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Oral Cancer Doctors in India

1.    How do I know who the right doctor is for me? Is the doctor board certified? In what field? – “How do I study a doctor’s profile”?

Choosing the right oral cancer doctor is necessary. Hence, one must probe into the credentials of a doctor or surgeon before opting for one.

First and foremost, research whether the doctor has the necessary education and specialization or not.

The chosen surgeon should have an MBBS, MS in general surgery, MCh in oncology surgery from an accredited medical school. If he or she has a diploma in Otorhinolaryngology from universities of International stature, it would be an added advantage.

One must pay heed to the experience of the oral cancer specialist. Opting for an experienced oral cancer doctor in India is a wise decision to make as he or she will be able to deal with even the most complicated patient cases ever.

Nevertheless, evaluating the surgeon's capability entirely on the experience is not fair.

Hence, one needs to pay heed to the performance rate of the doctor as well. Following is the set of questions that one needs to ask:

How many successful surgeries he or she has managed to pull off?

How well the doctor handled the patient (treated before) as well as the family members?

How compassionate was he or she?

The answers to these questions can be mustered from the patient testimonies, reviews, recommendations and more. Going through the feedback will help the patient and his or her family members to assess the quality of the doctor comprehensively, and the decision of choosing a particular health professional will not just depend on the word of mouth recommendations.

Medmonks can help patients choose the best oral cancer doctor in India that suits their requirements and budget in entirety.

Run through the profiles of some of the best oral cancer specialists in India listed on our website now.

2.  What are the special interests/procedures that some of these doctors are performing?

Indian medical facilities are manned by some of the best oral cancer panels in the world. With years of experience, these doctors are able to treat patients with oral cancer successfully. Depending on which stage the cancer is, the oral cancer specialist chooses a particular mode of treatment that may include surgery, radiation therapy, proton therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.


One of the most frequently used modes of treatment for oral cancer, surgery is performed on the basis of on the type, extent and stage of cancer. Surgical intervention techniques employed by the oral cancer specialists are specifically designed to eliminate mouth cancer as well as the cancerous lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy:

In case the tumor has reached its peak stage, radiation therapy can be used following the surgery, either alone or along with chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy can be categorized into sub-types including,

External beam radiation therapy:

In this treatment therapy, high energy beams are delivered to the mouth of the patient. Proton therapy and Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) are aimed at treating the tumor while cutting down the damage to surrounding normal tissue to a minimum.

Internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy:

In this therapy, the doctor delivers radiation on the tumor site with the help of tiny seeds, needles or tubes. This technique is employed to cure small degree tumors or with surgery in advanced-stage tumors.

Proton therapy:

In this treatment approach, the oral cancer doctor uses high doses of radiation to kill the cancer cells, sparing nearby healthy tissue and vital organs. Proton therapy offers a higher chance of successful treatment in a majority of patients.


In this procedure, the surgeon gives drugs to the patients either orally or intravenously. When the drug reaches the patient's bloodstream, it kills the cancerous cells flowing in the bloodstream and so further spread is impeded.


Immunotherapy is a treatment technique that allows the immune system to detect cancerous cells.

Targeted therapy:

Cells that are cancerous calls for certain molecules to live and multiply. Such molecules comprise genes that result in cancer. With the help of targeted therapies such as epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors, these molecules can be interfered with.

3. On selecting the doctor, how do we book the appointments? Can I video consult with him/her before arriving?

The responsibility of booking the appointments is entirely on us.

After choosing an oral cancer expert that meets the needs and requirements of the patients, our dedicated professionals will book an appointment without delay.

Apart from that, they will arrange a video consultation of the patient with the chosen surgeon to allow the patient to discuss problems and concerns in detail.

When the discussion is complete, a treatment plan is created.

4. What happens during a typical oral cancer specialist consult?

During the first visit, the oral cancer expert will analyze the symptoms and extent of damage to building a suitable treatment scheme. The surgeon will make sure to go through the patient's history including whether the patient is taking any medications or not.

Next, the surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the procedure to help the patient to take an informed decision. Following that, the surgeon will employ screening procedures including a Physical exam, and  Removal of tissue for testing, Imaging tests may include X-rays, computerized tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) scans, among others to analyze the condition in and out. Finally, the treatment plan is created.

5. If I do not like the opinion given by the doctor, can I get a second opinion?

In case a patient does not feel satisfied with the treatment approach suggested by the doctor or the manner in which the treatment is given, he or she is free to seek a second opinion.

Medmonks will offer end-to-end support to such patients to look for a reputable oral cancer doctor in India and get a second opinion right away.

6. How do I stay in touch with my oral cancer doctor after the surgery (follow-up care)

Medmonks offer valuable assistance to help patients communicate with the best oral cancer doctors in India post the treatment via telephone or video call. Patients can receive follow-up care and post-treatment instructions even when they go back to their homeland. 

7. On what factors do the cost of consulting and getting treatment from an oral cancer expert depend on?

The overall costs of the oral cancer treatment depend on a variety of factors including,

•    The type of treatment approached used- Since different procedures whether surgery, chemotherapy or immunotherapy have different costs, finding the cost of the type of procedure employed by the doctor for treatment is essential to determine the overall cost.

•    Screening test and diagnostic procedures used- Oral cancer doctors will advise patients undergo a set of diagnostic and screening procedures as mentioned above to evaluate the condition and extent of damage closely. The cost of each of the method is different that should be taken into account to evaluate the final figure.

•   Type of hospital chosen- The treatment cost pivots on the type of hospital chosen by the patient as every treatment facility offers different kinds of facilities as such. Also, any hospital which is located in the rural area charges lower than that in urban or metropolitan regions. Hence, the location of the hospital is also a major factor in calculating the overall cost of the treatment.

•   Type of room selected- On the basis of the budget and convenience, patients will select the room- Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room and much more.

•    The oral cancer doctor chosen- The fee charged by the panel of doctors operating on a patient with oral cancer including Orthopedic oncologist, Hematologist-oncologist, Radiation oncologist, Dietitian, Naturopathic clinician, Medical oncologist, Pain management practitioner, Chiropractor, Mind-body therapist, Rehabilitation therapist and Pastoral care provider will also serve as the major contributor to the overall costs of the treatment.

•    The type of medications prescribed by the doctor pre and post surgery- The cost of the medicines prescribed by the doctor during and after surgery will increase the cost of the treatment. Ergo, medication cost should be included.

•    The patient's age and health condition- Depending on the patient's health and age, the doctor employs the oral cancer procedures to treat the condition accordingly which in turn will directly affect the Oral cancer treatment cost.

•    Hospital stay- The period of hospital stay can increase the cost of the treatment further. If a patient is asked to be kept under supervision for a long period of time in the hospital due to the risk of complications, he or she is bound to pay the additional charges.

•    Types of equipment used during the treatment– The type of equipment used during the treatment can make a serious impact on the cost of the treatment.

8.  Where can patients find the best oral cancer hospitals in India?

Indian medical facilities, spread across the country's contours, offer best-quality medical services and treatments to patients at a fraction of the cost. However, Medmonks has collaborated with medical units situated in countries like Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai.

This is because the hospitals located in metropolitan cities are known for providing quality-assured services at affordable costs. These healthcare units not only have the world-class infrastructure and supreme-quality medical instruments but also are manned by best surgical minds who have the necessary skills to carry out treatments with absolute precision.

9. Why select Medmonks?

Medmonks is a renowned healthcare provider in India that has gained trust and recognition of the patients, global and local both, in few years. We are serving as a robust interface between patients and top-notch doctors and Oral Cancer Hospitals in India- with the help of this link patients can get in touch with the best doctors in India in an easy and efficient manner. Our strong network of certified doctors and hospitals spread in more than 14 different countries allows patients to receive best-grade medical care services in India at a price that is within one's reach.

Our services include Affordability, free on ground services, free translation services, free follow up care service, to name a few. For more insight, visit our website

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