Breast cancer is a growing problem in men and women both. As a matter of fact, it is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide making it a global health emergency. Along with the pain and extreme discomfort, the patient experiences tremendous financial strain too. As a result, people with breast cancer look forward to seeking best-quality treatments in countries like India where low-cost treatments are available.

People planning their medical journey to India can have many questions in mind. Here are some of the most Frequently answered questions about breast cancer:

Why do global patients choose to get breast cancer treatments in India?

Patients who choose to come to India for seeking breast cancer treatments can savor the benefits of best quality infrastructure, high-precision medical equipment, and renowned doctors, surgeons and supportive medical staff. Apart from this, patients can get treatments at a fraction of the cost in this country.

What kind of breast cancer treatments are offered in India?

Indian breast cancer specialists can use one of the following mentioned surgical intervention methods to treat patients with breast cancer that include,

1. Lumpectomy

2. Partial or Segmental Mastectomy or Quadrantectomy

3. Simple or Total mastectomy

4. Modified radical mastectomy

5. Radical mastectomy

Apart from these surgical methods, the specialist can use techniques like radiation therapy and Chemotherapy either alone or in association with the primary mode of treatment, to treat patients with breast cancer and improve the quality of their life.

Is health insurance required?

Cancer care and treatment are long-term in nature. As a consequence, the costs translates into a recurring expenditure that can become a financial burden for many. Hence, it owning medical insurance is imperative.

With health policies that cover expenses incurred during hospitalization and recovery, critical illness( insure a range of diseases, including breast cancer) and lastly, specialized cancer care products, more people can bear the medical expenses incurred during the breast cancer treatment process.

Are the various Breast Cancer Treatments available at Indian medical facilities reasonably priced?

Indian medical facilities have gained global recognition for offering supreme quality medical treatments at reasonable costs. The cost of complex procedures such as breast cancer treatments in India is significantly lower as compared to the cost incurred by patients in countries such as the US, UK etc.

The cost of breast cancer surgery in India starts from USD 2200, and the cost of chemotherapy is USD 400/ cycle.

Early detection can reduce the price further:

In case the lung cancer is detected before time, the costs incurred by the patients are even lower. One can avail the benefit of tax deduction of up to USD 72 (INR 5000) under the section 80D for such screenings.

On what the cost of breast cancer treatments depends?

The cost of lung cancer treatments depend on a variety of factors such as

• The extent of spread of breast cancer in the respective patient; whether cancer has spread to other parts of the body or not.

• Age of the Patient

• The tumor's size

• The type of treatment procedure, whether surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, being performed,

• Type of hospital- Different hospitals charge differently depending on the infrastructure and quality of treatments offered.

• The operating surgeon's expertise and experience

• Medications prescribed during and after surgery

• Other treatments in conjunction with the chosen surgical procedure

In addition, the costs can increase if the patient's period of stay in the hospital extends beyond the defined limit. This extension can occur due to a variety of reasons including, rise of side-effects such as infection, excessive blood loss, etc.

Why Medmonks?

Medmonks offers assistance to people from across the world to come to India and seek premium-quality breast cancer treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy at affordable costs. In doing this, we have linked with India's leading hospitals and health professionals that specializes in offering breast cancer treatment protocols at a fraction of the price. Our experienced and tactful professionals/ medical counselors will help you get in touch with the best in no time without charging a dime. They will remain in touch throughout your medical journey to make sure your stay in India is comfortable and hassle-free.

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