Cosmetic Surgery Pros and Cons

People who wish to enhance their existing appearance and looks never mind to undergo one or the other cosmetic procedure for aesthetic improvement. Cosmetic surgery in India is a popular procedure available across different clinics and hospitals and is availed by thousands of patients from around the world each year.

Cosmetic Surgery Pros and Cons

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two procedures used interchangeably, both in India and abroad. Plastic surgery in India is mostly used for reconstruction of the face and other body parts in people who have had experienced a trauma such as burns or an accident. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery in India is purely used for enhancement of aesthetic appeal.

Some of the most popular procedures for cosmetic surgery in India include breast cosmetic operation (lift, augmentation, and reduction), hair transplantation, liposuction, ear surgery, and nose job and reshaping (rhinoplasty).

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India is number one country with a maximum number of hair transplants conducted in a year, followed by China. In fact, the country accounts for more than 40 percent of the hair transplant procedures conducted in the entire world.

Like any other procedure, there are a number of pros and cons associated with cosmetic surgery in India as well. Patients traveling from abroad for cosmetic surgery in India must consider these pros and cons before planning their trip.

Pros of Cosmetic Surgery in India

  • Proven enhancement in aesthetic appeal
  • High success rate
  • Drastic improvement in overall looks of the targeted area
  • Great boost in confidence
  • Treatment of specific medical cases and symptoms
  • Improved relationships and reduced stress
  • Low cost of cosmetic surgery in India

Cons of Cosmetic Surgery in India

  • Certain scars may remain
  • Disappointment may result in case of unrealistic expectations
  • Another surgery may be required in case of implant rejection or implant removal
  • Muscle and tissue damage may take place
  • Insurance may not cover the procedure
  • Possible risk of infection

Whole plastic surgery for medical reasons is a necessity, people should think twice before selecting a cosmetic procedure for just improvement in their appearance. It is, thus, important to consider all the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery before opting for it.