The liver is the only organ that has the capacity to naturally regenerate itself for the loss of tissue. However, despite such great self-repair capability, there are times when chronic liver diseases result in damage to the liver that cannot be repaired. Thus leading to complete loss of liver, leaving the patients with the need for liver transplantation procedures.

It is an operation conducted for patients suffering from last-stage liver diseases or failure of the liver. The causes or factors behind the end-stage liver diseases may vary from patient to patient be viral hepatitis, autoimmune disorders, genetic disorder, cirrhosis, obesity, drugs and metastatic liver cancer. While securing a donor is the most difficult task for a transplant, it is true that everyone deserves an equal opportunity but every case needs to be evaluated and then wait for the match is found.

India has been quite a destination for liver transplant procedures. Especially the services and cost of liver transplant in Mumbai are considered affordable compared to other parts of the world. In major hospitals in Mumbai, there’re departments catering to liver transplants for paediatric tic needs to complex Living donor liver transplant; Hepatobiliary pancreatic surgeries; liver transplant tests and surgeries; and deceased donor liver transplantation.

Why Liver transplant in Mumbai?

Cost of liver transplant in Mumbai is also lucrative because of the quality of health care it has to offer. Two very prominent names for these surgeries are Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. These are the best hospitals for Liver transplant in Mumbai, India.

The cost of liver transplant in Mumbai at premier medical institutions may vary but are approximately somewhere around USD 28500. This cost of liver transplant in Mumbai, when compared to that of the US, is almost half of the cost. However, the exact cost of the procedures will vary from one medical institution to another.

The cost of liver transplant in Mumbai was a challenge in the early days because of the ever-evolving medical science. But, today Indian healthcare has reached another level, hospitals like

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital have set up specialised Advanced Gastroenterology & Liver Disease Centres where you find highly trained doctors taking care of patients from different parts of the world.

This centre has been considered one of the most proficient set up in the city of Mumbai. It has been a great help in detecting diseases, deficiencies and malignancy at a very early stage.

They have the latest machinery like Molecular Imaging, Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)  or Wide-field endoscopy which are very pivotal for patients suffering from ailments of liver and digestive tract and liver. It results in excellent survival rates and is a screening tool for the diagnosis of diseases pertaining to the gastro-intestine.

Another visionary in a liver transplant in Mumbai is the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and its accompanying Medical Research Institute. If you have any doubts regarding the cost of Liver transplant in Mumbai or the quality of treatment then trust us the quality of surgeons available in Mumbai is indisputably one of the best in Mumbai. Dr Ashutosh Chauhan and Dr Sorabh Kapoor from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital hold expertise in Hepatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplant- both for the Living Donor liver transplantation and Deceased donor liver transplantation; Hepatocyte transplantation and the Robotic HPB Surgery to name a few.

Cost of Liver transplant in Mumbai is just one of the many factors that make Mumbai an apt choice for medical tourists. The scenic beauty of the city surrounded by the Arabian Sea is also a healing factor for patients arriving in Mumbai. Mumbai as a city is climatically very amiable as there are no temperature extremes in terms of cold or summers. Other than the cost of Liver transplant in Mumbai, the medical tourists also keep in mind the high success rate of the surgeries, the ease of language of communication (English) and also the lesser wait time for surgery is pertinent in making a choice for treatment.

Medmonks has a great network of medical institutions and experienced surgeons who guarantee the best possible treatment to patients. Hence, we promise you that we deliver the best assistance for clinical care of Liver Transplants in India keeping in mind the cost of liver transplant in Mumbai or Delhi. We provide end to end services like booking appointments for taking care of your options for stay and accommodation.