Dental treatment used to fix any type of structural default in the tooth, caused due to injuries, tooth decay or cavities is called dental crown. These crowns can also be used to fix any type of insecurity one might have about their teeth, as it can be used for changing the shape of the tooth. You can basically get fangs like vampires if you want or scale them if you were born with it.  

Dental crowning has become an essential part of cosmetic industry and is being by used people of all age groups either to improve the shape of their teeth or to cover any discolouring in their teeth, to get the perfect set of teeth.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap-like structure that is placed above the tooth for restoring it back to its original shape. It provides a structure to the teeth, improving its appearance and enhancing its strength. The crown is placed on the tooth in a cement-like fashion that covers the visible portion of the tooth in its entirety.

Anatomically the tooth can be divided into two parts – Crown and Roots. The visible part of the teeth is called the crown. And dental crown is the process of covering any damage on these crowns using a cemented restoration procedure.

Reasons to get a dental crown:

  1. To help strengthen or protect the weak teeth (from tooth decay) from breaking, or it can also used for holding a cracked tooth together.
  2. To restore a broken tooth or a damaged tooth which has severely worn down
  3. For holding dental bridges in place
  4. For covering the dental implants
  5. For getting a cosmetic Modification
  6. For covering a discolored tooth
  7. To provide support to a tooth with large fillings
  8. Root Canal

What is Cost of Dental Crown?

The total cost of dental crown including the material and treatment can start from USD 100 depending on how many sittings and teeth are being crowned.

Dental Crown Placement Procedure

Dental Crowning has a simple procedure, which takes only a few hours depending on how many teeth you are getting crowned in one sitting. Usually, people take two to three sittings to complete their dental crowning. We would recommend you to visit your regular dentist to get this treatment done, as you will feel more comfortable with him/her.

This treatment requires a lidocaine shot or any other anaesthetic which is directly given to the patient in his gums.

Crown Preparation

For placing the crown on the tooth it necessary that it is shaved down to a smaller shape. Once the shape has been made, a crown is prepared, according to the shape and size of the tooth. The crown’s design depends entirely on the material that is being used by the dentist. It is essential that the crown has enough shape to adhere onto so the scaling should be done appropriately.

Usually people prefer getting tooth scaling done a day before the crowning to allow their muscles to relax from the pain.

Placement of the Crown

Once the crown is placed, the dentist ensures to set it entirely attached to the margin of the gum so that there are go gaps left in-between.

Some dentist also uses a temporary crown in this procedure to allow their patients to check if the size and shape of the crown fit accordingly to their comfort. Then they replace the temporary crown with the permanent crown in the next second sitting.   

Note: The patient might feel temporary soreness or sensitivity towards the crown once the anesthesia has worn off.

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