Find The Right Hospital

Your risk of complications and death can be many times higher at one hospital than at another just down the road.

In your bid to choose the right doctor, you often ignore the right hospital. It’s a fact that you spend more time with the nurses, the equipment, the room, the ICU, etc. than you spend with your doctor. We help you choose the right hospital by providing you unbiased information on hospital’s technology, staff and infrastructure. Relevant feedback of the previous patients which are intelligently analysed also help you decide.

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    Patient Satisfaction

    All else fades and only this factor matters when you enter a hospital. Your consultation with a doctor lasts about 20 minutes but an average stay at a hospital lasts 4 days. Why leave these 4 days to chance. Any amount of data can only compliment a fellow patient’s experience. At MedMonks, we curate feedback from past customers and give you a glimpse of their experience, so that you can make your stay a smooth encounter.
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    Clinical Capabilities

    Doctors and Hospitals are linked. Though not always dependent but the clinical competence primarily depends on the training and expertise of available doctors. Overall Care quality varies between hospitals as doctors are affiliated to different hospitals with admission privileges. At MedMonks, we have complied and ranked hospitals considering some of the most compelling factors as we know they matter.
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    Technology & Infrastructure

    We help you look beyond ratings with our patent pending algorithm, we assess hospitals speciality wise against parameters that are relevant for patient care including new technology, state-of-art infrastructure and clinical techniques which have been proven to improve patient outcomes. At MedMonks, we help you make sense of medical jargon and walk you through to finding the best hospital.
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