Majority of the population above the age of 40 suffers from back or spinal pain. This pain usually develops due to injury or some type of disorder or deficiency in the body. In most cases, back pain can be relieved naturally using non-surgical procedures, but if that back pain becomes persistent and starts to come in between your daily life, you might consider a surgical procedure to get rid of the nagging pain.

Reasons to get a Back Surgery

•    Relax the Nerves – Conditions like spinal stenosis or disc herniation can compress the nerves  of the spinal column that can induce tingling, numbness, pain, or muscle weakness in the back. Spinal surgery is used for avoiding permanent impairment of these nerves.

•    For stabilizing unstable spine – A spine can become unstable due to the spinal column’s inability to maintain its form. A healthy spine acts as a pillar, providing support, structure and protection to the human body. An unstable spine can’t fulfil these functions leading to spondylolisthesis, spinal fractures and severe disc injuries.

•    For realigning crooked spine – in conditions like flat-back syndrome, scoliosis, and kyphosis, that tampers with the natural curve of the spine, causing impairment.

If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned here, then chances are you might soon require back surgery.

So, we have created a list of some of the top neurosurgeons for back surgery, that can help you restore your backbone strength within a matter of hours.  


Name – Dr Shankar Acharya

Hospital – Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Experience: 31 - 40 Years

Education – MBBS | MS (Ortho) | DNB (Ortho)

Award - Lester Lowe Young International Surgeon Award, International Society of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, SICOT

Dr Shankar Acharya is amongst the best Spine Surgeons in India. He specializes in correcting Congenital Bony Deformities, spine dislocation, and Sports Related Injuries. He currently reports at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital as their Orthopedic & Spine Surgery Department’s senior consultant.

Dr Shankar Acharya

Name – Dr Prem Chand

Hospital – Columbia Asia Hospital, Delhi NCR

Experience: 13-15 Year

Education – MBBS | MS - General Surgery | DNB

He (Dr Prem Chand) is one of the best spine surgery experts in Delhi NCR, who has specialization in spine surgery and orthopedics. He has done over 500 surgeries and has a track record of 90% success rate.

Name – Dr Shreedhar G. Archik

Hospital – Lilavati Hospital

Experience: 22-30 Years

Awards – Oxford University’s M.SC. for research in limb lengthening

Dr Shreedhar is a famous orthopaedic who specializes in hip and knee replacement. He currently works at Lilavati hospital. He has conducted over 1000 joint surgery 3 long decades professional career. He has a great record of performing successful back surgeries

Dr Shreedhar G. Archik

Name – Dr SK Rajan

Hospital – Artemis Hospitals, Delhi NCR

Experience: 16-18 Years

Education – MBBS | MS - General Surgery | MCh - Neurosurgery

Dr SK Rajan currently serves his expertise at Artemis Hospital, as their Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery Department Head and Associate Director. He also provides private consultancy to patients at West Punjabi Bagh at his clinic. He has ‘AO International’ certification as a spine surgeon. Dr Rajan completed his surgical training from PGI Chandigarh, GB Pant Hospital, and later he went to UK & US to train from international leaders of his field.

Name – Dr Ashish Gupta

Hospital – Fortis Escorts Hospitals

Experience: 19-21 Years

Education – MBBS | MS - General Surgery | MCh - Neurosurgery

Awards – “Best Neurosurgeon” by Delhi’s Times Research Media

Dr Ashish Gupta is one of the top neurosurgeon in India. He is currently working at Fortis Escorts Hospitals as their Neurosurgery Department’s Senior Consultant. He carries experience of over 15 years in conducting minimally invasive spine surgery and other neurosurgeries. His expertise has helped several patients in gaining their backbone strength, who are living a decent life today.

Name – Dr Vikram Dua

Hospital – Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad

Experience: 13 - 15 Years

Education – MBBS, MS | General Surgery | MCh – Neurosurgery

Dr Vikram Dua is Fortis Escorts Hospital’s Neurosurgery Department’s Senior Consultant. He has performed more than 1500 spine and brain surgeries. Dr Vikram can also be contacted at Batra Hospital for getting consulted. In his career of 18 years, he has performed over 3000 spine and neurosurgeries. He expertise in performing minimally invasive spine and back surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, complex spinal instrumentation based and skull base surgery. 

Dr Vikram Dua


Is surgery permanent cure of back pain?

Back surgery can significantly help in reducing the symptoms of back pain, but with growing age, or vitamin/ calcium deficiency, this pain can come back. 

How much time is required to recover from back surgery?

Spinal Fusion Surgery or back surgery can take one or more months to recover post operation. Factors like health, age, and medical history of the patient can affect the speed of their recovery. However, the pain caused because of the surgery usually fades in 3 weeks. 

Can I drive after back surgery?

Yes and No. Doctors recommend patients to temporarily steer clear from indulging in activities like driving that require concentration for a month after the surgery. The patients can drive when the site of the operation is completely healed so that they won’t feel any pain or are uncomfortable while sitting in the driving seat.

Can I sleep on my side after back surgery?

Patients should avoid sleeping straight on their back or stomach after the surgery. The patient can rest on their side. It is advised that the patients tuck a pillow in their legs and bend their knees while sleeping on either side.

What is the cost of back surgery in India?

Back surgery treatment costs starting from USD 4,000 in India. This sum includes the total hospital fee, inclusive of the operation charges and the hospital stay.

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