Cancer treatment in India is globally renowned primarily because of the quality of comprehensive services offered by the hospitals at an extremely affordable cost. One of the other major reasons behind the huge influx of cancer patients from abroad is the availability of high-end technologies that make it easier for the oncologists to treat the patients with extreme precision and superior clinical outcomes.

Medmonks works closely with some of the top hospitals for cancer treatment in India, many of which are amongst the best in the world. These hospitals keep themselves up-to-date as per the changes in the technology and treatment protocols. Being aware of the latest advances in Cancer Care is very important as Oncology is a rapidly changing medical speciality. There are new technologies, drugs, therapies and surgical techniques for managing the various cancers that plague mankind. Medical tourists can avail the benefits of these highly sophisticated technologies and treatments without getting burdened financially as the cost of cancer treatment in India is extremely affordable.

The following are some of the cutting-edge medical technologies that help deliver accurate, safe, and reliable cancer treatment in India.


This is the world’s first radiosurgery system that allows treatment of tumors in any part of the human body. India was one of the first few countries to have installed the CyberKnife radiosurgery system for accurate and precise targeting of tumors. Hospitals like Medanta, BLK Hospital, HCG, Apollo Hospitals Chennai and Omega Hospital in Hyderabad.

It is a non-invasive radiosurgery system that makes it possible for the radiation oncologists to precisely target tumors with high dose radiation. The high precision of the system ensures that very high radiation dose reaches cancer cells yet neighbouring healthy tissue are unaffected. Even tumors located in inaccessible areas of the body can be targeted with this system.

IBM Watson

The best oncologists in India provide consultation to over 100 cancer patients and perform several surgeries in a day. This makes it impossible for them to browse through all the research papers and patient records to decide on the best treatment approach for the patient.

But IBM’s powerful and one of the most advanced computing platform, Watson, has made the lives of oncologists easier. Watson can store and analyze millions of pages worth of valuable data from patient records and research papers within seconds. The doctors can then use the recommendation made by Watson regarding the best approach for treatment and accurate cancer diagnosis. IBM Watson is an enterprise solution and if physicians or oncologists want a program with easier access then they can use Up-To-Date, this program compiles all the latest medical research and churns out clinical recommendations for specific clinical settings.

Novalis Tx

Novalis Tx radiosurgery system is a highly advanced tool used to deliver an accurate dosage of radiation to cancer patients. What makes this system unique is its ability to shape the radiation beams according to the shape of the tumor to be targeted. This is an added benefit on top of other radiosurgery systems that make use of just the circular beams to destroy cancerous lesions and tumors. Novalis Tx also allows for a change in the intensity of the radiation delivered to the patient. Novalis Tx is installed in a number of leading hospitals with whom Medmonks works very closely in ensuring our patients get the treatment options with this leading linear accelerator. The hospitals having Novalis Tx are Max Hospital Saket, Dharamshila Cancer & Research Hospital, BLK Hospital, Apollo Hospitals Delhi, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, Tata Memorial Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Research Institute, Tata Medical Center Kolkata, SevenHills Hospital Mumbai, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata and Christian Medical College & Hospital.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

Da Vinci robotic surgery system is one of the most advanced technologies used for cancer treatment in India. This state-of-the-art technology has several components that scale, filter, and translate the movement of hands of the surgeons and then make the EndoWrist instruments attached in the system replicate those actions.

The EndoWrist instruments are capable of performing better actions that human wrists and can access hard-to-reach areas of the body. Better dexterity, vision, control, and precision makes it one of the best cancer treatment technology in India. Surgery performed with Robotic Assistance leads to lesser blood loss, faster recovery and better surgical outcomes.

Next Generation Photodynamic Cancer therapy (NGPCT)

Cancer treatment in India reached the next level after the introduction of NGPDT. This technology exploits the therapeutic properties of light to destroy tumors and other cancerous growths in different parts of the body.

This technology has been in use in China for many years for the treatment of almost all types of cancers, except blood cancer. Since there are no adverse effects associated with the use of NGPDT, this technology is quickly gaining popularity in the country though the clinical benefits need more clinical research and validation from health agencies like FDA are still lacking with this technology.

Proton Beam Therapy

Proton beam therapy is one of the most advanced forms of radiation treatment in the world. This therapy makes use of intense high-energy proton beams to destroy the tumor. The precise targeting and intensification capability of proton beam therapy makes it different and safer from the other types of radiation treatment.

Proton beam therapy has revolutionized the treatment for a number of cancers, including prostate, lung, breast, brain, and skull base cancers. India is among the first few countries to offer this treatment. Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is all set to launch SouthEast Asia’s first fully-equipped proton beam therapy center by the start of 2018.