India is home to world-renowned oncologists and treatment facilities that assure best patient-cure at affordable costs. With an adept blend of technology, experienced oncologists, and post-treatment care, India is equivalent and in some cases better than its developed counterparts(US, UK, etc.) when it comes to the treatment of lung cancer. No matter how severe the spread of lung cancer is, premier doctors working in the top-notch facilities have the expertise and access to modern-day methods to cure the disease with great accuracy and precision.

Frequently asked questions about lung cancer

What are the types of lung cancer?

Lung cancer can be divided into major categories including,

1. Non-small lung carcinoma: Research findings prove that the majority of lung cancers are non-small lung carcinoma(NSLC)-about 80 to 85%. These cancers can be further classified into adenocarcinoma, squamous cell lung carcinoma and large cell lung carcinoma. Adenocarcinoma begins in the early version of cells that secrete substances such as mucus. Mainly prevalent in current or former smokers, it is more common in women than in men. Squamous cell lung cancers begin in the early version of squamous cells that are present in the inner part of the airways in the lung. Such cancers are at times linked to a history of smoking and is generally found in the central part of the lungs, close to the bronchus. Large cell lung carcinoma can appear in any part of the lung. The tendency of this cancer is to grow quickly that makes it even more difficult to treat.

2. Small-cell Lung carcinoma: Small-cell lung carcinomas are rare to find. Also referred to as "oat cell carcinoma", this type of cancer can originate from larger airways, the primary and secondary bronchi respectively. Apart from above two, there can be a third type of lung cancer, commonly termed as secondary cancer. Such types of cancers are typically classified on the basis of the origin and are mostly seen to affect children.

What are the available lung cancer treatments in India?

Following are the types of lung cancer treatments available in India.


Surgery is regarded as one of the most successful ways of treating lung cancer in India. This procedure involves the removal of the tumor along with the diseased part of the lung. The type of surgery used by the surgeon to operate largely depends on the stage, extent and size of the tumor in the lungs. For instance, wedge resection method  is used when a small part of the lung has to be eliminated and lobectomy is performed when the entire lobe of the lung has to be removed. Along with this, Pneumonectomy, Thoracotomy (large incision) and VATS or Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (small incision) can be used for Lung Cancer Surgery.

Radiation Therapy:

Radiation therapy is used for a variety of reasons including, shrinking the tumor's size before surgery, killing the remaining cancerous cells after the surgery, or in some cases, it as a primary method of cancer treatment. It is used as a primary treatment in cases when cancer has expanded significantly making the surgery an infeasible option.


Similar to radiation therapy, chemotherapy is performed to destroy cancerous cells. However, in place of radiation, chemotherapy make use of special drugs to kill the cancerous growth in patients. The drugs are provided either through tablets or intravenous lines. Since chemo can kill healthy cells too, it involves a series of side-effects like appetite loss, hair loss, fatigue, and more.

What is the cost of lung cancer treatments?

The cost of lung cancer treatments in India is significantly lower than in countries such as the US and UK. For example, in India, the cost of lung cancer surgery is USD 6500 and the cost of chemotherapy is USD 400/cycle.

What does the cost of lung cancer treatment depend on?

The cost of lung cancer treatments depend on a variety of factors such as

•    Nature & stage of lung cancer

•    Age of the Patient,

•    The tumor's size

•    The type of treatment procedure being performed,

•    Type of hospital

•    The operating surgeon's expertise and experience

•    Medications prescribed during and after surgery

•    Other treatments in conjunction with the chosen surgical procedure,

•    Hospital stay period

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