Name:  Emilia Filomena Dias

Country: Luanda, Angola

Treatment: Cancer

It was one of those extremely hot May mornings when the scorching sun was beaming down upon the chest of Angola. Emilia Filomena Dias, a 36-year-old who was born and raised in Luanda, Angola, left for work. She is the director of one of the largest public sector companies in Angola, the lady’s success speak volumes. Being the youngest entrepreneurs in Angola and reaching new heights in the Telecom sector, she achieved everything until her medical illness began to impede her work.

In between work, she experienced fatigue and rapid heartbeat. One day, she ran out of breath and passed out. Her colleagues called for the ambulance, and she was admitted to a local hospital. She exhibited symptoms such as skin pallor, light-headedness and dizziness. The doctors conducted a general physical examination and made her undergo various tests and screenings and guess what? Cancer? Was it cancer? The only terrific word in the dictionary and yes gravely the doctors diagnosed her with Leukaemia. The strongest and youngest director, who was felicitated with the Star award from Moneygram International, felt for a second that her world is falling apart until she decided to seek medical assistance from India.

Having heard success stories of patients from across the globe who sought treatment in India, the fighter lady stood upright for the deadly disease. She connected to MedMonks which made all travel and logistics arrangements for her. They assisted in getting her a medical visa to India. She flew to India and paid a visit to a niche hospital in India; Fortis Memorial Research Institute(FMRI), Delhi NCR. Her appointment was already scheduled with an internationally acclaimed doctor; she underwent the necessary screenings and detailed evaluation. We don’t know what we should call this? A miracle? She was declared cancer-free and instead was diagnosed with Anaemia. This news made her overjoyed and relieved; this is thus the greatest gift. The doctor prescribed her certain Vitamin B supplements, Iron and dietary derivatives. Her haemoglobin levels were timely monitored, and her response towards the treatment was evaluated. The panel of FMRI and MedMonks were connected to her and conducted timely follow up.

I am a fighter and would have heroically battled my cancer if I had one. I am grateful to Indian doctors who declared me cancer-free when I travelled to India for treatment. It’s a relief to be not haunted by the word ‘leukaemia’, and the impact cancer has leaves patients grief-stricken. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Medmonks for understanding my case and treating me with immense compassion. Team Medmonks dispensed top-notch services, and I had the support of these professional health executives even during my hospital trips.  Availing medical services in India was a smooth experience; the team stayed connected to me via Skype and WhatsApp. These guys made me walk through the entire procedure of availing treatment and even facilitated my medical payments.  I am no longer in pain, and neither do I have cancer, I feel elated and blessed at the same time having been guided by the best. I am gradually gaining strength and coping with the aftermath of the disease. The fear of being diagnosed with leukaemia gave me chills down my spine but being anaemic and seeking treatment for the same has helped move smoothly devoid of any fear, Thank You India & Thank You MedMonks! Stay blessed and I robustly recommend Medmonks services to all those patients who are willing to seek cost-effective treatment in India; the healthcare facilities are of paramount quality, and the doctors are amiable and proficient at the same time”.