Name: Millicent Odanga

Country: Kenya

Treatment: Spine Surgery

From being the most active sportsperson to contracting spine injury, everything seemed at odds with the pain and struggle Millicent Odanga, a 49-year-old Kenyan woman, was going through. The war she had to fight to seek redemption from her stubborn ailment cannot be fathomed. She was devastated by her back and leg pain and had been ailing for five years. Her pain was excruciating with each passing day and having consulted local doctors in Kenya and still not being free from pain; she zeroed in on undergoing spine surgery in Thailand.

Having various sports awards and accolades to her credit, the lady is a champion at football, squash and gymnastics. The doctors suspected that her exposure to various sports activities had given her the greatest grief of life. She underwent spine surgery in Thailand and somehow couldn’t get relief. Her personal war against spine injury took a toll on her and a few months later; she was made to undergo a re-operation in Thailand itself. The next three years of her life were racked with pain; the struggle that she was going through had no bounds. She was made to undergo another slew of MRIs which revealed displaced implant. Her ailment had crossed all limits, and she decided to terminate her treatment in the local hospital and got in touch with MedMonks so that she could seek treatment in India. Needless to say, the lady never gave up on her ailment and kept on fighting.

 MedMonks connected her to the best doctor in India where she underwent her third spinal surgery. Her spinal implants were replaced with high-quality ones and were also made to undergo rehabilitation. She was relieved with the care delivered at the hospital and gradually took up sports. Medmonks has played a vital role in blessing her with the life she had been craving for. The meticulousness of the doctors in India coupled with Mrs Odanga’s patience and belief helped her sail through this very rough patch. 

“I am falling short of words in expressing my gratitude towards Indian doctors and the services of MedMonks. Seeking treatment in India has paved the way for a contended and peaceful life; at times I feel that I have been blessed with a second life devoid of any pain. Team Medmonks delivered gold standard services and connected me to the right doctor. Indian services are pure and dedicated to satisfying the patients.”