Eligibility for Medical Visa from Nigeria to India

Medical visa is granted to only those applicants who are travelling to India for seeking medical treatment in a reputed hospital in India. Two close acquaintances- either family members or close associates are permitted to accompany the patient to India.

Medical visa is usually granted for ailments like neurological disorder; ophthalmic disorders; cardiac ailments; renal disorders; solid organ transplantation; congenital disorders; radiotherapy; cosmetic surgery; bone and joint replacement, stem cell therapy and transplant etc.

Documents Necessary for Medical Visa Application to India

•    Original passport, reflecting 6 months validity

•    Must enclose a copy of duly filled and signed online application form and the signature of the applicant should be similar to the signature of the passport holder.

•    A copy of the data page of the passport

•    Copy of return airline ticket

•    2 coloured and latest photographs of the applicant of the size of 50mm x 50mm against a light backdrop. The photographs must be affixed in pages 1 and 2 of the online form.

•    Must enclose address proof, other details such as contact number and e-mail id should be provided. Any false information will strictly lead to the cancellation of visa application.

•    A letterhead reflecting previous visits and stay in India must be enclosed.

•    Must enclose a copy of CV or bio-data.

•    Must produce a proof, reflecting applicant’s current employment and a letter with a specific purpose of visit to India.

•    Letterhead from the local hospital or doctor should be submitted with the other documents along with the treatment undertaken and other reports of the local hospital. The recommendation letter should specify the condition of the patient and the ailment.

•    Must produce a proof of relationship with the medical attendant accompanying the applicant.

•    It is mandatory to enclose Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. Infants below or 6 months old do not have to produce this document.

•    Must enclose an updated statement of the bank, not older than 3 months- reflecting applicant’s name and testifying the patient’s ability to bear medical and travel expenses.

•    Letterhead from the concerned Indian hospital authorities should be emailed to the High Commission at [email protected] along with a copy to the applicant. The letterhead should be stamped and signed by the hospital authority and should specify the course and duration of the treatment.

•    In case the medical travel is sponsored, the applicant must produce an affidavit from the sponsor along with a copy of his or her identity card or passport.

•    It becomes necessary for the Nigerians to enclose Oral Polio Vaccination Certificate because Nigeria is among the seven polio-affected countries. OPV/IPV certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

How to apply online for Medical Visa from Nigeria to India

• Visit the government registered website and click on Regular Visa Application.

•    Basic details such as those pertaining to applicant’s country, high commission, type of visa, date of birth, and tentative date of arrival must be filtered. The next step involves entering the access code and then click on continue to proceed.

•    The basic details of the applicant such as address, occupation and family details, including passport details must be filled and the form should be saved.

•    Other details such as the type of visa sought, previous visa and current validity and visa details, and if ever the applicant visited a SAARC country, those details should be filtered.

•    After saving the form, the applicant will be transferred to the third page, wherein the preview of the details is available.

•    If there is any mistake, then it can be rectified by clicking on Modify or Edit option.

•    Finally, click on Verified and Continue if all the information filtered is confirmed and appropriate. 

•    One must thoroughly read the instructions that pop up on the new window and proceed to confirm the registration.

•    The next step involves selecting and confirming the appointment date at the Mission Counter for submitting the application.

•    Once the appointment is confirmed, then the application should be printed.

•    Click on Print Registered Application to and print the hard copy of the application form.

•    The status of visa can be checked by clicking on the Visa Status Enquiry.

What is the Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee?

The medical visa fee from Nigeria to India is 25180 Naira (USD 80) for six months and 37770 Naira (USD 120) for a year.

What is the medical visa processing time in Nigeria?

Once the application is made, the entire process takes 2 working days.

Extension of Medical Visa

Medical visa extension becomes inevitable when the duration of the treatment or the recovery of the patient requires more than the stipulated time for which an authorised letter from the concerned hospital should be submitted. The letter should indicate the patient’s condition, treatment plan and additional days required for the treatment.

•    Duly completed and signed application form.

•    Must enclose a letterhead from the hospital, stating the duration of the treatment

•    Must enclose a copy of passport and initial visa.

•    A copy of the lease and license agreement, reflecting validity must be enclosed.

•    Visa with endorsement

•    Applicant’s four clear and coloured photographs.

•    Must enclose evidence of Indian residential details or registration certificate.

For extending Visa, patients must visit Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) and get themselves registered within 14 days of his or her arrival in India.

For Medical Visa Assistance

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