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What is pediatric neurosurgery?

Pediatric neurosurgery is a type of neurosurgery that includes surgical procedures related to the nervous system, brain and spinal cord of children.

Pediatric neurosurgery includes all types of congenital, neoplastic, traumatic, vascular problems, Hydrocephalus, Craniostenosis, Spinal dysraphism, and Chiari malformations. It also consists of all types of pediatric brain tumours like Craniopharyngioma, Gliomas, Ependymoma and Medulloblastoma.

Pediatric neurosurgeons have a special and longstanding relationship with their patients. Children with nervous system problems frequently require ongoing and close follow-up throughout their childhood and adolescence.

The best pediatric neurosurgeon has to undergo:

1. At least four years of medical school

2. One year of surgical internship

3. Five or more years of residency training in neurosurgery

4. Additional training in pediatric neurosurgery

What disorders do pediatric neurosurgeons cure?

The best pediatric neurosurgeon diagnoses, treat and manage children's nervous system problems and head and spinal disorders. The best pediatric neurosurgeon also treats-

1. Head deformities

2. Spine deformities

3. Injuries to the brain, spine, or nerves

4. Gait abnormalities (spasticity)

5. Birth injuries (weakness of arms and legs)

The best pediatric neurosurgeons offer diagnostic evaluation, consultation, and management of neurobehavioral and memory disorders, neuromuscular diseases, cerebrovascular disease, movement disorders, seizure disorders, sleep disorders, brain tumours and headache.

Cost of pediatric neurosurgery in India

Pediatric neurosurgery is provided in India in all the major cities including Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. The treatment provided by these centres are most advanced and that too at an affordable cost. In India, the cost of pediatric neurosurgery is decidedly less compared to the cost in other developed countries like the U.S. and U.K. Also, in India, the best pediatric neurosurgeons are available on time for performing the surgery. Because of the low cost of treatment in India and the provision of best clinical care by Neurosurgery hospitals, many patients from abroad are getting attracted to India for getting their surgery done. Patients, after getting their treatment from India go back home happily, its clear from the success rate of Pediatric neurosurgery in India’s best surgery centres.

Best pediatric neurosurgery hospitals in India

Here is a list of hospitals in India that are specialised in neurology-

1. National Institute Of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore- NIMHANS, located in Bangalore has the best team for treatment of neurological disease.

2. Manipal Hospital for Neurology- The Manipal Hospital established its neurology department in 1991 and has been very successful in treating diseases about neurosurgery. The hospital uses the most advanced equipment’s which are at par with international standards.

3. Institute Of Neurosciences Kolkata For Neurology- The hospital offers neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-rehabilitation and neuropsychiatry treatment programmes for its patients. The treatment is up to international standards, and special concessions are also provided for children.

Pediatric Neurosurgeons in India

Choosing the best pediatric neurosurgeon is very important for the successful execution of neurosurgery upon the patient. Some of the best pediatric neurosurgeons in India are-

1. Dr(Prof). Deepu Banerji

2. Dr Jagath Lal Gangadhar

3. Dr Naresh Biyani

4. Dr Shankar Ganesh C V

5. Dr Abirami Sundari,

6. Dr Reginald J

7. Dr Ravi Gopal Varma,

8. Dr Uday Andar,

9. Dr Shekhar Patil,

10. Dr Anaita Udwadia Hegde

These expert neurosurgeons conduct the surgery in a very short time because of the availability of the most advanced treatment facilities for performing the surgical procedures.

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