Cost Of Knee Replacement in Top Countries

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Knee Replacement

The Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India starts at USD 4500 for a single knee and USD 7500 for both knees.

The implants used in the surgery are approved by US FDA. However, the cost of the surgery is reduced up to 30% or more if the patient chooses to opt for Indian implants.

The surgery performed for revision knee replacement will be 30-40% higher than the normal procedure as it includes removal and dressing of the old implant.

The hospital stay after knee replacement surgery is approximately 5 days and 15 days of outpatient care.

The medical tests required before Knee Replacement procedure includes X-Ray and MRI.

The knee replacement surgery in India has a near 100% success rate.



Knee replacement surgery is a procedure in which the damaged bone or cartilage of the knee is removed and replaced with artificially designed components. This procedure can be performed on patients of all ages, who have undergone joint loss due to any injury or natural causes like aging. Normally a knee acts like a hinge functioning between the femur-tibia, fibula &the thigh and lower leg bones. The articulating surface areas of these bones can wear out with time because of conditions like arthritis or other diseases that can cause severe pain and swelling. Thus, the main objective of a knee replacement procedure is to relieve pain, improve knee function, and improve patient’s quality of life.

Types of Knee Replacement

Knee joint replacement surgery in India have several variations which are selected based upon patient’s requirement, medical condition and age.

Total Knee Joint Replacement: is considered the best surgical treatment for arthritis patients who have failed to get any relief from conservative treatments.

Hi-Flex Knee Replacement: Full bend knee or high flexion knee replacement allows patients to bend their knee to 155 degrees and is suitable for patients who are seeking to increase their limb function after the treatment. It allows patients to perform activities that require deep knee bend movement like squatting, stair climbing, kneeling, and gardening etc.

This procedure can’t be performed on every patient. In order to achieve high flexion of this degree, several components have to be analyzed including patient’s current joint condition, surgical technique, implant design, which is followed by rigorous physiotherapy for getting the best outcomes.

Minimally invasive quadriceps (or sparing total knee replacement): allows surgeons to insert knee replacement implants inside the patients through shorter incisions that reduce the risk of trauma on the quadriceps muscles. The length of incisions during this surgery is only 3-4 cm, unlike the conventional surgery, during which 7-8" long incisions are made, that result in long recovery periods. The patients start walking after the third day of surgery using this technology.

Partial Knee Replacement (Uni-compartmental or Uni-condylar or): can only be used on a very small percentage of patients who suffer from osteoarthritis in some parts of their knee joint. During this procedure, only the damaged or decayed compartment of the knee is replaced with a metal and plastic prosthetic.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Minimal Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India starts at USD 5000 (single knee)

Cost of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery in India starts at USD 3500

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India starts at USD 7500 (both knees)

Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Internationally trained doctors, accredited hospital, safer anesthesia, advanced surgical techniques, shorter recovery duration make India one of the best places for knee replacement procedure in the world. It is an attractive and economical option for international patients who are looking for affordable joint replacement treatment.

The joint replacement procedure in India is performed carefully by experienced, and specialized orthopedic surgeons at multi-speciality hospitals that are equipped with latest technology, which patients can choose from Medmonks network.

Patients can enjoy the following benefits using Medmonks services: 

Savings - The orthopedic surgery cost in India is much more affordable, and around 60% to 90% lower, than its cost in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Internationally trained Orthopedic Surgeons – Knee replacement surgeons in India are known for their expertise and skills around the world. Not only do they gain education and medical training from top universities on the planet, but also have experience which makes them a save option to undergo any type of complex surgery under their supervision.

Latest Technology – The knee replacement hospitals in India under Medmonks network are not only internationally accredited but are also equipped with the latest technology that helps them perform procedures like robotic surgery, minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery. Some of the equipment available in India help surgeons achieve better results from the surgery.

No language barriers – English is widely spoken in India and is considered to be the second official language of the country. The medical professionals at the hospital are well acquainted with the language and communicate easily with the patients. And even if the patient does not know English, they can use free translator services provided by Medmonks, for communicating with their doctor.

Incredible India - India is a beautiful mystic destination which is considered God's own country, that makes it a popular tourist spot. Patients can enjoy a mini vacation in the country after the treatment while exploring different cultures and religions in the country.

Life of Knee Implants

The longevity of knee implants will vary from patient to patient. Usually, more than 90 percent of knee replacements last for 10 – 15 years post-operation. 

Time & Cost

International patients have to stay in India for their surgery for at least 6 – 7 weeks which will involve the initial rehabilitation care. Patients are suggested to seek physiotherapy for a couple of weeks after returning to their country to get the best results.

The cost of the procedure is covered by most insurance providers. However, the claim amount for revision replacement surgeries might be covered to a certain percentage only.

Factors causing variation in the treatment cost:

Hospital’s Location

Surgeons/ Doctors Fees

Cost of Surgery

Cost of Implants

Hospital Room Rent

Rent of OT & ICU

Rehabilitation Therapy Charges

Routine Pharmacy

Further patients can investigate the cost of knee replacement surgery in India by directly contacting Medmonks.

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