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Spine Surgeons in Delhi, India

Low Back Pain is a symptom; when we talk about pain to a doctor, we need to specify where it begins and how is it felt or the quality of the pain (is it throbbing or continuous or radiating). There are related structural issues involved too, which require evaluation.  Sometimes Pain by itself may not be fixable despite us trying to self-medicate or use the help of prescription drugs. At such a juncture, we look upon our skilled surgeons, who thoroughly analyse and assess our condition by conducting a physical and asking for screening tests if needed. More importantly, extracting thoughts on the pain from our current experiences along with our medical history enables a spine surgeon to reach the crux of the disease and chalk out an accurate treatment plan.

The spine surgeon today can be a Neuro-spine or Ortho-spine specialist and patients interchangeable reach out to these specialists for their back problems. Ideally, depending upon the condition, these specialists handle the cases. A neurosurgeon manages conditions affecting the spinal cord, the extension of the brain from which peripheral nerves emerge, and ortho-spine surgeon corrects diseases of the spinal column, the bony cage around the spinal cord. Though in the future, there may be a distinct medical speciality of “spine specialists”. Today both neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons specialising in spine surgery are proficient in treating cases of fractures of the spine, spinal stenosis, disc herniation’s, disc degenerations, scoliosis, slippage of the spine (spondylolisthesis), bone tumours of the spine, etc.

All neurosurgeons undergo a minimum mandatory training spanning more than ten years. The period does not include any residency tenures which last another six years. After sixteen years of extensive training, they are proficient in handling disease conditions like arteriovenous malformation, tumours, arachnoid cysts, syringomyelia, nerve root tumours, spina bifida or myelomeningocele. They can also manage Chiari malformation, diplomyelia or diastematomyelia, tethered spinal cord, tumours at the junction of the base of the skull and upper cervical spine with ease. In contrast, both paediatric and adult scoliosis and other spinal deformities are still primarily treated surgically by orthopaedic spine specialists.

For patients who are candidates for spine surgery, it can be life-changing, for the better. The quest for finding the best-known hospitals for spine surgery can be daunting. Medmonks suggests the following as some of the leading hospitals known across the globe for their spine surgery units – Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), BLK Super Speciality Hospital and Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. These hospitals have experienced spine surgeons onboard and are renowned for lumbar spine surgery programs.  There have been instances where some of these specialists have performed surgery on patients who thought they were bound forever to a wheelchair and are now back on their feet leading an active pain-free life. Below, we are listing some of the best lumbar spine surgeons who have successfully delivered upon clinical results and send patients back home with a smile on their faces.

Best lumbar spine surgeons in India

1. Dr Puneet Girdhar

Dr Puneet girdhar 

Dr Puneet Girdhar
who is currently the Director – Spine Surgery at BLK Centre for Orthopaedics, Joint Reconstruction & Spine Surgery, has more than a decade of experience. His qualifications include MBBS, MS and MCh (Orthopedics). His expertise in the non-surgical and surgical management of spinal disorders involving neck and back with the use of minimally invasive techniques, nerve root blocks, Epidural and Facetal injections. His interests include Microdiscectomy, Minimal invasive spinal fusions, Anterior/ Posterior Decompression and Instrumentation, Artificial disc replacements and spinal deformity correction in a wide array of Congenital, Neoplastic, Traumatic and  Degenerative situations of the spine.

2. Dr Rana Patir

Dr Rana Patir 

Dr Rana Patir is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who is currently serving as the Chairman of Neurosurgery Department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi NCR. With over three decades of experience, Dr Patir finished his training from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and MCh (Neurosurgery). His speciality interests include Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment, Cerebrovascular Surgery, Brain infection, Decompression Microvascular, and Nerve and Muscle Disorders.

3. Dr Bipin S Walia

Dr Bipin S Walia  

Dr Bipin Walia is the Head Spine Surgeon at Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India and is one of those few neurosurgeons in the country to have been trained and experienced in spine surgeries. His qualifications include MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and MCh (Neurosurgery) while being a serving personnel of the Armed Forces Medical Corps of India. Dr Walia trained in spine surgery at some of the best hospitals in the world like Medical Education and Research Institute, Texas, USA, the University of Erlangen, Germany, and the University of Mainz, Germany. He has more than 5000 spine surgeries to his credit and commands a respectable position in the medical fraternity.

4. Dr Vikas Gupta

Dr Vikas Gupta 

Dr Vikas Gupta with over three decades of rich experience in his chosen field is currently the Director and head of neurosurgery at the BLK centre for Neurosciences, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi. His qualifications include MBBS, MS (General Surgery) and MCh (Neurosurgery) from the University of Delhi with training at some of the leading hospitals of the country including Maulana Azad Medical College and G.B Pant Super-speciality Hospital. Subsequently, he did a fellowship in interventional neurological surgery at the University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland and from Froedtert Hospital, University of Wisconsin, U.S.A. Dr Vikas Gupta leads a team of dedicated 20 specialists for different sectors of neurosciences and is a highly accomplished and leading neurosurgeon in India.

5. Dr Yash Gulati

Dr Yash Gulati 

Dr Yash Gulati a Padma Shri awardee who is the Honourable Surgeon to President of India and is the Director of Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement & Spine at Apollo Hospitals. He is a Senior Consultant in Spine Surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. His qualifications include MBBS, MS (Orthopedics), MCh (Orthopedics) England and a Diploma in Sports Medicine (Dublin) which match his more than three decades of rich experience. He is the first Indian surgeon to have performed Endoscopic Disc Surgery in the country. Specialised in minimally invasive spine surgery and microscope assisted disk surgery, he is known to deliver superior clinical results. He is one of the limited surgeons doing Minimally Invasive Trans Foraminal Inter-Body Fusion (MITLIF).

6. Dr H.N. Bajaj:

Dr HN Bajaj 

Dr H.N. Bajaj is the Head of Ortho-Spine Surgery & Senior Consultant – Orthopaedics at Max Healthcare Hospital, Delhi NCR and Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Saket. With over three decades of experience, he has MBBS, MS and a Diploma (Orthopedics) as his qualifications. He completed MS – Orthopedics and Diploma (Orthopedics) from Kasturba Medical College, Karnataka. His interests include Spine Injuries, Spinal Infections, Spinal Cancer, Low back pain, Disc Surgery and Spinal Stenosis.

Though these are some of the leading lumbar spine surgeons in Delhi NCR, it doesn’t mean that they are the only great names in the field. At Medmonks, we go through your clinical reports and medical history and provide a personalized treatment plan which includes the second opinion of some of the leading spine specialists. All of these services are free of cost and if you so choose to go ahead with your treatment with us, our team at Medmonks ensures all your needs are attended to and you get a smooth experience. At the end of the day, we work tirelessly with you in ensuring a pain-free and active life.

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