Dovran, Turkmenistan finally gets rid of Vitiligo



Name: Dovran

Country: Turkmenistan

Treatment: Vitiligo

Dovran, 40 years old businessman from Turkmenistan had been suffering from vitiligo since his college days. It started as a small patch on his neck, which he initially ignored, but later the size kept increasing and was all over his neck. He went to many dermatologists and herbal medicine specialists in Ashkabad, they diagnosed him with vitiligo, but none of the treatments
were effective. In fact his skin condition kept on deteriorating and vitiligo started spreading to other parts of his body.

He accepted it as his fate and completely stopped thinking about it. It was his wife who while surfing the internet read few patients stories on medmonks blogs. She immediately contacted the team and asked about vitiligo treatment in India. Medmonks connected them with a leading dermatologist in Delhi, who advised them to come to India for further investigations and treatment

They arrived in Delhi in February  2017 and started with their treatment at Max hospital under supervision of Dr Ahmed Zaheer. They got the good news very next day, when doctor informed them that their vitiligo type is treatable. He advised them few creams and lotions and gave detailed instructions on their application.

 Its 6 months since Dovran started using Dr Zahir’s prescription and 90% of his vitiligo is cured. He is very satisfied with the treatment and has been enthusiastically sharing his development and photos with our team regularly.

Dr Shubesh Tyagi, Co- Founder, Medmonks



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