Name: James Alipo

Country: Mozambique

Treatment: Urology

In discussion with team Medmonks

James, a 60-year-old retired Colonel and a very happy resident of the beautiful place Mozambique, glorified by the tropical beaches. Life was moving with a great pace for James until he started facing symptoms like frequent need to urinate, inability to urinate or problems in completely empting the bladder, blood in the urine etc. After seeking medical consultation, he was diagnosed by Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) also referred to as an enlarged prostate gland.

He consulted his acquaintance Mr Mohammad Tariq who happens to be the adviser of Medmonks, a Government of India recognized medical travel platform. Mr Mohammad Tariq referred James to Medmonks, platform that bridges all possible information and service gaps of international patients seeking medical treatment in India. Within a few hours, Medmonks reverted the query, of James by providing treatment plans from the best hospitals in India for his treatment.

James was satisfied in his mind by the information provided to him via the digital platforms of Medmonks. He decided to visit India for his medical treatment. He was handheld right from the time he landed in India and he expressed his ease in the medical journey by saying that “I felt as if I am again a 6 years old James who was least worried when he used to get ill as his parents used to make it easier for him to get him treated well. In the similar fashion, Medmonks became part of my medical journey and made my treatment stages simpler and successful.