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Liver transplant is the procedure where a diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver from another person. It is also known as hepatic transplantation.  Liver transplant is a treatment option for end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure patients.

The liver transplant surgery consists of complete removal of the diseased liver through an incision in the upper abdomen. The patient's gallbladder will also be removed. The donor's liver is then placed inside the abdomen and attached. The blood vessels and bile ducts from the body will then be attached to those of the new liver.

It is a procedure performed on people who have severely damaged livers or have developed liver failure. These people are put on the waiting lists for the donor's livers to be available for transplant. As soon as a suitable liver is available for transplant, the next person on the waiting list is contacted for the transplantation.

The donor's liver has to match the recipient’s blood group, tissue type, and size. A liver transplant procedure is very demanding and usually takes up to 4 to 6 hours depending on the outcome. The process of recovering after a liver transplant surgery is different for every person. The hospital stay after liver transplant in India is 10 to 14 days.

Types of liver transplants

Typically, there are three types of liver transplants-

1. Orthotopic transplant or transplant of a liver from a recently deceased donor- It is the most common type of liver transplant. In this procedure, the whole liver is taken from a recently deceased donor.

2. A living donor transplant- Living donor transplant means the donor is a willing living person. The donor has the operation first in which the surgeon removes either the left or right side (lobe) of their liver.

3. A split type of liver transplant-Split donation liver transplant involves transplantation of a liver from a recently deceased individual to two recipients. This is possible if the suitable recipient is an adult and a child. The donated liver will be split into the left and right lobes. The adult receives the larger right lobe, and the child will receive the smaller left lobe. This procedure benefits two persons at a time.

Cost of liver transplant in Delhi

The average cost of liver transplant in Delhi at a leading and reputed center starts from $29,500. This amount is nearly half of what the liver transplant treatment would cost in other parts of the world. The most reliable liver transplant hospitals in India are spread across Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.

The exact cost of liver transplant in Delhi differs slightly from hospital to hospital. The cost of liver transplant in Delhi will always depend on whether you opt for private or government-run hospitals.

Apart from the surgery, the patient is also charged for the medication given along with the liver transplant package.

A quick comparison of the cost of liver transplant surgery in India and abroad is given below:

1. India: USD 30000

2. US: USD 5,75,000

3. UK: USD 1,10,000

4. Germany: USD 1,50,000

5. Singapore: USD 3,00,000

Despite the cost of liver transplant in Delhi being low, the liver transplant hospitals do not compromise on the quality of treatment provided. For patients who cannot afford the cost of liver transplant in Delhi, there are a few liver transplant hospitals who perform the surgery for free of cost.

Liver transplant hospitals in Delhi

India enjoys the privilege of having the best globally acclaimed hospitals with experienced medical specialists. The doctors can perform complex and fine surgeries at a reasonable cost of liver transplant in Delhi. With an exceptional skill set and valuable experience from handling critical cases, the Indian surgeons today have an easy advantage in curing all sorts of diseases including Liver failure.

Some of the very reliable liver transplant hospitals with an affordable cost of liver transplant in Delhi are Max Healthcare, Manipal Hospital, BLK, Rockland Hospital, Artemis Hospital, Columbia Asia and others.

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