Spinal Trauma- Saada Mangok' Story



Name: Saada Mangok

Country: South Sudan

Treatment: Spine Surgery

Saada Mangok, a resident of South Sudan and an army veteran sustained spinal issues for a long period of time. Being 6 feet and 7 inches tall, Saada's spinal problems only worsened over time. She could not walk, stand or even sit properly without assistance.

Army veteran war against dependence and agony:

Saada, being an ex-army professional was taught to be self-reliant and enduring all through her life. However, owing to a crippling spinal problem, performing physical activities such as daily chores became a challenge for her. Not only the physical pain generated from spinal disorder was unbearable, but the pain of dependence was utterly domineering.

After battling the disorder for more than 2 and a half years, Saada Mangok started finding a solution before it is too late. With limited healthcare centers in her own country, Saada began looking for spinal treatments in the country that has access to premium-grade healthcare facilities such as India.

Saada Mangok investigated the ins and outs of India's healthcare system quality and came to know about Medmonks, a premier medical tourism assistance company working in India, headquarters, Delhi. She was quite convinced with the quality of services offered by the resourceful and experienced team of Medmonks and contacted them right away.

Being from the medical background themselves, the professionals working at Medmonks understood and gauged the severity of Saada's condition. Without further delay, they consulted Dr Harshavardhan Hegde, an esteemed spinal specialist, functioning at Rockland Hospital. Dr Harshavardhan suggested laminectomy to Saada. He discussed the details of the surgery along with the pros and cons of the treatment with Saada.

Finally, the operation was performed, and Saada had a marvellous recovery. Now she can walk without support. Saada said, " I finally feel like myself again. This surgery helped me restore my confidence as well". I am grateful to Dr Hegde and the team of Medmonks for rendering a new life. Thank you!".

We wish Saada a great life ahead!

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