India enjoys the privilege of the top of the flight, highly-equipped hospitals and other medical units that boast a track record of successful complex procedures or surgeries performed by top-notch surgeons and doctors at present. Also, the treatments in India is available at a fraction of the cost.

Owing to such reasons, people from countries like Zambia choose to travel to India to seek high-end medical treatments at marginal costs.

Needless to say, people from Zambia need a medical Visa to become eligible for medical travel in India.

Zambian applicants need to fulfill a set of requirements, conditions and other details like processing fee, processing time etc. as mentioned below,

List of documents one needs to submit to get a medical Visa from Zambia to India

The Indian immigration authority asks the applicant to submit the following set of documents:

1. Passport with six months validity

2. Passport size photographs (2X2 inches with a white background)

3. A scan of the information page of the passport along with a photocopy of the passport.

4. A copy of accurately filled online visa application form with a recent photograph.

5. A copy of the passport's profile page. If the applicant is a national of two countries at the same time, then a copy of both the passports profile page is mandatory.

6. A copy of Zambia national ID. Non-Zambian applicants need to submit a copy of their current Zambia visa or visa extension page.

7. A copy of confirmed return tickets

8. Insurance coverage or Bank statement for last three months.  The submitted account statement should be certified by the bank and must indicate the name of the applicant, full address and telephone/fax numbers.

9. Applicants who are not residents of Zambia need to fill out the personal particular form.

10. Copy of reference letter from recognized medical care and treatment centers in India.

11. Copy of recommendation from home country stating that the applicant can undergo medical treatment in India.

12. A Copy of the passport of the attendant along with residential proof.

13. Applicants of Pakistan, non-residents in Zambia, applicants who have Zambia ID for less than two years and nationals of China, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Nigeria need to submit another additional form.

List of conditions to be met by applicants from Zambia seeking an Indian medical visa:

The patient coming to India from Zambia should abide by following the set of conditions:

1. The first and foremost requisite for a patient to get a medical visa is that the treatment center he or she wishes to consult should have the approval of the Government of India.

2. The patient can be accompanied by at most two blood relatives; the attendant will need to apply for a medical attended Visa, which has the same validity as that of the patient’s.

3. The patient (with attendants) should have an original passport along with a photocopy that remains valid for a period of six months. Also, the foreign nationals need to carry two blank passport pages to be used for India visa stamps later on.

4. The applicant or the patient should possess valid recommendations or references from medical specialists of his or her own country for specialized treatment. Such recommendations are made on the basis of preliminary medical checkups conducted by the facility where the patient received treatment.

5. The patient should be seeking a specified nature of treatment that includes, Neurosurgery, Heart surgery, Organ transplant, Joint replacement, Gene therapy, Plastic surgery, Renal problems, Congenital disorders, Radio-Therapy and Ayurveda treatment.

Steps of filling of e-Visa application form:

Since traveling to the Indian embassy in Zambia can be problematic for many, one can fill in the e-Visa application from the comforts of their homes. Here are the steps involved,

1. Go to government registered website- and click on the regular Visa application.

2. Fill out the details in the form including the name of the country, high commission, date of birth, nationality, expected date of arrival in India and Visa type, email-ID. Following that, you will need to enter the access code and click on continue to proceed.

3. The medical e-visa form comprises of a total of 3 pages. Fill out the details of each page and click save and continue.

4. Upload your picture, or you can paste it on to a printed copy of filled application form.

5. In case of an error, click the modify or edit option to do the necessary correction.

6. After the filling in the details correctly, click on verify and continue.

7. A new window containing a set of instructions will appear. Click OK to complete the registration. In case you feel the need to modify a few details, click cancel and fill out the form from the beginning.

8. Once you click OK, again a separate window will appear that will ask you to furnish date of appointment for submission of Visa application at the Mission counter. Select the date as per your convenience and confirm.

9. After confirming the appointment, another window bearing two options namely, print or save will emerge.

10. Click the "save" button followed by "print" button to receive the hardcopy of the application form. 

11. Enter your signature and submit the Visa application with the required documents as mentioned above at the Mission Counter on the date of appointment between  (0900 hours – 1230 hours).

Processing fee for getting a medical visa from Zambia to India:

The processing fee for medical Visa and the medical attendant visa from Zambia to India is ZMK 800 that need to be paid by cash; the use of debit or credit card is not allowed.


Processing time of getting Medical Visa from Zambia to India

The High Commission takes about 2 to 3 working days to process Medical Visa from Zambia to India.

Validity period of Medical Visa and Visa Extension Policies

The initial validity period of Indian medical visa is either one year or the period of treatment whichever is less. However, the period of validity of medical visa can be extended for a period of one year further in case the recovery period of the patient extends the duration of his or her stay in India.

For Visa extension, one is expected to submit a medical certificate or letter from the recognized or specialized hospital indicating details including, the name of ailment, treatment procedure and number of days for expected recovery along with necessary documents such as photocopy of the passport and the initial visa, four photographs, and residence details in India for Visa extension in the FRROs (Foreigners Regional Registration Offices). The Ministry of home affairs will approve any further extension, provided the recommendations of the of the State Government/FRROs with by appropriate medical documents are available. The validity period of this visa is valid for up to three entries in a year. However, an additional entry can be allowed in case of emergency.

Medical travel on a tourist visa:

People from Zambia can plan their medical travel to India on a tourist visa provided the stay extends for a short period of time. To get an e-tourist visa from Zambia to India, one needs to furnish the following set of documents that include,

1. A scanned copy (PDF-size 10 KB to 300 KB) of the passport's first page

2. A digital photograph. The dimensions should be:

•    Size: 10 KB to 1 MB

•    Height and width should be the same

•    The photograph should possess the candidate's full face, front view, open eyes.

•    Pain light colored or white background

•    No shadows or borders.

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