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What is Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery or the weight-loss surgery helps you shed excess body weight that could be causing many other problems in your body including hypertension, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, and depression. Thus, it becomes important that you find a way to reduce the extra kilos either by means of physical exercise and healthy nutrition or if it doesn’t work, then by going under the knife.

Obesity could be due to various reasons such as unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, too much drinking, or genetics. A weight-loss specialist analyzes all these aspects to determine the exact cause of your obesity and accordingly prescribes the best possible treatment.

Different types of bariatric surgery

While the first and foremost prescription by any weight-loss doctor includes physical exercise and diet management, in some cases these advises fail to produce desired results despite the patient’s best efforts. The reasons can be either due to genetic make-up of the patient or some severe underlying medical condition. In such cases doctors prescribe any of the following types of Bariatric surgery:

  • Gastric Bypass – This is one of the most popular and successful weight-loss surgery giving positive results to patients over the years. In this surgery, upper part of the stomach is fastened making it unusable. The remaining part of the stomach is then joined to the intestine and the esophagus above. This results in reduced stomach capacity, which in turn leads to weight loss.

Advantages of Gastric Bypass include significant long-term weight loss, restriction on the amount of food that one consumes, increased energy expenditure, and also positive changes in gut hormones that enhances satiety without increasing diet.

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery – A relatively new bariatric surgery, in this procedure, a large part of the stomach is removed, leaving behind only a sleeve-shaped portion. This is currently the preferred form of weight loss surgery for suitable candidates.

Advantages of gastric sleeve include rapid and significant weight-loss, reduction in amount of food stomach can hold, and a short hospital stay.

  • Adjustable Gastric Band – In this bariatric surgery, laparoscopic techniques are used to insert a band around the upper stomach. In this procedure too, the stomach gets divided into two parts allowing it to hold only little food. This procedure has become quite popular in recent years.

Advantages of gastric banding includes reduced capacity of stomach, 40-50 percent weight reduction, shorter hospital stay with lowest risk of vitamin deficiency.

  • Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG) – This procedure is the combination of Gastric Bypass and Adjustable Gastric Band surgeries.  In this bariatric surgery, a stomach-within-a-stomach is created.

7 positive ways in which bariatric surgery affects you:

  1. A step towards an active life: Bariatric surgery not just merely results in shedding your extra pounds but also in turn give you a chance to lead an active life, something that you couldn’t do earlier.
  2. Freedom from hypertension, back aches and other obesity related disorders including osteoarthritis: As we said above, excessive weight can lead to many other health issues like chronic backaches, hypertension but bariatric surgery can give you respite from most of these.
  3. Improvement in Type II diabetes mellitus: Diabetes is no longer an incurable disease. Weight-loss and lifestyle changes can successfully help you improve your diabetes management.
  4. Increased confidence: Obesity is the reason behind lack of confidence in many people. Shedding the extra weight gives a new confidence to people and they are able to do everything that they couldn’t do earlier due to weight issues.
  5. Lower risk of death: Research has shown that successful bariatric surgery results in lowering the death risks in patients.
  6. Long term weight control: In comparison to dieting and other means of weight reduction, bariatric surgery offers long-term sustainable results
  7. Helpful in Asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease: Weight shedding after bariatric surgery also helps in conditions like Asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

With advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class medical care, the best Bariatric surgeons in India help patients get freedom from their obesity completely and comprehensively. With training from the world’s best medical schools and having wide experience in handling obesity surgeries, Indian doctors offer patients the best medical treatment in the most cost-effective manner. Choosing the best and widely experienced surgeon ensures that there are minimum complications after surgery and little or no stress for the patient and their family.

You can find best bariatric surgery hospitals all across India in all major metros. These hospitals with their State-of-the-art medical equipment provide world-class health care to obese patients and help them resume a normal life post-surgery as rapidly as they can.

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