An Overview of Types of Stomach Fat Removal Procedures

Men and women today are becoming more conscious about their body weight, especially the belly region than ever before. Following a good lifestyle regime that involves proper diet and exercise is regarded as one of the most crucial contributing factors in keeping one's body fit and healthy. However, owing to reasons such as hectic daily schedules and growing pressure to perform without a break, a majority of people are forced to resort to an unhealthy lifestyle. This, in turn, results in weight gain. In situations like these, people opt for either surgical or non-surgical treatments to cut down the excess stomach fat and accomplish the look they desire.

There is a multitude of stomach fat removal procedures that one can choose in order to become fit and achieve the desired appearance.

  • Liposuction:

Liposuction is one of the oldest surgical fat removal procedures for fat removal that gained tremendous popularity in the 1980s. During this invasive type of fat removal treatment, a certified cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure by removing additional fat through a small and hollow tube, commonly called a cannula. The operating surgeon applies suction while moving the cannula through the fat deposit. This helps in eliminating the additional fat cells and allows sculpting a slimmer body contour.

Liposuction is especially effective at removing excess fat in a variety of body parts including, legs, abdomen, back, arms, face, and neck. A liposuction is an apt option for people who possess more extensive deposits of fat. It helps in improving their body-shape at once. Individuals who opt for this procedure have the opportunity to savor faster results, however, the recovery period post-treatment is comparatively long (up to 6 weeks). Apart from a lengthy recovery period, liposuction involves a cost-caveat too; this surgery costs more than its non-surgical counterparts. Considering this, there are several advancements in liposuction procedure called laser-assisted lipolysis that is less invasive, less risky and takes lesser time when compared to the traditional stomach fat removal method.

  • Endermologie:

Nonsurgical fat alleviation treatments employ myriad modalities to allow targeting and eliminating unwanted fat cells with an aid of a topical procedure. One of the most such nonsurgical body contouring treatments called Endermologie is used to reduce the localized fat deposits and outward appearance of cellulite in an individual's body. During the course of this procedure, the concerned individual undergoing the treatment is expected to go through a specific regimen of suction and massage. After this treatment, collagen is produced leading to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, thereby reducing fat from the body along with promoting skin tightening.

  • Lap Band procedure:

Lap band method is a highly safe and result-oriented treatment for people looking for substantial weight loss. In this weight-loss procedure, the concerned person needs to place a band around their stomach in an effort to cut down the rate of intake of food. On restricting the amount of food, the individual undergoing the treatment can regulate weight gain to a great extent.

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery:

Another common weight-loss surgical treatment, gastric bypass surgery involves alteration of the person's digestive process that can limit the food intake rate or reduce the rate of nutrient absorption or both. As a result, the food that the concerned person eats bypasses the stomach and travels to the small intestine instead.

Gastric bypass is performed when diet and exercise have failed to work or when one has serious health problems because of their weight. With the help of this surgical procedure, the calorie intake in the body of the individual being operated upon reduces greatly which in turn helps in reducing weight. This process of eliminating unwanted fat from the body is used only when diet and exercise haven't worked or when the person has serious health problems because of excess weight.

  • Buccal fat removal:

Buccal fat removal is a weight-loss method that involves the removal of unwanted fat from the cheeks of the respective person. Following this treatment, the additional fat from the chin can be eliminated allowing the person to enjoy a nice oval shape.

  • Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty:

This renowned cosmetic treatment procedure helps in eliminating the excessive skin and fat around the stomach area. Typically, this procedure is meant for women who have given birth to a child recently. Abdominoplasty helps such women to get rid of their pouch or protruded belly and allows the skin to tighten at the same time.

Depending on the results of the diagnostic procedure performed by the cosmetic or bariatric surgeon, the health condition of the individual who needs to lose weight etc., any of the procedures mentioned above can be chosen.

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