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Dr Ritika Malhotra

Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurugram

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Dr Vishal Gupta

Primus Super Speciality Hospital

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Dr Neeraj Verma

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

39 Years


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Dr Rajeev Arora

Fortis Escorts Heart institute

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Dr Ashish Kakar

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Dr Vandana Sehgal

Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram

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Dr Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna

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Dr Ritu Sharma

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Dr Sanju Lall

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Dr Satyavrat Arya

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1.How do I know who is the right dentist for me? Is the dentist in India board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a dentist’s profile”?

Make a list of the best dentists or best dental treatment hospitals in India from Medmonks based on the following factors.

• Is the clinic easy to locate? When traveling overseas, the patient should ensure that the hospital or clinic is located in an accessible area, so that they can adjust in the country.

• Is the dentist certified from a dental association (IDA)? India dental association (IDA) is the recognized and authoritative voice of dentist in India which was established in 1946. 

• What is the education qualification of the dentist? It is essential for an individual to complete a degree in BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and then pursue DDS (Doctorate of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctorate of Dental Medicine) to practice as a dentist in India.

• Can the dentist operate all types of dental treatments? Most dentists can perform basic cavity checkup and removals, braces, tooth implants, whitening etc. However, they need to have an additional sub-specialties for performing more chronic dental procedures like root canal surgery, oral cancer, and gum infection treatment etc.

• How much experience does he/she have? Dental treatment is an aesthetic procedure which requires precision, or it can tamper with the appearance of the patient. Dentist with more likely to deliver effective results.

Medmonks has ensured to list accredited board certified dentists on their websites to allow patients to browse and search for their preferred dentist based on their treatment requirements without any hassle. Patients can study the career profile of these dental professionals to compare the experience, qualification and achievements of some of the best dentists in India, on our website.

2.What is the difference between a periodontist and endodontist?

Periodontist – focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of multiple types of gum problems. He/she helps in treating gum diseases, pain and inflammation. A periodontist can also install dental implants and can do skin grafting on gums.

Endodontist – receive dental training for performing root canal therapy. This branch of dentistry focuses on physiology, pathology and morphology of dental pulp and peri-radicular tissues.

3.What are the special procedures that some of these dentists in India are performing for achieving the perfect smile?

Whitening - Teeth Whitening is an aesthetic dental procedure that uses chemicals to improve the color of teeth by making them visibly whiter. It is a safe procedure which is used by millions of people today.

Cap or Crown – If only a portion of the tooth has broken the patient can fix it using a crown. Crowning involves slicing of old tooth upon which a prosthetic tooth is placed.

Tooth Implant – If the entire tooth or a couple of teeth have broken, patients can use tooth implantation. In this surgical procedure, a screw-like implant is drilled in the patient jaw, then a prosthetic tooth or crown is placed on the post where the screw was inserted.  

Root Canal – helps in treating diseased or abscessed teeth. If a tooth has broken or decayed, it becomes necessary to open and clean the infection out of the tissue. Once cleaned this space is filled and sealed properly to prevent food from getting stuck in it.

Gum Surgery – Periodontal (gum disease) is a condition in which the gum and jaw of the patient get attacked by an infection that can lead to gum or teeth loss. It can be categorized into two stages:

Gingivitis – is a milder form of gum infection which can be reversed or treated with the right medical care.

Periodontitis – is the more severe form of periodontal disease, which might require a surgical procedure for reducing the symptoms of the diseases.

Explore information about other dental treatments on our website.

4.On selecting the doctor, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with him/her before arriving?

Medmonks arranges video consulting services for patients to interact with their preferred doctors before arriving in India, to provide them with a sense of relief that allows them to travel without any worry. Patients can take this opportunity to discuss their condition or ask any questions that might be necessary for their procedure.

5.What happens during a typical dentist consult?

Dental procedures are either done for treating the damage on the teeth or for cosmetic purposes to improve the patients smile. Dentist consult is non-invasive appointment between the patient and the dentist. During a typical dentist consultation, the dentist analyzes the oral health of the patient and discuss the issues, problems and treatments options based on the results of their examination.  

6.If I do not like the opinion given by the dentist, can I use a second opinion?

Medmonks prioritize patients and want to deliver them with a satisfactory experience. We encourage patients to discuss their concerns with the dentists. If a patient disagrees or has contradictory beliefs to the doctor's suggestions, they can approach us to fix their appointment with a different dentist so that they can get a different opinion.

7.How do I stay in touch with my doctor after the surgery (follow-up care)?

We understand and empathize with the patient concerns and offers video consultation services to them with their Dentists in India after they return to their homeland. 

8.Are dental treatments covered insurance?

Insurance is a legal contract set up between the insurance company and the person that is being insured. Majority of insurance companies do not cover the cost of dental treatments as they are categorized as a type of cosmetic treatment. However, we suggest patients discuss these details with their health insurance company before going forward with the procedure.

9.Why should I travel to India for my dental treatment?

10.Why choose Medmonks for your dental treatment in India?

Medmonks is a leading patient management company based in India, which is run by a team of doctors and healthcare geniuses that have a combined experience of over 100 years in the medical sector. We provide international patients with an open the door to kickstart their treatment without any hassle at an affordable price. We walk with our patients acting as their guide from the moment they land in India, supporting them throughout their treatment until they board the flight to their home country.       

We also provide additional services which include:

•    Visa Approvals and Flight Arrangement

•    Doctor appointment arrangement

•    Accommodation facilities for co-travelers

•    Free Translators – To help assist with the doctor appointments, consultations and basic needs during patient’s stay in India.

•    24*7 Support Care – To help patients with any form of medical or personal emergency.

•    Free Video Consultations (Before & After the treatment) – we offer extended post return services to patients providing 2 free video and six months of free chat consultations with their dentists in India after their treatment.

•    Online prescriptions and medicine delivery, if required.

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