifies that his/her surgeon is qualified to perform the surgery.  

Patients reviews or before and after images of surgeon’s old patients. Patients will be able to analyse the quality and accuracy of the surgery performed by the surgeon by going through the images of their former patients after the surgery.

2.    What is the difference between a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist?

Both a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist focus on treatment of similar medical conditions which helps in making people feel attractive and healthy. Dermatologist, however, treat topical issues concerned with patients skin, which makes them a skin specialist, while the invasive procedures to enhance the facial features of patients are performed by a cosmetic surgeon. Dermatologists diagnose and treat numerous skin conditions including skin cancer, while cosmetic surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons only.

3.    What are the special interests/procedures that some of these doctors are performing?

Lip Injection – is a cosmetic treatment in which lip fillers injected directly on the lips to increase there size.

CoolSculpting – is a fat-freezing procedure used for fat reduction. It is a non-surgical treatment that uses controlled cooling sensation for eliminating stubborn fat that doesn't to go from the efforts of exercise and diet.

4.    On selecting the doctor, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with her before arriving?

Upon availing Medmonks services, international patients become eligible to ask the company to schedule a video consultation between them and their plastic surgeon before visiting India. They can use this interaction to resolve any doubt about the technique of the procedure.

5.    What happens during a typical doctor consult?

Patients can expect their cosmetic surgeon in India, to ask them the following questions during a typical consultation:

Usually, while visiting plastic surgeon patients prefer them to suggest the facial treatments that they should undergo based on their current appearance. Patients are typically keen on knowing about the changes that would be recommended to them.

A discussion about what the patient wants to change in their appearance.

Techniques that can be used in the procedure.

History of any injury, surgery or treatment on the area which needs to be operated.

Does the patient have a severe medical condition?

Creation of the treatment plan.

6.    If I do not like the opinion given by the doctor, can I get a second opinion?

Medmonks helps patients get second or more opinions, if necessary until they feel satisfied with the treatment plan. The company also has an in-house network of doctors, that also helps patients receive detailed second opinions online based on their submitted reports at an affordable price.

7.    How do I stay in touch with my doctor after the surgery?

Receiving follow-up-care after the treatment is the biggest concern of international patients after they go back to their country. Medmonks empathize with this concern and provide two free video call sessions and a message chat connection between the doctor and the patient for 6 months after their surgery, which can be used for follow-up care or any other form of medical emergency.

8.       What is the cost of different cosmetic procedures in India?

Here is the estimated cost of some common cosmetic procedures in India:

Cost of Facelift in India – USD 4170

Cost of Rhinoplasty in India – USD 3350

Cost of breast reconstruction in India – USD 5950

Cost of Liposuction in India (with abdominoplasty) – USD 9450

Cost of Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck in India – USD 6000

Note: The exact cost of treatment is subject to change and will be calculated after the patient has been examined at the hospital premises, by their selected doctor.

9.       Where can patients find the best plastic surgery hospitals in India?

Plastic Surgery is an aesthetic procedure and more popular in metro cities. This naturally increases the chances of patients finding a more famous plastic surgeon in India in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. It is unlikely that a hospital located in a rural area will even consist of a Cosmetic Department. The top hospitals are located in these cities which also comprise the top plastic surgeons in India, who have the resources to perform these procedures efficiently.

10.    Why select Medmonks?

Medmonks is a leading patient management company based in India, which is run by a team of doctors and healthcare geniuses that have a combined experience of over 100 years in the medical sector. We provide international patients with an open door to kickstart their treatment without any hassle at an affordable price. We walk with our patients acting as their guide from the moment they land in India, supporting them throughout their treatment until they board the flight to their home country.      

We also provide additional services which include:

A network of Accredited Hospitals & Best Plastic Surgeon in India

•    Visa Approvals and Flight Arrangement

•    Doctor appointment arrangement

•    Accommodation facilities for co-travelers

•    Free Translators – To help assist with the doctor appointments, consultations and basic needs during patient’s stay in India.

•    24*7 Support Care – To help patients with any form of medaical or personal emergency.

•    Free Video Consultations (Before & After the treatment) – we offer extended post return services to patients providing 2 free video and six months of free chat consultations with their cosmetic surgeon in India after their treatment.

•    Online prescriptions and medicine delivery, if required.”

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