What is the eligibility criterion for getting a Medical Visa from Canada to India?

Indian medical visa policies have become even more flexible, which has opened boulevards to seeking treatment in India with ease. Medical visa is only granted to those applicants who are travelling to India for seeking medical treatment from a recognised healthcare facility in India. Two attendants (who should either be close associates or family members) are permitted to accompany the patient.

Visa is granted chiefly for ailments like neurological disorders, bone and joint replacements, ophthalmic disorders, renal damage, cardiac problems, congenital disorders, solid organ transplantations, radiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, gene therapy etc.

What are the essential documents required for Medical Visa application to India?

Some of the important documents that are necessary for Medical Visa Application from Canada to India are as follows:

•    Copy of duly filled and signed online application form.

•    One passport size coloured photo of 51mm x 51mm must be affixed on the first page of the application form.

•    Passport holder’s signature in the application form should be similar to that of passport.

•    An Original Canadian passport, reflecting a validity of 190 days along with two blank pages for visa endorsements should be enclosed.

*For are non- Canadian applicants domiciled in Canada:

•    Applicant must fill an additional and sign it. The form can be downloaded from here.

•    Must enclose evidence of employment in Canada- a P.R. card or Work Permit, reflecting at least six months validity.

•    Must produce address proof- a Driver’s license, updated bank statement of the last six months or utility bill as proof of address in Canada.

•    The documents that are necessary from non-Canadians remain the same in three jurisdictions of Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver except in Vancouver a proof of address is not required.

•    An official letter from a registered doctor or hospital in Canada stating the applicant’s medical history and recommending his/her treatment in India, the nature of assistance required by the applicant for medical treatment and the name of the medical attendant.

•    A letterhead from the concerned hospital in India stating the date, place, the condition of the patient and duration of medical treatment.

•    Must produce financial soundness proof for travelling and seeking treatment in India.

•    In case of Minor, the applicant must submit a duly filled and signed Minor Consent Form, holding parents’ signatures.

•    Must enclose a copy of parents’ passports and address proof.

For downloading the application form, click here.

For Minors travelling without parents:

•    Notarized Affidavit consent, reflecting parents’ signatures so that the child can travel alone to India.

If either of the parents is not in the country while applying, following documents have to be provided:

•    Duly filled and signed Minor Consent Form.

•    A notarized consent of the spouse to travel with the minor.

•    A notarized copy of passport and a scanned copy of online visa application duly signed at Page 2.

•    Evidence of Parent Residing in Canada- a copy of passport, reflecting address proof.

What is the Indian Medical Visa Processing Fee?

The medical visa fee from Canada to India is USD 123 for six months and USD 184 for a year. Additional charges include ICWF fee (USD 2) and BLS service charge (USD 7.4).

As per jurisdiction of the applicant, the payment for the same should either be made by debit card or cash at High Commission of India’s outsourcing agent BLS International offices.

What is the Indian Medical Visa Processing Duration?

Medical visa from Canada to India should be submitted at least 15 days before the applicant’s travel plans. As per jurisdictions of Canada; medical visa processing time differs.

•    Ottawa Jurisdiction: 7-10 days for Canadian passport holder and 10 -15 days for Non-Canadians. For making an application, please click here.

•    Toronto Jurisdiction: 7 days for Canadians and 15 – 21 days for non-Canadians

•    Vancouver Jurisdiction: It takes 5 -7 working days for everyone   

E-Tourist Visa from Canada to India

Patients can apply for E-tourist visa can if they are travelling to India for a health check-up or a short-term medical treatment. The documents that are necessary for E-tourist visa are as follows.

•    Scanned PDF of the first page of the passport, size ranging 10 KB and 300 KB.

•    Applicants should upload the latest digital photograph. The photograph requirements are mentioned below:

?    Photograph, size ranging 10KB to 1MB of equal height and width.

?    Photo should be aesthetically correct.

?    Photo should be against a light or a white backdrop.

?    Applicant’s face or the backdrop should be devoid of any shadows.

?    Photograph should not be enclosed in borders.

Extension of Medical Visa

Medical visa extension becomes inevitable when the duration of the treatment or the recovery of the patient requires more than the stipulated time for which an authorised letter from the concerned hospital should be submitted. The letter should indicate the patient’s condition, treatment plan and additional days required for the treatment.

For extending the visa, the patient’s medical acquaintance or the patient himself should pay a visit to the FRRO office. The following documents must be submitted to their office:

•    Duly completed and signed application form.

•    Must enclose a copy of passport and initial visa.

•    Applicant’s four clear and coloured photographs.

•    Must enclose evidence of Indian residential details.

For Medical Visa Assistance

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