For years the only treatment available for restoring a missing tooth was through dentures and bridges. Now with dental implants, the patient can easily replace their damaged tooth or missing tooth with a natural-looking crown. Essentially, dental implantation is the replacement of tooth roots. Implants act as a strong foundation for replacing the damaged teeth from the root. The crowns made for these implants are specially designed to match the shape, size and structure of the natural teeth of the patient.

A dental implant is a popular dental treatment used by people for restored their damaged with a healthy artificial tooth. The procedure is also popular because of the natural appeal that has helped it in becoming popular in the cosmetic industry.

Dental Implant surgery

Dental Implant surgery is primarily used for replacing a damaged tooth in its entirety from the root with an artificial crown that is adjusted on the dental implant.

In this procedure the damaged tooth or teeth are cut, or pulled out of the patient's mouth with their roots, to make room for inserting an implant into the teeth. The patient is put under general anaesthesia throughout the surgery to numb their pain sensitivity. The implants are drilled into the patient’s jawbone, leaving the upper portion of the implant exposed in the mouth, which is called a post, on which the artificial crown is placed. 

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implantation is a surgical procedure in which the tooth roots of the patients are replaced with a metal tooth, which has a screw-like structure on the top, which remains exposed on the gum, on which the crowns or artificial teeth are attached.

The damaged tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth, which looks very natural and also functions similarly like the real teeth. Dental implant surgery is used as an alternative for bridgework and dentures that do not fit well. 

The requirement of Dental Implant surgery

Dental implant surgery can be used for the rehabilitation of a single tooth or the entire arch.

A patient might require dental Implant surgery for the following reasons:

•    Cosmetic Reasons – to enhance the shape of particular teeth which can’t be customized using other dental treatments.

•    Injury or Accident – Teeth that have been broken beyond mend can be fixed using dental implants.

•    Tooth Decay – Excess cavity or tooth decay can cause teeth to dissolve; teeth implant helps in restoration of these teeth.

•    Gum Diseases – Severe damage in the teeth caused due to gum diseases can be rectified by attaching new prosthetic teeth in the patient jawbone.

  Other common reasons to get teeth implants include if the patient:

•    Has a missing tooth or teeth

•    Have a jawbone with full growth

•    Have an unhealthy oral tissue

•    Wants Speech Improvement

•    Cannot wear dentures

Cost of Dental Implant surgery

The cost of a dental implant for a single tooth range starting from USD 150 in India, including the value of the implants, crows and the procedure. A full-arch dental implant can cost starting from USD 4000, depending on the type of implant procedure used by the dentist. 


What are the risks of getting a dental implant surgery?

Dental Implant Surgery might include the following risk factors:

•    Infection on implant site

•    Injury on the surrounding structures

•    Nerve damage that can produce numbness or a tingling pain

•    Sinus Problems

Is dental implant surgery a painful procedure?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure, in which the damaged teeth of the patients are cut before the placement of the implants that are drilled into the jawbone. Although the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the surgery, he/she might experience slight pain for a week until the surgical site is completely healed.

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