Ghanaian patient underwent a successful Brain Tumor surgery in India



Name: Marcellous Akrong

Country: Ghana

Treatment: Brain Tumor surgery

Last week one of our patient Marcellous Akrong from Ghana accompanied us for lunch, who had been in India roughly for three months for his brain tumour surgery and his appreciation for our company and services motivated us to walk a little faster on the road that we have chosen for our company. It still fascinates us how our vision has turned into a reality in such a short period of time and how today we able to provide healthcare assistance to patients all over the world.

Akrong, a 31-year-old young man was suffering from brain tumour, when he came across Medmonks online. He was quick to seek assistance from our company, because of his critical condition. He had already explored his options in Ghana but was unable to find any suitable options.

He got in touch with one of our executives but stopped replying after a while feeling sceptic about travelling to India, then one of our CEO got in touch with him, who assisted him with his condition, suggesting treatment plans that got his attention.

Later, our team managed to book Doctor Rana Patir on his case who is one of the most reputed and experienced neurosurgeons in India from Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI) in Delhi. The doctor suggested him to undergo craniotomy for the tumour excision to prevent the lump from turning cancerous and causing more damage. Later he also received radiation therapy, for ensuring that every single one of the abnormal cell is removed from his brain.

Akrong was accompanied to India, with his uncle Ransford, who before visiting India, was a little sceptic about how they will adjust in the country, as our team informed them beforehand that their treatment could extend over a period of few weeks. But Akrong had already made his mind to travel to India.

Initially, his diagnosis had shown that he had a benign brain tumour, but when he came to India for his, it was discovered that the lump could potentially become cancerous. Our team is aware that his family had only prepared for the surgery, empathized with Akrong’s situation and contacted the hospital convincing them to provide discounts wherever possible. Eventually, he was able to receive treatment from the best neurosurgeon in India, at a price that perfectly fit into his budget. 

Now, let’s end this story on a lighter note and happy note, as now our patient is perfectly fine and a happy memory. We remember while Akrong was very reserved and shy the whole time during the lunch, his an cousin, Ransford a cheeky lad indeed, talked a lot about his experience in India, and how he is going miss the variety sound and chaos in India. 

Here is what Ransford said about his experience with Medmonks:

Ransford: “I came to Delhi for my cousin’s Medical Treatment, and I will never regret choosing Medmonks. Medmonks has been with us from our visa, to airport, to hotels they helped us get the best doctor, they also helped us get discounts on our treatment. And I don’t even know how they managed that. They literally held our hands through every process throughout these three months. I will never regret choosing this company for my cousin’s treatment and I highly recommend other patients to travel to India using Medmonks services.”

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