Flaunt Them Pearly Whites - Dental Treatment Cost in India

Dental Treatment Cost in India varies depending on the popularity as well as complexity of the process. With the growing market in India for dental treatments, dentistry is also expanding.

The wildfire of good oral hygiene has opened doors for multiple dental treatments in India. Dental health industry is gradually mushrooming as a massive sector, which has developed a high demand in the market. Today parents are no longer worried their kids breaking a few teeth while playing sports, and not finding a perfect match cause they have the perfect solution to fix them.

Dental Treatment Cost in India

Different dental treatments have the different cost which vary based on the packages that the user undergoes. We are going to discuss few of these treatments here:


It is a restoration procedure in which the decayed or chipped teeth are repaired using the enamel-colored composite. Tooth gaps can also be filled using this treatment. Bonding can cost you around ?5,000 to ?10,000 depending on the number of the teeth you want to get fixed.


Whitening is the dental process in which the teeth are whitened, removing any yellowness from the enamel. It is an expensive procedure that exceeds over ?20,000 depending on the choice of your clinic.  


Braces are a dental device used for correcting the teeth alignment or any bite-related problem. They help in straightening the teeth by putting steady pressure on them. This is a feasible treatment which only cost between ? 1,000 to ?5,000 depending on the doctor’s fee.

Fillings and Repairs

The damage caused due to cavities or tooth trauma like sensitivity are cured or repaired using fillings and repairs by restoration materials. Filling and repairs cost between ? 5000 to ?10,000 depending on the area that needs to be repaired.

Crowns & Caps

A popular treatment being used by people to repair any dis-shaped or damaged, cracked teeth. Dental crowns are also referred to as caps, which as the name suggests are placed as an out layer above the original teeth to balance the shape of the damaged tooth. The cost for crowns can vary from ?4000 - ?20,000, again depending on the number tooth you want to apply the cap to.


Extraction involves the process of getting rid of any damage tooth completely from the gum, preventing the infection from spreading around. These extraction might include removal of the permanent teeth for an orthodontic treatment. The cost for extraction is determined based on the complexity of the case. Usually, it ranges from ?15,000- ?20,000.    

Gum Surgery

Periodontal is an infectious gum disease that damages the jaw bones and gums, which often can lead to teeth loss. Periodontal is categorized as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis – it is a milder version of the infection which can be reversed.

Periodontitis – is a severe condition which results in teeth and gum acute damage.

The cost of gum surgery in India ranges from ? 30,000 - ?50,000 depending on the existing damage.

Oral Cancer Examination

In the last few years, a lot of cases have resurfaced of oral cancer, making oral healthcare a necessity. Oral cancer is initially produced in the cells of the tongue, mouth, or throat. Unlike any other cancer, oral cancer is also treated in a similar fashion. The cost of an oral cancer examination test can cost you around ?3,500 or more. However, the cost of its treatment can exceed 1 lakh.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are best suited for people suffering from tooth decay or tooth injury. Basically, any condition under which the root of the patient has been tampered or damaged. In the process of fixing these damaged teeth, a titanium implant is placed on the patient’s root above the gum tissue, onto which an artificial tooth is placed. The cost of dental implant can starts from USD 150 based on the total, partial or single tooth implant.

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