Turkmenistan patients treatment in India



Name: Meylis

Country: Turkmenistan

Treatment: Neurology

Every night, I suffered from a harrowing pain in my head that was both unbearable and lasting. Initially, the frequency of such mind-churning headaches was low, but over the course of time, it increased drastically. Not only I, but my husband Meylis had to endure the implications of the pain. We were devoid of sleep and were unable to resume normal functioning or routine, to begin with.

For treatment, my husband and I flew to Turkey. But, we met with utter disappointment. The doctors in Turkey's premier hospital were inefficient and indifferent. Instead of treating the condition, they declared my pain as a figment of my imagination. This episode hit me really hard as I knew my suffering was for real that required immediate attention.

I started looking at the options of best hospitals across the globe to find a doctor who could treat me. After a prolonged struggle, I came across Medmonks, a leading medical travel assistance company in India. I contacted the personnel working at Medmonks who redirected me to a renowned neurologist Dr Anand Kumar Saxena, Max Hospital Saket.

Dr Anand unlike the doctors in Turkey who refused even to consider my condition diagnosed me with meningitis. He prescribed medications that lasted for a month. My pain went away, and there was no sign of headaches.

I am indebted to the invaluable assistance of Medmonks, and Dr Anand as my life is back on track now. Looking forward to coming to India again!

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