Cervical cancer patient gets treated successfully in India



NameMs Azeb Hagos

Country: United States

Treatment: Cervical cancer

Ms Azeb Hagos was diagnosed with cervical cancer, stage 3, a few years back. This news shook up Mrs Azeb from within. With pain and all hop lost, she informed her daughter who stayed in the US about the condition. Her daughter, unlike Mrs Azeb, was determined to find sure-sort care for her mother. She carried out research and found out about a company called Medmonks that has been offering services to patients looking for quality medical treatments in India.

She contacted Medmonk's professionals through a video call. She described her mother's condition. The professionals helped her get in the touch with Dr Kapil Kumar and Dr Amit Agarwal, BLK hospital.

Finally, they both flew to India where Ms Azeb Hagos was treated with a technique called DJ stenting of the urinary bladder that was followed by several chemotherapy sessions at BLK hopsital. Ms Azeb after the treatment feels much better. She said, " I lost hope when I heard of cancer. But Dr Kapil and Dr Amit outstanding work has offered a new lease of life".

We wish a great future to Azeb and her daughter ahead!

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