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Dr Rajat Ahluwalia

Paras Speciality Hospital

14 Years


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Dr Yogesh Agarwala

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

33 Years


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Dr Vandana Soni

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

23 Years


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Dr Shabeer Ahmed

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

32 Years


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Dr Mahidhar Valeti

Continental Hospitals,Hyderabad

20 Years


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Dr Mahesh C

Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

18 Years


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Dr Vikas Singhal

Medanta The Medicity

16 Years


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Dr Atul NC Peters

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

23 Years


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Dr P K Dewan

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj

30 Years


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Dr Ramen Goel

Wockhardt Hospital,Mumbai Central,Mumbai

19 Years

MBBS MS FICS Diploma - Abdominal Surgery

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Bariatric surgery In India

Various types of Bariatric surgery in India include:

The best bariatric surgeon, India looks at various aspects like patient’s health condition, disease history, if any, before prescribing bariatric surgery. A successful weight-loss surgery combined with a comprehensive treatment and recovery plan entails long term weight-loss and boosts your quality of health.

The best Bariatric surgeons, India includes names like

These surgeons are highly qualified and have many years of experience in treating people with excess body weight. They are recognized nationally and internationally for their surgical technical excellence and innovative abilities to perform both simple and challenging operations.

Indian hospitals provide comprehensive, exceptional weight-loss to every patient. From accurate diagnosis to development of a personalised treatment plan and thorough post-operative follow-up, best bariatric surgeons, India work hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome. And all this is done at a very affordable cost.

Some of best hospitals for bariatric surgery in India include names like Max Healthcare, Manipal Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, BLK, Rockland, Spectra, Artemis, Medanta, Metro Hospitals, Columbia Asia, Nanavati hospital etc., all of which have dedicated departments for bariatric surgery.

The weight-loss specialists in these hospitals are highly professional, well-qualified and renowned across the world for their skills and expertise in all kinds of weight-loss surgery at minimal cost. Bariatric surgery helps in curing many obesity-related conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. The best bariatric surgeon, India continually monitors postoperative nutritional status and psychological wellbeing in patients who undergo bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery cost

The Bariatric surgery cost in India is much less than a majority of the developed countries, including the US, UK, and Singapore. Furthermore, the success rates of weight-loss treatment in the country are amongst the highest in the world. To make things easier, it is now possible to obtain a medical visa specifically aimed at people wanting to visit the country to access its healthcare.

However, the total Bariatric surgery cost in India depends on several factors and varies from one patient to another but is till 40-70 percent less than other medical hubs around the world.

All the major treatments for weight loss in India are pre-planned to meet the demands and convenience of patients coming from abroad. Mostly, the examination of the patient is conducted by an internationally-certified obesity specialist in India and surgeon.

India offers e-visa facilities to countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, UAE, middle east countries, East Asian countries, African countries and others so that they can travel easily to India to undergo obesity surgery.

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